Spoilers for the Week of November 15, 2021

11/18/2021 08:36 am

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In Soaps.com’s latest Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, November 15, through Friday, November 19, Adam endeavors to see if he can make someone who already despises him hate him more, trouble galore brings together not one but two sets of exes, Devon is cast in a role for which he hadn’t even realized he’d ever auditioned, and Victor does the only thing that he does better than trounce his enemies: gloat about having done so. Read on, and we’ll go over all of the latest teasers, from Ashley dropping the 411 to Abby sending out a 911.

Hot Topic: Now that Chance is finally coming home (albeit with a new face), we take a look at what needs to happen next. A romantic reunion? A custody battle? A whole new job? Bring on the drama!

Young & Restless spoilers week of November 15:

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, November 15:
Amanda smile Devon baby Y&R

In Monday’s recap, Victor fumes, Ashland issues a threat and Gaines makes a shocking confession as the other shoe drops on Billy and Lily. Plus, Abby hands over Dominic to Devon.

What with her surrogate being kidnapped by her ex and then her latest husband being presumed dead, nobody could blame Abby for not thinking straight. But neither could anybody blame Victor and Ashley for being concerned about their daughter’s decision-making. Question is, what will they do about it? What can they?

We could all see it coming. But Billy and Lily? Not so much. So the couple walks right into a trap from which they might be able to walk back out.

Because it’s never a modest inquiry or a mundane ask — not in Genoa City, anyway! — the kind of request that Devon receives today is — yep — shocking.

Grey’s Anatomy Thanksgiving Preview: Meredith and Nick *finally* make love?! Plus, see sneak peek photos of couples on the holiday!

Casting alert: Fans, you’re looking at the key that will unlock a huge mystery!

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, November 16:
Nikki warn Victor Y&R

In Tuesday’s recap, Adam takes his blackmail claims to Rey, Gaines holds a press conference, and Nikki issues a warning!

Red-hot! Young & Restless’ Nick’s next hookup may infuriate not only Phyllis, but Adam!

When Victor reveals his latest maneuver against Chance Comm, will it also be his last? After all, as opponents go, Billy Boy has been outgunned from the start of his war with the Black Knight.

Serving up a reminder that he’s never been someone who knows when to quit, Adam pushes Rey’s buttons. Wanna bet before the first commercial break, Adam’s face is back on a Most Wanted poster at the post office?

What everyone knows, Billy and Lily are about to learn: Ya play with fire, ya get burned. Now they’re first in line for a harsh reality check.

Young & Restless shocker! Abby never could have imagined this battle and Chance is set to come home to emotional chaos!

Join Soaps.com in paying tribute to true Young & Restless royalty, the veteran actor who died only days before his 89th birthday.

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, November 17:
Jack sees Phyllis Y&R
In Wednesday’s recap, Mariah judges Abby for leaving the baby, Ashley frets, Tessa propositions Noah, and Lauren warns Jack!

Will Jack and Phyllis be able to go back to just being friendly exes after they share an intense moment? Or is it merely a tease, a delay before the show sends her hurtling in an altogether unexpected direction. (Read our theory here.)

Hashtag this development “awkward”: Tessa turns for help to Noah who is not only her ex-boyfriend but her current girlfriend’s half brother.

When Ashley shares unexpected news, will it be the good kind (“The new Chance is hot!”) or the bad (“Wait till ya hear what Abby’s done now, Victor!”).

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, November 18:
Ashland and Adam plan for Billy at Newman Y&R

In Thursday’s recap, Victor is shocked by Billy’s offer, Devon makes a call for help, and Abby gets a lead on Chance!

As Nikki helps Devon adjust to a new role, our suspicions are twofold: 1. It involves biological son Dominic. 2. He’s going to take to fatherhood like Victor does to a revenge plot. In other words, exceedingly well. Just look at all Devon’s already survived in this photo gallery that retells his life story.

When Abby makes a distress call, we have a feeling it won’t be like ours. “Hello, Wine Pavilion? Come quick! I thought I had two boxes of Merlot left, but I was tipsy, and it turned out they were Cheerios!”

If there’s one thing that Victor enjoys more than plotting an enemy’s downfall, it’s savoring the day that it happens. So it’s going to be champagne all around for the Mustache as he celebrates his complete and total annihilation of Billy.

Join us in paying tribute to a rising star taken from us by AIDS at just 30 years old.

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, November 19:

Well, dang. That was a short victory lap! One minute, Victor is delighting in his triumph over Billy, and the next, he and Devon are working together to find Abby.

Billy has long been the kinda guy who tries to put out a fire by throwing gasoline on it. So perhaps it won’t surprise you that, rather than play it safe going forward, he turns around and makes a dangerous bet.

When Ashland gives Lily unsolicited advice, we can only assume it’s “Dump Billy before it’s too late. You’ve hooked up with an anchor, it’s sinking fast.”

As we count down to Chance’s reappearance in Genoa City, brush up on the history of Abby’s husband via a photo-filled gallery of his past life and loves. And see where the character ranks in our list of the most-recast roles in daytime history. (Spoiler alert: He’s not even close to No. 1.)

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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