Spoilers for the Week of July 05, 2021

07/08/2021 12:00 am

Chelsea plots spoilers Y&R

In Soaps.com’s latest Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, July 5, through Friday, July 9, it’s a week of reveals as a mega mogul is exposed, and a major truth comes out at Devon’s party. Meanwhile, Billy’s out and about making bold offers while Chelsea plots her escape! Keep reading for the dramatic deets…

Young & Restless spoilers week of July 5:

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, July 5:
Tara lean on each other Y&R

In Monday’s Y&R recap, Ashland sweeps Victoria into a passionate kiss as Billy & Victor plot to gobble up his company. Plus, Adam has news for Sharon and Phyllis steals Jack away from Sally.

In a not-at-all shocking development, Phyllis intervenes in Jack’s affairs — yet again — and we can’t help but wonder if her meddling involves Sally — yet again. We say bring it on; we’re still waiting on that battle of the redheads we so desperately craved.

When Adam makes a move, will it be a power play… or will he take Victor up on his offer to return to the ranch, thus putting him in close proximity to his former lady love, Sharon?

Young & Restless’ latest move makes a Sharon and Adam reunion a sure bet — and could spark a new pairing!

Whelp, we saw it coming a mile away… As predictable as the sunrise, Tara comforts Kyle. But will she be able to take his mind off Summer, and will Young & Restless be able to fix the characters they destroyed with this storyline?

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, July 6:
Victor and Adam talk at the ranch Y&R

In Tuesday’s Y&R recap, a desperate Chelsea blackmails her doctor, Stitch seeks out Abby and Mariah, Victoria and Adam spar verbally, and Amanda tricks Naya.

When Amanda makes a vow to Naya, will she be determined to free the woman who is taking the fall for someone else’s wrongdoing, or will she promise to bury her for killing her precious dad?

We can’t say we’re surprised since “running” is so much a part of who Chelsea is. What’s more, we kinda believe she’ll be successful when she plots an escape from the mental hospital. But is Victor about to bring her worst nightmare to life?

The jig is up for Ashland Locke — the mega mogul is exposed. But is the revelation that comes to light that he leaked the rumor about his terminal illness to a tabloid… or that the whole dying-with-six-months-to-live thing was a ruse?!?

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, July 7:
Imani pot-stirring Y&R

In Wednesday’s Y&R recap, Victor threatens Chelsea’s access to Connor, Ashland receives an offer from Billy, and Imani makes waves.

It sounds like one of those wacky murder-mystery parties! When the truth comes out at Devon’s gathering, who will be on the hot seat… and for what?

As much as we want to see the overly cocky Billy get knocked down a few pegs, you have to give him credit as he’s never afraid to make a bold move — like the one he makes today!

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, July 8:
Sharon smile at Adam Y&R

In Thursday’s Y&R recap, Chelsea and Connor get their reunion after a run-in between Adam and Rey, and Mariah’s sudden departure causes concern.

Mariah is out of touch, which could mean she’s not hip with the times, but more likely suggests she’s having trouble connecting with someone or she’s not taking calls. Could she be avoiding Abby?

Recast or coincidence? Considering the timing, it could be Mariah and Abby’s ex we see when Christian Telesmar joins Young & Restless as Tyler.

We had a feeling this was coming. Michael’s long had his suspicions about his sister-in-law’s involvement in Chelsea’s scheme to poison Rey and set up Adam. Will Chelsea’s latest plot be the catalyst when Michael finally grills Chloe?

When Rey talks Adam into a reunion, will Chelsea finally get to see Connor?

Has Young & Restless’ Mariah been kidnapped? Find out why we have a very bad feeling she’s the victim of a sinister twist.

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, July 9:

Not pleased! Bold & Beautiful’s Rena Sofer’s NSFW mugs express her dismay about a cause close to her heart… and Young & Restless stars were clamoring for them!

The Abbotts extend a warm welcome, we assume to Tara and Harrison, but we can’t help but worry that the warm-fuzzies won’t last long if Mrs. Locke is part of a plot that will leave the family devastated.

Given that we know Chelsea has it in her head to escape the facility and make a break for it, we suspect her “big ask” will be a move to help set her plan in motion. Will she once again ask best friend Chloe to go out on a limb?

Nick’s been in Italy with his “Supergirl” for a while now. So we can only imagine the waterworks when the time finally comes to say goodbye. Our waterworks, we mean — although sure, they’ll probably shed a tear or 20, too.

Since it looks like a Sharon-light week, get your fix of the blonde stunner via our photo-filled timeline that revisits her tumultuous history in Genoa City.

As the daughter Young & Restless’ former Adam turned 17, both he and Mom paid tribute to their baby — and shared photos that speak to her incredible genes.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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