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All hell is about to break loose on The Young and the Restless. In Soaps.com’s spoilers for Monday, April 25, through Friday, April 29, Nikki gets a blast from the past that she would have preferred stayed in the past, Ashland commits himself to doing the impossible where Victoria’s concerned, Imani flirts up a storm with Elena’s boyfriend, Sally’s loose lips let slip a secret, and at last, Diane is reunited with her son. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks. Read on for the details on these spoilers and more…

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, April 22:

In Friday’s recap, Victor warns Ashland, Victoria snaps at her father, Adam breaks sad news to Chelsea and Connor, and Sharon deals with an unexpected request from Celeste.
Victoria fume at Victor Y&R

Ashland may think he’s still large and in charge, but Victor makes it clear that he’s larger and… um… in charger. Today, the Black Knight gives his unscrupulous son-in-law his marching orders. But in light of what Victoria’s been through, will he listen?

She’s scarcely had time to figure out what it is yet, and already, Victoria struggles with her new normal. Maybe she can take some consolation in our photo gallery of her life story. She’s been through — and gotten over — a lot.

Adam supports Chelsea, who, if our suspicions are correct, may be mourning the loss of her crush and dear friend, Rey. Amazingly, the easy-on-the-eyes detective became her one of her staunchest supporters even after she poisoned his shower gel in a bid to frame her ex-husband Adam.

Young & Restless spoilers week of April 25:

Y&R Restless Rant! Hot topics: Sharon’s intensely realistic grief, “Ashtoria’s” future, Sally’s secret, Diane drama ahead and a shake-up for “Elate”?!?!

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, April 25:

In Monday’s recap, a furious Nikki comes face-to-face with Diane, Noah doles out sage advice, Kyle and Harrison return, and Abby and Chance visit Sharon.
Sharon, Abby, Chance Y&R

Hide the fireplace pokers and river rocks! Today, Jack tells Nikki about Diane’s return, and we’re pretty certain the Newman matriarch is going to want to “end” the former Jabot model all over again when she finds out that she went up on murder charges for nothing!

Phyllis lays down the law, and we have to assume it’s Diane with whom she’s setting boundaries. But if their history is anything to go by, the troublemaker extraordinaire will pay little heed — or indeed no heed at all — to her nemesis’ warning.

Grab the tissues… and make it a whole box of ’em! When Sharon makes a painful decision, it’s gotta be related to the tragic loss of her husband, Rey. Will Nick be on hand for support? He’s been spending a lot of time around Crimson Lights, so here’s hoping her ex can be a source of strength at this difficult time.

Melissa Ordway shares what she’s sweetly doing for her little girls that she never dreamed she would — plus, um, about that helmet.

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, April 26:

In Tuesday’s recap, Kyle learns his mother is alive, Sharon snaps at Chelsea, Adam contemplates reaching out to Sharon, and Nikki takes on Diane *and* Ashland!
Ashland, Nikki confrontaton Y&R

Young & Restless’ next big love triangle?!? Abby and Chance fans may want to sit down for this one!

When Victor has a change of heart about Victoria, will he decide that after all she’s been through — and the way Adam has proven himself — it’s best she not retake the CEO seat at Newman-Locke? Also, will it still be known as Newman-Locke now that Ashland’s no longer associated with the company? Inquiring minds want to know!

As mentioned previously, we doubt it’s going to go over well when Diane wants to make amends with Nikki. We’re also quite certain that Victor — who once threw Kyle’s mother out of an ambulance — is going to have some strong opinions on the matter.

Kyle returns home to chaos, which will be no surprise at all to anyone familiar with the kind of havoc his mother Diane tends to wreak. If you’re not in the know, get up to speed by taking a look through Diane’s diabolical history in Genoa City.

When Calls the Heart preview: An old foe returns to Hope Valley — and Bill quickly puts a plan into motion to stop [spoiler] in his tracks!

Explain this! Why is Young & Restless twisting itself into pretzels to keep Sharon away from *this* character?!?

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, April 27:

In Wednesday’s recap, Kyle can’t believe Diane let him think she was dead, Ashland visits Harrison, and Tessa and Mariah ask Sharon and Nick to walk them down the aisle.

When Jack drops a bombshell, it can only be the moment that he reveals to Kyle that his mother is alive — and has been all of these years since he mourned her as a child. How on earth will the Abbott heir react?!? We’ll be on the edge of our seats waiting to find out! But if you can’t wait, here’s Peter Bergman offering a little preview.

Been there, done that, didn’t think she’d ever have to do it again! Yep, it’s bound to be a déjà vu moment for Phyllis when she busts Diane. But what is the schemer up to already? Perhaps trying to crash Jack’s big announcement to Kyle?

Chelsea is forced to defend herself, which will undoubtedly be an upsetting position to find herself in as she’s still processing Rey’s death. Will she need to call on Adam again for support, and if so, what will the new dynamic mean for Sally?

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, April 28:

In Thursday’s recap, Ashland seeks Victoria’s forgiveness, Imani flirts with Nate, Lily keeps Billy in line, Chance reveals Rey’s cause of death, and Sharon sobs in Adam’s arms.
Adam holds Sharon cry Y&R

Not going anywhere! When Ashland makes a promise to Victoria, we have to wonder if the disgraced mogul will make a vow to win back her love and respect after all he’s put her through. Will she be open to being persuaded or tell him to take a long hike off a short pier?

Someone alert Elena! We have a feeling fireworks are going to be in the air when Imani works overtime to charm Nate. If we’re being honest, all Amanda’s sister has to do is walk into the room, and the atmosphere becomes electric!

It looks like Chance, who is on his own without a partner now that Rey’s gone, is being thrown right into the deep end of policing as he makes a shocking discovery. What will he do with the stunning information, and which Genoa City residents will it affect?!?

Young & Restless shocker! Chance’s discovery could put Sally and Adam in the crosshairs!

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, April 29:

Called it! Victor vows to protect Nikki — and it can only be from the “reformed” Diane Jenkins. What measures will he take to safeguard his beloved wife? We’re guessing any necessary!

We can’t imagine what dish Sally will be serving when she shares a secret with Adam, but we sure hope it’s juicy! Oh, who are we kidding? If it wasn’t juicy, it wouldn’t be a secret worth sharing, now would it?

Tune-in alert! It’s sure to be a day of big emotions when Kyle reunites with his presumed-dead mother, Diane. Will he read her the riot act for shattering his life when he was just a kid, or will he simply be overjoyed that he can stand in the same room with her again?

On the heels on last week’s big recast, Hunter King has gotten herself a ‘gem’ of a new role!

As summer draws ever nearer, draw vacation inspiration from Young & Restless and all the soaps in our photo gallery of daytime’s most memorable getaways.

As Young & Restless builds up to Kyle’s reunion with his “late” mother, review our newly updated photo gallery of characters that have “died” in air quotes.

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