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Nikki spoilers Y&R

When is a preview like a recap? When, as in Soaps.com’s latest The Young and the Restless spoilers for Monday, September 19, through Friday, September 23, the future contains a massive nod to the past. Read on to find out which chapter of Nikki’s life story she’s forced to reread as well as who’s the recipient of a proposal, an ultimatum and a total shockeroo. And no, they’re not all the same person; that would be a lot. Jeez!

Young & Restless spoilers week of September 19:

Y&R Restless Rant! Hot topics: Sally’s big lie could come back to bite her, WTH is Nate thinking, Nikki/Deacon, trouble ahead for “Skyle” and more!

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, September 19:

In Monday’s recap, Adam confronts Sally and Nick, Jack doles out advice, and Kyle proposes to Summer again.
Summer Kyle kiss Y&R

Nope. Nick and Sally aren’t prepared at all for the world to discover that they’ve become more than mere colleagues, so they do their best to cover their tracks. Might also want to switch off the fire alarms while they’re at it, ’cause ya know, where there’s smoke and all… People might get suspicious.

No doubt as part of his plan to stage an “I redo” for his bride — on screen this time, thank you very much — Kyle shares a proposal with Summer. Maybe we can finally add their nuptials to our photo gallery of soaps’ all-time greatest weddings. (RSVP yes and take a look here.)

When Phyllis falls into a trap, there’s every chance that it’s one of her own setting. She has a lot of enemies, but we’ll be damned if she doesn’t remain hell-bent on being her worst one.

Good news for Chesapeake Shores fans: Jesse Metcalfe is on his way back to our screens — and bringing a soap vet with him!

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, September 20:

In Tuesday’s recap, Nikki texts Deacon, and Kyle and Summer lay down the law with Phyllis and Diane.
Diane dubious look Y&R

Return alert! Michael Graziadei is coming back as Y&R’s Daniel. Get the deets!

No textbooks will be required for this history lesson: Nikki receives a painful reminder about her past. Anybody else assume that the painful reminder rhymes with Leakin’ Carp.

Reason No. 204 why Victoria is so glad that Nick is working at Newman once again: It gives her someone trustworthy around to whom she can reveal her game plan.

Apparently, Smilin’ Jack isn’t smilin’ anymore. And Diane isn’t likely to be, either, when her babydaddy issues an ultimatum.

Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) reveals how an “unexpected love affair” resulted from a major change of plans.

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, September 21:

In Wednesday’s recap, Deacon gives Nikki intriguing information, Victoria strikes a deal, and Diane shows her true colors!
Phyllis park Y&R

Oh snap! Watch Sally get called out for lying to Adam about Nick!

Young & Restless marrieds Justin Hartley and Sofia Pernas will be together again on screen — and we have all the surprising details.

When it rains, it pours. Only a day after Jack laid down the law to Diane, Victor pushes the “reformed” scheme queen’s buttons.

If Nate takes a big risk (and he does), it could yield a big reward, if only for viewers, who could be treated to the explosive start of a new feud to rival Victor and Jack’s. (Details on that here.)

The past crashes into the present when Nikki meets with Deacon Sharpe, a definite contender for the top spot on her long list of lousy ex-husbands. Will it worth it to her to see the scoundrel, who’s said to have turned over a new leaf (even as he’s harboring Sheila Carter on Bold & Beautiful)? Could be, if he provides her with the ammo she needs to run Diane out of town.

Get a sneak peek of Nikki’s visit to Bold & Beautiful in our special crossover photo gallery.

View sweet vacation pics of Hunter King and her boyfriend “dublin” their fun!

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, September 22:

In Thursday’s recap, Diane resigns, Noah unveils his new club, and Phyllis walks into a party she wasn’t invited to!
Summer Noah Phyllis Y&R

Well, this promises to be hilarious. When Phyllis and Diane are forced to play nice, the Marchetti staff ought to take bets on how long that can possibly last!

Sheesh! Noah has more ventures than we do socks! Today, he reveals his latest.

Melissa Ordway drops “fall preview” of her beautiful daughters that takes “sweet” to a whole new level — and you can scare up the same fun with your little ones, too!

Maybe since Kyle and Summer make a shocking discovery, it’s Phyllis and Diane actually being civil to one another? It would sure shock us.

Jaw-dropper! Y&R shocker may not be all bad… in fact, it may make wishes come true!

Her life in pictures: As the daughter of Jason Thompson (Billy) turns 5, look back on treasured moments from being a “girl boss” to smelling like “cotton candy and roses.”

It won’t be long now… As Yellowstone Season 5 draws ever nearer, Cole Hauser promises ‘no rest for the wicked!’

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, September 23:

Big reveal for fans: A new beginning for Y&R! See the behind the scenes footage.

Words like “enough” have no real meaning to Victor, so you’ll forgive us for not being surprised when he considers expanding his empire.

Ahead of an alum’s return to Genoa City, Michelle Stafford admits that “I was completely freaked out” when they were first thrown together.

What Chelsea wants, Chelsea is gonna do her damnedest to get. In this case, that means forcing Victoria’s hand, most likely in her push to let Johnny and Connor know that they’re brothers.

The more, the merrier: Hunter King (ex-Summer) and many other soap stars — as well as Hallmark favorites — are returning to the screen this holiday season for the network’s Countdown to Christmas special!

Trevor St. John, is that you? Given that Nate meets a mysterious stranger, we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that indeed, the fellow bears more than a passing resemblance to the soap vet whose hiring has caused such a stir — and holds so much potential. (Read all about it here.)

Fall wedding alert! Courtney Hope (ex-Sally) celebrates with her ‘ghouls’: “This witch is getting hitched!”

Sunday’s Chesapeake Shores Preview: [Spoiler] finds a journal and is startled by details of Nell’s past — plus, Bree uncovers a surprising connection to Luke.

Check out gorgeous then-and-now photos of the stars of Young & Restless’ sister show in our brand-new gallery below.

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