Spoilers for the Week of February 27, 2023

03/02/2023 07:42 am

Nate Victoria Y&R

New beginnings abound in Soaps.com’s latest Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, February 27, through Friday, March 3. On one side of Genoa City, we find Chelsea ready and raring to turn a corner and make a fresh start. On another, we have Nate and Victoria playing with fire — and each other. In yet another part of town, Nick speaks words that just might be music to Sally’s ears. And as for Jack and Diane… they get the hell out of Dodge. Why? We suspect we know. Read on for all of the details on these spoilers and more.

Preview: Jack’s bold move makes Ashley lose her mind — and she’s not the only one!

Young & Restless spoilers week of February 27:

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, February 27:

In Monday’s recap, Ashley issues a challenge to Tucker, Chelsea approaches Daniel, and Audra nearly catches Victoria and Nate!
Nate Audra Victoria Y&R

Ain’t no feud like a family feud, so as Devon and Lily prepare for battle, we’re bracing ourselves for a doozy. What would Neil have to say about his children behaving like… well, children!

It’s been a long time coming, but at last, Chelsea, stronger and stabler than she has been in a while, takes on a new venture. No doubt, with Billy supporting her every step of the way…

We suspect that Nate and Victoria would have as much luck convincing birds not to fly and bees not to buzz as they will fighting their attraction.

Hunter King (ex-Summer) is keeping a tantalizing secret — from Days of Our Lives’ Chandler Massey — but we can tell you what it is, though!

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, February 28:

In Tuesday’s recap, Adam pays Sally a visit and then grills Victor, Tucker sets a meeting, and Abby and Devon hit the sack!
Abby Devon kiss Y&R

Michelle Stafford expressed her true feelings to an adored castmate: “I am glad you’re alive.”

Victor gives Adam a second chance. At what, though? Because if it has anything to do with working for Pop, he’s already had about 200 chances.

When Ashley turns the tables on Tucker, will he come to regret ever returning to Genoa City in hopes of winning back his ex? Or will he simply turn the tables yet again? Also, why are all of these tables on wheels?

Between pregnancy hormones and the availability of two very appealing suitors, it’s almost inevitable that when Sally has a change of heart, it won’t be for the last time. Or even the last time this trimester.

Young & Restless Shocker! Victor Newman is set to lose big — even if he wins the battle.

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, March 1:

In Wednesday’s recap, Tucker makes Devon a stunning offer, Ashley toys with Victor and Victoria, and Jack and Diane head for the cabin.
Jack Diane cabin Y&R

Heartbroken… Soap alum shares devastating news of her father’s suicide.

They wouldn’t be the Newmans if they weren’t naturally suspicious. But when Victor and Victoria question Ashley’s motives, are they just being paranoid… or could they be on to something?

Devon gives Tucker the third degree. Which is all well and good, but considering what an excellent liar he is, maybe Devon should turn up the heat and go to the fourth, perhaps the fifth degree.

Are those wedding bells that we hear ringing? Jack and Diane sneak out of town engaged… Will they return to Genoa City as husband and wife?

Conner Floyd takes a “chance” that could turn out to be life or death, as one decision changes everything.

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, March 2:

In Thursday’s recap, Victoria asks Nate to sabotage Devon, Lily and Devon hold a public yelling match, and Audra stirs the pot with Elena.
Tucker Audra Y&R

Found! Jeanne Cooper’s last words to her Young & Restless family. Find out more inside.

Every day, Lily fits in better with Genoa City’s corporate sharks. Today, she decides to play dirty. And tomorrow? Who knows? She could get in line to face off with Victor!

Exclusive: Ashley Jones recalls her “very daunting” days at Young & Restless — plus, the actress gives props to two castmates, even though she “lost both times.”

Oh, Abby, we love your can-do attitude. Nevertheless, we sincerely doubt that she’ll be able to succeed when she tries to keep the peace. Unless… are a whip and a chair involved?

This could be the moment of truth for a potential new couple: Victoria puts Nate in an awkward position. Will he rise to the challenge… or fall away like so many of her past flirtations?

Eric Braeden looks back on a very special moment in his life and shares a cherished photo: “I shall never forget meeting her.”

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, March 3:

In Friday’s recap, Jack asks Diane to marry him, Mariah returns, Nick rushes to Sally’s rescue, and Phyllis goes on a bender.
Phyllis Lauren Y&R

Phyllis receives a disturbing message. Hmm… if Jack and Diane really have tied the knot, that would certainly fit the bill as far as Red’s concerned, now wouldn’t it?

If Mariah shares surprising news with Sharon — and she does — it can only be about one thing: her and Tessa’s baby, aka the most-discussed-before-their-arrival character since Ashland Locke.

Preview! Will Mariah’s surprising news send Sharon into Chance, Nick, or Adam’s arms?!?

Nick makes a promise to Sally. Which sounds to us like it might be the kind of promise that comes with an engagement ring attached to it.

Fan favorites reunite as Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp dance their way into a new Hallmark mystery with a killer twist!

Take a stroll down memory lane as you look back on photos of Young & Restless through the years in the gallery below.

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