Spoilers for the Week of August 02, 2021

08/05/2021 12:00 am

Phyllis spoilers Y&R

In Soaps.com’s latest Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, August 2, through Friday, August 6, Victor plays Let’s Make a Deal, and Phyllis calls in reinforcements to help her expose Tara and Sally: both an old friend and the man she loves. Meanwhile, Mariah’s disappearance sends an ever larger ripple of fear through Genoa City, and Amanda contemplates revenge. Read on for all the juicy deets!

Young & Restless spoilers week of August 2:

In this week’s Y&R Restless Rant, the hot topics are Stitch’s lie, Chloe and Adam’s possible hate sex, and the big love scene fails for Ashland/Victoria and Devon/Amanda. Plus, battling redheads bring sizzle to the snoozefest.

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, August 2:
Kyle questions Tara Y&R

In Monday’s recap, Ashland asks Victoria to accompany him to the specialist, Phyllis plots her next move, Sally pleads for another chance, and Tara loses her temper.

Sad farewell… Young & Restless’ Mishael Morgan returned home to Canada to “raise a glass” and say a final goodbye. Read her tribute within.

Having pursued a lead, it’s now time for Phyllis to plot her next move. The best of the best, “Red” successfully pushed Tara and Sally’s buttons when she tricked them into an argument that she caught on video, and we expect an equally dramatic result from her latest scheme.

She tried! Young & Restless’ Michelle Stafford reveals home hair color fail with an endearingly off photo: “I know, I know…”

She’s already lost out on a second chance at romance with Jack, and once again, Sally must cover her tracks with the senior Abbott. Given that he no longer trusts her, will she be able to pull the wool over his eyes?

We can’t even imagine these two with anyone else at this point — or Young & Restless without this pairing! As their bittersweet journey continues, Victoria helps Ashland make a decision about his future. Fingers and toes crossed this will have to do with an experimental treatment that could cure his cancer.

Hunter King (Summer) finally breaks her silence: “They don’t know…”

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, August 3:
Victor refuses Adam Y&R

In Tuesday’s recap, Ashland proposes to Victoria as Victor forbids Adam to retaliate against the power couple, and Phyllis gets the dirt on Sally.

Endgame revealed?! Young & Restless’ swan song for Summer and Kyle may have been hinted at in a recent conversation.

When Victor prevents Adam from retaliating against Victoria, will the younger Newman relent and call them even? After all, it wasn’t that long ago that Adam put the brakes on Dad’s plan to go after Billy and Chancellor Communications.

Phyllis connects with an old friend, who we assume will be able to help in her quest to expose Tara and Sally. It could be Michael but in this case is more likely to be his brother, Kevin, who is a whiz at digging into phone records and such.

Having successfully dodged Phyllis’ bullets thus far, Tara finds herself under scrutiny once again when Jack and Kyle question her intentions. Will she manage to squirm out of yet another interrogation?

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, August 4:
Phyllis manipulates Jack Y&R

In Wednesday’s recap, Phyllis tries to trick Tara into a confession by manipulating Jack, Mariah names the baby, and Tessa turns to Sharon for help.

Well, it’s about time! Days, nay weeks, after her daughter dropped out of sight whilst hugely pregnant, Sharon worries about Mariah’s disappearance. Will Mom be the one to get to the bottom of the mystery?

When Abby shares her fears with Devon, she may be concerned that Mariah’s done a runner with her baby on board. Will she be able to connect the dots and figure out that Stitch could be involved?

These two have been juggling work, kids and romance, but the relationship isn’t going stale as is proven by Lily’s ability to inspire Billy once again. But what will she spur him to do — and will it land him in hot water as usual?

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, August 5:
Victoria says yes engaged Ashland Y&R

In Thursday’s recap, all hell breaks loose when Tara’s role in Summer’s departure is exposed, Amanda becomes emotional with Imani, and Ashland gets an answer to his proposal.

As Amanda contemplates revenge against Sutton, will Devon convince her to turn the other cheek? Or will she even confide in the man she loves about her sinister thoughts?

When Summer makes an unexpected apology, we have to wonder if the cat is out of the bag about Sally and Tara’s scheme to run her out of Genoa City. Might she be feeling regret about not coming clean and seeking help to deal with the scammers before acquiescing to Tara’s demands?

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, August 6:

Victor surprises someone with a new business proposition, and we have to wonder if it will be Victoria. His recent move to protect her from an attack by Adam may signal that he’s ready to mend fences with his headstrong daughter.

Juicy! Phyllis has clearly brought Nick into the loop with regard to her suspicions about Tara and Sally, as together, they plan the ultimate take-down of the scheme team. Time to add another chapter to “Phick’s” tumultuous love story (retold here in photos).

When Kyle makes a bold move, will Tara’s house of cards finally come tumbling down? If so, what revelations will come to light? And what of Summer and Kyle’s doomed engagement? Might they actually get their “happily ever after” in Italy?

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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