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09/09/2021 08:21 am

Adam brood spoilers Y&R

In Soaps.com’s latest Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, September 6, through Friday, September 10, Adam and Victor clash, Sharon asks one of her favorite exes a provocative question, Jack makes a confession to Phyllis, fear tightens its grip on Mariah, and as her wedding day approaches, Victoria sends messages the way we like our drinks: mixed. Read on for all the delicious details about the drama to come…

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, September 3:
Victor chastise Phyllis Y&R

In Friday’s recap, Adam puts on the brakes with Sally, and Abby finds Mariah feeding the baby!

Young & Restless wedding shocker! Will Victoria and Ashland’s nuptials actually marry off another couple?!?

There were times — and lots of ’em — when we thought that a day like this would never come, for on it, Victor and Adam share their plans for Newman Media’s future. Which for these two counts as extreme father/son bonding.

When Mariah is haunted by her past, it probably means the poor thing will be having flashbacks to being locked up in that horrid room with only Bowie to talk to and pregnancy protein bars to gnaw on. How will the beleaguered surrogate get past the ordeal to reclaim her life? Maybe it would help if she perused our photo gallery of other, less claustrophobic times in Camryn Grimes’ run on the show.

Young & Restless spoilers week of September 6:

Hot topics! Young & Restless’ romantic shake-ups and catty conflicts — Plus, fans debate Adam’s love life, and will Mariah actually go *there*?

On the heels of Phyllis and Sally’s epic clash at the Newman Media launch, join us to look back on Young & Restless’ most intense rivalries across the decades, from confrontations to full-on catfights!

In the weekly Young & Restless spoiler video, Victor warns Sally away from Adam, but wait until you see what Adam does in response!

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, September 6:
Victor, Sharon talk Y&R

In Monday’s recap, Victoria warns Ashland about keeping secrets, Mariah struggles, and Nick signs on to play double-agent!

Congratulations! Young & Restless alum Michael Graziadei shared *squee-worthy* first photos of his newborn twins who had to stay in the NICU, and soap star support poured in.

In a surprising turn — because Nick consistently refuses to get involved in his father’s schemes, let alone do his dirty work — Victor recruits his elder son to sabotage Billy’s plans. What ace does the gambler have up his sleeve? And will Nick be able to stop him before the damage is done?

Adam and Sally hit the reset button, which may mean they’ve figured out that they’re just not that into dating each other. If so, is Adam still hoping to steal Sharon back from Rey against what appears to be all odds? Or is he entertaining the idea of giving his love with Chelsea a second (or sixth or seventh) chance?

Mariah worries about her safety, which is not exactly a shocker, given that the man who held her captive is still at large and on the run with the son he busted out of an institution! Considering how obsessed Stitch was with all things Abby, there’s every chance he could turn up back in Genoa City.

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, September 7:
Mariah goes off Adam Y&R

In Tuesday’s recap, Sharon grows concerned after Mariah snaps at Adam, who has just come from another run-in with Rey!

Our hearts! Young & Restless alum Shemar Moore shared a heavenly birthday tribute and photo for his late mother on what would have been her 78th birthday.

As Abby struggles to contact Chance — who may not even realize yet that he’s become a father, much less make it home to help out with the little one — we have to wonder how long it will be before she tires of her husband putting his job first. Could this be leading to the heiress deciding to end the marriage that seems to be in name only — even if that name is Chancellor?

When Rey exposes Adam’s true motives, we have to assume that the intentions he reveals have to do with his wife Sharon — because let’s be real, don’t they always?!

Sharon and Tessa comfort Mariah, and we’re not gonna lie: With the surrogate struggling to let go of the baby, we see heartbreak in one woman’s future.

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, September 8:
Ashland asks Nate best man Y&R

In Wednesday’s recap, Abby panics when Mariah and the baby go missing, Victor warns Adam, and Ashland makes a surprising request of Nate!

We knew the honeymoon couldn’t last forever. On the heels of Newman Media’s launch party, Victor decides he disapproves of Adam’s decision-making. But as his son has reminded him in the past, Victor put Adam in charge of the new venture — so who will prevail?

When Devon opens up to Lily, will he be wrestling with feelings of attachment to his new biological son? Is he perhaps reconsidering his role in the child’s life, given that the intended father, Chance, is nowhere to be found?

Ashland surprises Nate with an unexpected invitation. This is a little out there, but we have to wonder if the tycoon will ask the doctor who was so kind to him the day he had a weak spell at Crimson Lights to be his best man. Honestly, who else could he ask?

Chesapeake Shores teasers: Sarah struggles with unexpected news — plus, Evan’s latest move keeps Abby on her toes!

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, September 9:
Sally fantasy kiss adam Y&R

In Thursday’s recap, Jack declares his love to Phyllis, Victor puts Sally on notice, Nick and Sharon discuss their relationships, and Sally indulges a fantasy.

When Jack comes clean with Phyllis, it can only mean he’s going to admit he’s in love with her still — or again — right?! Our soapy senses have been on high alert for a relationship flip-flop since Young & Restless set the stage for a Phack comeback.

Is Victor concerned about the design of Victoria’s wedding dress or the state of Adam’s love life? We’re going to find out when The Mustache questions Sally’s intentions.

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, September 10:

When Nikki receives mixed messages from Victoria, it must be about the planning they’re doing for the great, big Italian nuptials. With all of the undercurrents surrounding the betrothed, we have to wonder: Will Victoria’s grand wedding go off with a hitch? And if so, will it be Ashland and Victoria… or two of their guests who tie the knot?!

It seems to us that Sharon already asked this once, so we have to wonder: What is her motive — and will she get a different response this time around — when she questions Adam about his future with Chelsea?

Ashland receives an unwelcome message, which could indicate that someone (OK, most likely Billy) who had been digging around in his past has finally hit pay dirt!

As Victoria prepares to march down the aisle once again, walk down Memory Lane with a photo gallery full of her many, many past loves. Will Ashland finally be the one that lasts?

On the anniversary of his death at just 40 years old, Soaps looks back at the rising star whose life was cut far too soon.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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