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03/24/2022 07:41 am

Ashland spoilers Y&R

It was Kenny Rogers who sang, “You gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run.” And in Soaps.com’s latest spoilers for The Young and the Restless from Monday, March 21, through Friday, March 25, Ashland proves that he does indeed know by making plans to get the hell outta Dodge. In other teasers, Lily spills a secret, Victor sounds the battle cry, and Phyllis manages to do something that we didn’t even realize was possible without a decoder ring! Read on, and we’ll go over all the details…

Young & Restless spoilers week of March 21:

Y&R Restless Rant! Hot topics include How Adam will upend Victor’s plan *and* undermine Victoria, Sally’s big slip-up, and the identity of the mystery woman luring Jack into danger!

Congratulations! Young & Restless alum Adrienne Frantz shared beautiful photos of her newborn son, Killian, after suffering complications.

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, March 21:

In Monday’s recap, Jack is startled by new cryptic texts, Lily and Devon have a breakthrough, and a lurker watches Allie as she sleeps!
Allie alone in Keemo's house Y&R

Must-see videos! Young & Restless beauty Brytni Sarpy shared behind-the-scenes footage in honor of her third anniversary as Elena Dawson.

He‘s come a long way since his days as a street kid! Now, at a professional crossroads that could change the course of his entire future, Devon seeks counsel from Jill, perhaps the person who best knew his late grandmother, Katherine.

Why are we sure that when Billy shares life lessons, they won’t include “Don’t sleep with your lover’s daughter” and “It’s always a bad idea to mess with Victor Newman”?

Jack updates Traci about Allie. Is it too soon to order the Christmas stocking with his newfound granddaughter’s name on it? Already, Allie’s been added to our Who’s Who in the Abbott family photo gallery.

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, March 22:

In Tuesday’s recap, the Newmans stage an Ashland intervention for Victoria, Nate blows up at Lily and Devon, and an outraged Lauren confronts Victor!
Lauren confronts Victor Y&R

Don’t miss this Young & Restless alum’s romantic montage for her B&B hubby — and his for her — as they celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary!

Presumably, their battle cry will be “Money! Money! Money!” as Victor rallies the Newmans to defend their legacy. Although technically, no matter what happens, they’d probably still be so rich, they’d keep their spot on our countdown of soaps’ wealthiest families.

OK, we’re stumped. We have no idea what the secret that Lily shares with Nate could be.

As the walls close in around him and his carefully constructed house of cards begins to wobble, Ashland plots his escape. As if there’s anywhere that one can hide from the wrath of Victor Newman!

When Calls the Heart teasers: [Spoiler] hands out a major warning when trouble finds its way to Hope Valley —plus, there’s a surprising fugitive in the mix!

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, March 23:

In Wednesday’s recap, Billy learns Jack has a granddaughter, Ashland leaves Victoria sobbing in Nikki’s arms, and a woman who looks like Diane Jenkins buys Allie’s house!
Nate glare Ashland Y&R

When Victor and Nikki stage an intervention, it can only be in order to help Victoria beat her addiction to the Locke Ness Monster, right?

Week after week, mystery has swirled around Jack as he’s dealt with the death of his estranged son, Keemo. Now, a dangerous trap is set for him. Will he fall into it?

DVR alert: Former Y&R bad boy raises suspicions with a ‘to die for’ role.

As One Life to Live fave scores a plum part, his former leading lady/real-life wife cheers him on: “Go, baby, go!”

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, March 24:

Backstab coming?!? Adam’s next move could save Ashland’s bacon, but alienate his family forever!

Jack seeks answers from Allie, but will he get them? Does she even have the answers that he wants? If the plot got any thicker, it would be cement!

A soap vet turns up on Y&R today as Tanya — plus, learn why the actress left her former frontburner role on an ABC soap.

It’s a big day for Nate as he puts down roots. Does this mean that he’s also taking a step toward securing a happily ever after with Elena?

In his hour of need, Jack is lucky to have Phyllis in his corner. And as if to prove that there’s nothing she can’t do, today she deciphers a cryptic message.

Melissa Claire Egan pays a birthday tribute to her handsome husband — plus, the cutest dang baby pic you’ll see all week!

Former soap heartthrob and When Calls the Heart fave spring into love for Hallmark’s new movie lineup featuring romantic rendezvous and lovable rescues.

Exciting! Jordi Vilasuso and wife Kaitlin share big news: “We’re crazy excited.”

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, March 25:

Casting news!! Young & Restless has re-signed Michael Mealor as Kyle — but what about Summer?

Desperate to help Victoria, Victor and Nick put their heads together to see if they can come up with something, anything more that they can do.

It’s like one of Chelsea’s fantasies comes to life when she’s comforted by crush Rey. Will she read more into it than Mr. Nice Guy being, you know, nice?

This can only mean one thing: trouble. Genoa City should be on high alert as Adam resorts to old habits. But could he, for a change, be using his skills as a conniver for (gasp) good?

Hunter King shares a squeeze-worthy photo and a heartfelt birthday message to someone near and dear: “We’re making progress.”

If Taylor Jensen looks familiar, it may be because she’s a dead ringer for Diane Jenkins. Read all about Jack’s ill-fated love and why her doppelganger’s involvement with Allie is likely to set Genoa City on its ear in the below photo gallery.

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