Spoilers for the Week of December 27, 2021

12/30/2021 01:27 pm

Chance, Dominic Y&R spoilers

Break out the funny hats and noisemakers! In Soaps.com’s latest Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, December 27, through Friday, December 31, Chance and Abby approach the new year with a surprise from an old friend, Lauren may want to hit the bubbly well before the 31st, Chloe and Kevin make a resolution that they intend to keep (don’t we all!), and Billy and Lily take a step that just might ensure that their 2022 is as big a hot mess as their 2021 was. Read on, and we’ll get into both the nitty and the gritty of it all…

Hot Topic: We asked soap fans what they want for their favorite couples/characters/storylines… and boy did you guys let us know! Find out what your fellow fans wished for, then share your own thoughts!

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, December 24:
Summer calls Nick Y&R
In Friday’s recap, Nick’s loved ones send him a special message at Christmas, Cassie pays Nick a visit, and he makes New Year’s plans with Summer.

Sounds like a standalone episode to us! Nick’s family and friends help him make a list and check it twice. Will Phyllis’ ex, who has been out of sorts for months, finally realize what’s important and get back on track as he heads into the new year? Maybe a look back at what he’s overcome in the past will help him chart a course for the future.

Celebrate the holidays with a photo album full of memories of Genoa City Christmases past.

Is Yellowstone’s Kayce headed for the ultimate heartache – and a whole new life?

Young & Restless spoilers week of December 27:

Y&R Restless Rant! Hot topics include Billy playing a dangerous game, missed beats for Teriah, Devon’s custody move, not-so-jolly Saint Nick, plus, what worked and what didn’t in 2021!

In the weekly Young & Restless preview, Victoria learns what Billy’s up to, and Devon drops a bomb on Abby and Chance.

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, December 27:

Adam and Chelsea discuss Connor in penthouse Y&R

In Monday’s recap, Adam is honest with Chelsea, Abby sees something of concern, Devon continues to bond with “his” son.

Grey’s Anatomy: Ellen Pompeo’s reasons for wanting the series to end are definitely… debatable! Get the deets and weigh in.

When Adam and Chance settle unfinished business, we have a sneaking suspicion that it’s just going to open up a whole new can of worms. After all, does unfinished business ever really get finished in Genoa City?

Ooo, that Dynasty-caliber rivalry that Melissa Claire Egan recently teased appears to be kicking into high gear as Chelsea sends a message to Sally. ’Cause you just know that message ain’t “Help yourself to gingerbread cookies and Adam.”

We’re going to go out on a limb here and guess that when Nate helps Devon with a tough decision, it has to do with Abby and Chance. In fact, we’d even bet you our membership to the GCAC that it does. How can we be so sure? Answer in 3, 2…

Bryton James (Devon) sheds light on the Michael Jackson he knew.

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, December 28:

Victoria offers a deal to Lily and Billy at home Y&R

In today’s recap, After stumbling upon Billy’s secret, Victoria makes an offer, while Devon stuns Abby and Chance with his request.

Photo gallery! Don’t miss the Young & Restless year in review in photos, from a secret love child and wonderful weddings, to the surrogacy that stole the show and so much more, look back on all the happenings in Genoa City in 2021.

Devon surprises Abby and Chance. See? That’s why we were so sure. Question is, does Devon surprise the couple in a good way — as in, tricycles for all — or a bad one — as in, he’s decided that he wants custody of Baby Dominic?

Uh-oh. Something dicey must be afoot if Lauren sees no recourse but to take matters into her own hands. On the flip side, matters couldn’t be in better hands than the redheaded dynamo’s.

Billy, still under the impression that he can ever one-up Victor, has been scheming like he was on a deadline lately, putting on an Oscar-worthy performance as a guy who’s so down, he’ll never get up. But one person sees through this charade: Victoria, who isn’t shy about calling her ex’s bluff.

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, December 29:

Ashland and Victoria scheme at Newman Y&R

In today’s recap, after Billy and Victoria negotiate her silence, she tells Ashland her plans to outsmart everyone.

When Victor and Nikki receive unexpected news from Ashland, it could be anything. Is their new son-in-law planning to give them another grandchild with Victoria? Has his prognosis gone once again from hopeful to hopeless? Has the Black Knight made him wish he had a cooler nickname than the Locke Ness Monster?

We think of Lily as being pretty levelheaded, so we have to suspect that her judgment is being clouded by love when she and Billy make a dangerous deal.

If Mariah and Tessa are sharing news with Sharon — and they are — it can only be about their decision regarding adding a new branch to the family tree. Hey, maybe a baby will wind up being named Bowie after all!

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, December 30:

Chelsea and Chloe discuss Adam at penthouse Y&R

In today’s recap, Chloe’s warning backfires as Chelsea throws herself at Adam, Abby questions Devon’s request, and Sally makes plans.

Take a deep breath, Chelsea, and just go for it. Since she’s making a confession to Adam, it’s gotta be that, despite almost marrying his brother and framing him for attempted murder, he is now and ever shall be The One for her.

What with the heartache of her split from Devon and the bumpy path she’s walked with Nate, Elena looks forward to a fresh start. Will the fates allow her to have it, though?

This oughta be good: Kevin and Chloe make a New Year’s resolution. Could it be to go a whole 12 months without one or both of them making a splash in hot water?

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, December 31:

Young & Restless will be pre-empted for CBS Sports coverage of the Sun Bowl. You can still get your fix, though, with a photo gallery that takes you all the way back to the show’s premiere.

Catch up on all the latest exits from The Young and the Restless in our handy dandy, photo-filled cheat sheet.

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