Spoilers for the Week of May 10, 2021

05/13/2021 10:50 am

Kyle life upside-down Y&R

In Soaps.com’s latest Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, May 10, through Friday, May 14, Nick and Sharon continue to sit vigil at Faith’s bedside, Chloe makes a bold move, Victoria plays games, and Kyle’s life is turned upside-down! Read on for details on these teasers and more…

Confirmed! Mishael Morgan’s return date as Amanda Sinclair on Young & Restless. Get the details inside.

Stay on top of the latest news for B&B, Days, GH and Y&R in one place, including fashion failures, truth-telling soap stars and the May Sweeps preview that teases a twist fans have been crying out for!

Young & Restless spoilers week of May 10:

Y&R Restless Rant! Nick and Adam’s scenes hit fans in the feels but will Rey upset the applecart? Plus, Victor vs. Chelsea, dumb plot points and loads more!

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, May 10:
Imani visits Amanda Y&R

In Monday’s Y&R recap, Victor summons Rey after a showdown with Chelsea, Devon warns Amanda, and Adam has a heartfelt meeting with Faith before surgery.

What no hug? Sharon Case weighs in on ‘bizarrely cold’ Sharon and Adam reunion and teases what’s to come!

Déjà vu, anyone? When Victor gives Chelsea yet another ultimatum, will it finally be enough to push her to clear Adam’s name? Or are her sleeves roomy enough to have still more tricks up them?

After asking his long-loathed older brother, Nick, for a “fresh start” in the storm cellar, Adam keeps his apology tour going with Rey. Will the mistrustful detective be able to give his wife’s ex-husband the benefit of the doubt?

Threats have been coming from all sides since Amanda took on her grandfather Sutton Ames’ criminal case. This time, watch for Devon to share with Amanda his concerns about Imani.

Hearties rejoice! When Calls the Heart has been renewed for season nine at the Hallmark Channel!

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, May 11:
Rey questions Chelsea Y&R

In Tuesday’s Y&R recap, Chelsea confesses all to Rey, Adam and Faith undergo surgery, and Phyllis gets emotional.

We can only assume that Uncle Adam came through and the transplant was a go, as the beleaguered Nick and Sharon wait for news about Faith’s condition. Something tells us she’s going to pull through. (Would the show recast the role just to kill off the character?)

When Victor sets a dangerous plan in motion, will it involve trying to help Adam escape the long arm of the law, attempting to (finally!) prove Chelsea’s guilt… or both? (Hey, if anyone can multi-task, it’s the Great Victor Newman.)

A special occasion inspires Y&R’s Doug Davidson to open a little family album that’s big on memories: ‘Seems like yesterday… ’

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, May 12:
Sharon hurt Y&R

In Wednesday’s Y&R recap, Rey’s hurtful accusations against Sharon leave them further apart than ever, and Nick makes an appeal to Adam.

It’s hard to imagine Nikki surprising Sharon any more than she did when she confessed that she had come to respect her former daughter-in-law. Nonetheless, Sharon is about to be caught off guard once again by what Nikki has to say.

Wait… is The Case of the Poisoned Policeman still dragging on? Apparently so, as Rey becomes suspicious of Chelsea’s change of heart. And he’s not the only one; we’re also wondering, “What is the con up to now?”

When Phyllis shares words of wisdom with Summer, will her daughter take them to heart — or with a grain of salt — considering that the source doesn’t always make the best choices?

Agree or disagree? The Young & Restless legacy character whose continued ‘WTH?!’ absence makes *no* sense — plus, the women whose lives he could turn upside-down.

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, May 13:
Adam, Phyllis chess Y&R

In Thursday’s Y&R recap, Adam faces his detractors and loved ones in a harrowing chess-themed dream as he reaches a crossroads in life.

Young & Restless panic! The new threat to Kyle and Summer’s wedding plans. How far will Kyle go to protect Summer?

When Victor encourages Adam to wipe the slate clean, will the Mustache urge his errant son to move on and leave his doomed romances with Sharon and Chelsea in the rearview mirror?

It’s always intriguing when Victoria plays games. Will her hijinks be in the boardroom, the bedroom… or messing with Lily and Billy?

Chloe was put in a very tight spot by her bestie, Chelsea, when she made her an accessory to Rey’s poisoning. (Thanks, pal!) When the Chipmunk Bandit’s wife makes a bold move, will she decide she needs to sell Connor’s mom out to the authorities to save her own hide, or will she attempt to help her friend one final time?

In a strange parallel to her Young & Restless story, Melissa Ordway is missing her real-life husband Justin Gaston. Find out why, and relive Abby and Chance’s wedding inside.

Young & Restless alum Justin Hartley’s hit series This Is Us is coming to an end at NBC.

DVR alert! Don’t miss former soap star Jesse Metcalfe in a brand new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Martha’s Vineyard premiere! This time, death, money and suspicion go hand-in-hand in the latest island investigation!

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, May 14:
Lola leave Florida Y&R

In Friday’s Y&R recap, Summer and Kyle’s engagement party grinds to a halt, Lola has big news, and Adam reveals his plans.

Will Sally, Nick, or Summer and Kyle be the topic of conversation when Jack and Phyllis decide to make a pact? The possibilities are almost endless where the exes are concerned.

Adam will undoubtedly be a part of the equation when Sharon weighs the pros and cons of staying in her marriage to Rey. What will the outcome be when she finally renders her decision?

Uh-oh. This doesn’t sound good at all. Just when we thought Jabot was safe and Kyle and Summer’s wedding plans were humming along, something happens that will turn the would-be groom’s world upside-down!

Greg Rikaart (Kevin) shares a strikingly handsome photo while ‘celebrating six years of wedded bliss’!

On the anniversary of her death, we celebrate the life of the legendary Jeanne Cooper with a photo album full of highlights from her entire run as Katherine Chancellor.

— Candace Young/Charlie Mason


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