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02/17/2022 08:50 am

Victoria Ashland spoilers Y&R

Love is in the air, according to Soaps.com’s latest Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, February 14, through Friday, February 18 — but not necessarily the romantic kind. Though couples like Adam and Sally, and Mariah and Tessa make time to canoodle, Lauren indulges in her love of living dangerously, Victoria revels in her love of corporate combat, and Victor celebrates his love of getting the upper hand on an opponent — in this case, newly minted son-in-law Ashland. Meanwhile, Abby learns that she has another — yes, another — reason to weep, and Nikki becomes the focus of son Nick’s concern. And if you read on, we’ll go over all the details of these spoilers and more…

Young & Restless spoilers week of February 14:

Y&R Restless Rant! Hot topics include: Bad news ahead for Abby and Devon, Valentine’s Day heating up, Chelsea and Rey, and the cure for Billy’s insomnia!

Photos! Young & Restless alum Hunter King teases her return to work in behind the scenes snaps.

In the latest preview, Victor advises Adam and Sally about their relationship.

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, February 14:

In Monday’s recap, Adam and Sally have office sex before a run-in with Chelsea, Noah interrupts, Tessa surprises Mariah, and Faith and Moses scramble to find perfect gifts.
Moses help Y&R

Ssh! Young & Restless’ Camryn Grimes reveals a backstage secret that’ll leave you craving a… well, you’ll see.

Props to Cupid on his aim! On Valentine’s Day, Adam and his new COO Sally mix business with pleasure. What shade of red will Genoa City’s new power couple paint the town?

When Sharon and Rey play matchmaker, might they be trying to set up Noah with someone who could take his mind off of his past relationship woes — and his unhealthy fixation with Tessa? If they need suggestions, we’ve got in mind the perfect young woman, who you may just remember from Bold & Beautiful. See our pick here.

As they look forward to getting married and starting a family together, Mariah and Tessa find time for romance. Which is easy enough now, but wait till there are kids around. That’s when it gets tricky!

His character may not be in Genoa City anymore, but the underutilized heartthrob lands on his feet in a big way!

Soaps’ valentine to you: 30 (!) photo albums that retell the love stories of your favorite couples — break out the chocolates and enjoy…

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, February 15:

In Tuesday’s recap, Devon and Abby learn Dominic needs a bone marrow transplant, Devon makes a suggestion to Billy, and Lily makes Amanda an offer.
Amanda Lily offer Y&R

When Amanda receives an intriguing invitation, will it be from billionaire beau Devon… or someone else? And will it be the kind of offer she can’t possibly refuse?

Lily may have been onto something when she questioned whether Billy would take issue with being her second in command at the company he’d hoped to run. As he struggles with his new role, the couple could be headed for a rough patch.

It’s one thing after another for poor, beleaguered Abby, who discovers that Chance is keeping secrets. Buddy, take a look back at your history. Has keeping secrets ever worked out for you? As you’ll see in our photo album of his life and times, no. Just no.

There was good news on today’s episode of Young & Restless, but there may be a devastating downside to Devon’s test results, which means heartbreak, and an unimaginable scenario for his cousin Nate.

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, February 16:

In Wednesday’s recap, Victor asks Adam to spy on Ashland, Victoria and Ashland butt heads, and Sally defends herself to Victor!
Victor warn Adam Y&R

Chicago Fire Reveal! How the next episode could spark tension for two women and friction between Kelly and Stella.

Perhaps this was part of his master plan when he sold Newman Media to Victoria? Victor recruits Adam to gather intel about Ashland. Kinda makes ya wish Paul Williams still had his private-detective agency, doesn’t it?

What could possibly be going on when Nick worries about Nikki — the person who is perpetually looking after everyone else and trying to keep the peace?

We feel sorry for the poor soul who is up to bat when Victoria decides to play hardball. The big-business bigwig is more prone to striking her target than striking out!

Former castmates reunite in hallmark’s much-anticipated wedding veil trilogy finale movie!

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, February 17:

In Thursday’s recap, Jack receives a mysterious text, Phyllis returns, Lauren makes a decision, Chloe watches Chelsea with Rey, and Chance squares off with his partner.
Chance argue Rey Y&R

When Jack receives a puzzling message, might it be from Phyllis, who seems extra confused about where she — and they — stand these days?

Since Lauren is making a risky decision, we suspect that it might have to do with going back into business with Chelsea, the notorious con who ripped her off before fleeing Genoa City the last time they worked together. Do the words “once bitten, twice shy” mean nothing to the redhead?

Phyllis arrives home to a mystery, which is intriguing, given that Jack is also tangling with a riddle of some sort. Could the two instances be connected? We’d bet on it.

Newlywed Young & Restless alums recall the good old days: “I slapped him around a few times.”

After thinking, “but it can’t be… ,” All My Children icon Susan Lucci undergoes a second heart surgery — plus, how she’s doing now.

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, February 18:

When Michael shares damaging information with Victor, it sure sounds like the bombshell on Ashland that we predicted. But what exactly is the dirt he brings back on Locke, and how far-reaching the fallout will be remains to be seen!

Will marriage, kids or a break-up be on the agenda when Nate and Elena discuss their future?

Sounds like these kids are making it official! When Adam and Sally define their relationship, what kind of a reaction will it get from his family, the staff at Newman-Locke and, of course, Chelsea?!

One list you’ll never find Adam and Sally on is our roundup of forced couples — pairs that never quite worked but whose shows worked overtime to convince us to like. See which twosomes made that unfortunate cut, from Young & Restless and all the shows.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the below photo gallery that shines a spotlight on the characters that we can’t believe are single.

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