Spoilers for the Week of May 17, 2021

05/20/2021 08:05 am

Billy compete Victor Y&R

In Soaps.com’s latest Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, May 17, through Friday, May 21, Victor fires up an old rivalry even as he lobbies for another long-standing feud to end, Amanda forces the issue with Imani, Phyllis keeps something hidden, and a tumultuous week for Kyle ends with a stunning decision! Keep reading for the deets on all of these twists and more…

Casting! Cutie patootie Kellen Enriquez debuts as Harrison Locke on Young & Restless.

DVR alert! Don’t miss former soap star Jesse Metcalfe in a brand new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Martha’s Vineyard premiere! This time, death, money and suspicion go hand-in-hand in the latest island investigation!

Young & Restless spoilers week of May 17:

In the Young & Restless weekly preview, Kyle makes a decision to protect his son as Victoria strikes a deal with Ashland.

In the second preview of Young & Restless this week, Summer slaps Sally after she makes some harsh accusations!

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, May 17:
Kyle, Tara, Harrison, Y&R

In Monday’s Y&R recap, Kyle and Summer’s special evening ends with a desperate plea and a slap across the face!

When an unexpected guest crashes Summer and Kyle’s engagement party, we’ll bet cash money that it will be Ashland or Tara. Read why we’re so sure that the Lockes will mess up “Skyle’s” wedding plans!

There’s bound to be no mincing of words when Chloe gives Adam a reality check. We have to wonder, though, whether he approaches her about her role in Chelsea’s plot, only to be informed that he is the party responsible for what went down.

When Phyllis keeps a secret from Nick, could it have to do with a pact that she made with ex-husband Jack? And if so, how will Nick feel when he finds out that the former marrieds have been conspiring behind his back?

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, May 18:
Imani meets with Amanda Y&R

In Tuesday’s Y&R recap, Kyle receives an unwelcome visitor, Phyllis comes clean with Nick, and Amanda meets with Imani.

Welp, for a while there, Kyle was being honest with his dad, though he never told Jack about Harrison. Could the little boy be the secret that Kyle is trying to keep hidden when he once again covers his tracks with his dad?

On the heels of Sharon making a decision about the future of their marriage, Rey makes his wife a promise. We can’t help but wonder if the vow involves an adjustment of his attitude toward Adam.

She had her half sister’s number from the word “go,” so when push comes to shove, watch for Amanda to force Imani’s hand.

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, May 19:
Tessa late Y&R

In Wednesday’s Y&R recap, Ashland goes on the rampage and threatens Phyllis, Lily surprises Billy, and Tessa romances Mariah.

Mark Grossman weighs in! The Young & Restless secret that could bring Nick and Adam together, and put Phyllis and Nick on the rocks.

It sounds like a showdown not to be missed when Kyle stands his ground with Ashland. But does the younger man really stand a chance against the likes of the Locke Ness Monster?

Will she be warbling another heartfelt tune to ease the morning sickness? We can’t wait to see what Tessa has in store when she plans a surprise for Mariah.

When Billy and Lily play hardball, will they be showcasing their clout in business circles or negotiating the deal on their first home together?

Love seeing these two together again! See Young & Restless’ Doug Davidson reunite with an old friend and fan fave. Plus, a fun throwback pic of them too!

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, May 20:
Summer fume Y&R

In Thursday’s Y&R recap, Kevin grills Chloe and flips out at her admission, Summer comes clean to Phyllis, and Nick visits Adam.

Building on the new dynamic forged between his sons in the storm cellar during a life-threatening tornado, Victor encourages Nick and Adam to make amends. But will the longtime nemeses, who are so notorious for their mutual loathing, be able to do what they’re asked? Heck, can they even? Get Mark Grossman’s perspective via an exclusive Soaps.com interview.

What will the reception be when Chelsea tests the waters and seeks forgiveness? And who will she be apologizing to — the guy she poisoned, the guy she framed for it… or the friend she got tangled up in the whole mess?

Move over Hallmark, here comes our first look at Lifetime’s Christmas movies!

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, May 21:

Firing up old resentments once again, Victor prepares for battle against his daughter’s ex-husband, Billy. Will Victoria’s warning that Chance Comm’s not up to competing with her father prove to be prophetic?

Chicago Fire season finale dread… Stella and Severide’s bliss has us wondering if they’ll come out of ‘No Survivors’ unscathed!

Kyle toyed with the idea of leaving Jabot whilst under threat from Ashland before. Will this be his move when he makes a shocking decision? Or will his choice be a whole lot more personal in nature this time around?

On the sixty-first (!) anniversary of her debut, join Soaps.com as we pay tribute to a daytime icon who went on to become the most hated woman on television.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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