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04/14/2022 07:15 am

Ashland spoilers Y&R

What’s that up there? Ah, yes — tensions, sky-high tensions. In Soaps.com’s latest spoilers for The Young and the Restless from Monday, April 11, through Friday, April 15, the pressure just keeps building as Victor dishes out tough love that nobody ordered, Nikki makes her position crystal clear, Jack drops the mother of all bombshells on his family, and Victoria sets her revenge plan in motion. Should Ashland be shaking in his loafers? Read on…

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, April 8:

In Friday’s recap, Adam agrees to Victoria’s plan with one condition, Nick confronts Adam, Lily warns Billy, and Michael squares off with Ashland.
Victoria, Nick, Michael, Adam office Y&R

When Victor makes a promise to Nikki, we have a feeling it will be something along the lines of, “My darling, there is no way in hell I will let Ashland Locke do any further damage to our family, our company or especially our daughter.”

What’s Billy up to now? Since Lily gives her significant other a warning, it must be something — perhaps having to do with going after Ashland anew?

Everyone is worried about Victoria and her broken heart. But even at her lowest point, she’s no pushover. Watch the Newman heiress prove her mettle when she plays hardball.

Young & Restless spoilers week of April 11:

Watch a preview of what’s to come this week on Young & Restless as Diane Jenkins arrives in Genoa City.

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, April 11:

In Monday’s recap, Diane books a flight to Genoa City after a confrontation with Jack and Phyllis, ‘Teriah’ set a wedding date, and Rey makes plans with Chelsea.
Rey, Chelsea, happy go Y&R

Congrats! Young & Restless’ Tracey E Bregman shared romantic photos from the “Best day ever!”

Best of luck to him! Jack sets boundaries with Diane, but we don’t recall this approach ever working out very well in the past. Will Kyle’s mom prove she’s a changed woman and play by the rules… or walk right across the line as we suspect?

When Tessa and Mariah make an important decision, we’ll have fingers and toes (little bitty baby toes!) crossed that it has to do with the adoption they’ve been planning in hopes of making their twosome a family!

Rey’s loyalty is tested. Um, is Chelsea going to set out to seduce the man of her recent dreams right out from under Sharon’s nose? If so, how will the straight-arrow detective react to her overtures?

View photos as Lauralee Bell reveals the adorable results of her lab experiment.

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, April 12:

In Tuesday’s recap, Adam makes Ashland a stunning offer, Nick opens up to Sharon, and Victoria faces temptation!
Ashland, Victoria Y&R

Victor sets a trap for Ashland. But will the elusive mega-mogul prove to be too slick for even the Black Knight to put in a corner?

When Sharon takes a stand, will it have to do with Noah’s shenanigans or her own marriage? How fun would it be to see a Chelsea and Sharon rematch? The pair hasn’t sparred for a while over a man, and whether it’s Adam or Rey, we’ll take it!

While we’re on the subject of Rey… Though Jordi Vilasuso will soon be leaving the show, Rey could show up on Bold & Beautiful. And we can well imagine the hot plot that would await him!

Given all the drama that’s swirled around the Newmans lately, this sounds like a good idea: Nikki sets the record straight with Victoria. But will her daughter actually be able to hear what she’s saying?

Oh, brother — and sister! Celebrate National Siblings Day by ‘meeting’ your favorite Young & Restless stars’ nearest and dearest.

Photo: Eat your heart out, Bradley Cooper! A star is reborn in a way to Conner Floyd and his beautiful lady love.

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, April 13:

In Wednesday’s recap, Victoria learns Ashland was offered money to leave her, Diane returns, and the Abbotts are floored to hear Diane is alive!
Ashley, Traci alive Y&R

Ashley thought it prudent to be worried about Allie, but that’s nothing compared to what’s coming. How will the Abbott family react when Jack tells them about Diane’s shocking return from the dead?!? Now that’s cause for concern.

Speaking of Diane, Young & Restless has brought her back, only to make us go, “WTH?” Read how we think the show is killing her with a plot that’s so full of holes, it’s almost see-through.

When Adam makes a risky deal, will it prove to be the making of him as Newman’s latest CEO… or the breaking of him and the catalyst for a quick fall from grace?

Keeping it real! Victor gives Victoria some tough love. But will his hard-headed daughter respond as he hopes?

It’s official! Christel Khalil ‘said yes to the love of my life’ — she’s engaged!

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, April 14:

In Thursday’s recap, Victor goes ballistic on Adam and Sally, and Ashland pulls out all the stops to get Victoria to forgive him!
Ashland teary truth Y&R

Young & Restless star Eric Braeden teases ‘Ashtoria’ story twists ahead!

If it’s not his daughter giving him problems, it’s his son. Victor accuses Adam of going rogue, which is bound to spark another round of bad feelings between the two. What’s a beleaguered mogul to do?!?

It’s all systems go as Victoria puts her revenge plan in motion. But is she seeking vengeance against her treacherous husband… or the family by whom she’s felt betrayed?

When Calls the Heart preview: A secret marriage license surfaces that could spell the end for two Hope Valley favorites.

Soap star killed off in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ May premiere — plus, a former Chicago Med fave discovers a really old-fashioned love.

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, April 15:

Seeing as Lily was doling out a warning mere days ago, it will be interesting to see how it goes over with her when Billy goes to great lengths to help his ex-wife Victoria. Maybe this really is the right time for Cane to come back to Genoa City.

This is never good. Nick loses his cool — and there’s any number of people he might target with one of his trademark blasts. But we’re thinking that this time around, it might his sister’s ne’er do well spouse, Ashland Locke.

In the latest installment of As the Corporate World Turns, Sally makes a pitch to Lily. But what will the creative redhead be proposing? And will the new CEO of Chancellor Industries be intrigued enough to forge yet another high-profile partnership in Genoa City?

Young & Restless star Michelle Stafford seeks justice after the senseless death of her close friend.

Celebrate the anniversary of Victor and Nikki’s first wedding with the below photo gallery that retells their whole tumultuous love story.

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