Spoilers for the Week of March 08, 2021

03/11/2021 07:59 am

Devon struggle Y&R

In Soaps.com’s latest Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, March 8, through Friday, March 12, Elena and Devon struggle with their feelings, a powerful new alliance targets Billy, and Kyle goes on high alert as ruthless mogul Ashland Locke rolls into Genoa City… perhaps with his son in tow. Dive in to these teasers and more below to get all the dramatic details of what’s ahead.

It’s father time! See photos of your favorite soap stars with their dads, from red carpet events to intimate family trips and more!

Young & Restless spoilers week of March 8:

Will the shocking details of Meghan Markle’s experience with the royal family affect change? Read our thoughts on that, plus the bombshells from the interview, including remarks from Oprah on CBS This Morning.

In this week’s Y&R Restless Rant, Candace is desperately hoping Ashland Locke will live up to the hype, and talks Chelsea’s revenge, Devon’s deflated drama, Phyllis vs. Sally and much more!

In the weekly Young & Restless spoiler video, Chelsea shocks Chloe with her latest progress, and Jack senses something is bothering Kyle.

Young & Restless spoilers for Monday, March 8:
Adam, Victor in Y&R

In Monday’s Y&R recap, Nikki blasts Victor, Chelsea stuns Chloe and three parties line up to vie for Cyaxares.

Something so strange happens today that pigs must be flying and hell must be freezing over: Victor and Adam form an alliance to compete against Billy. How will Lily and Victoria react to this development, and what will it mean for Chancellor Communications?

As Chelsea continues her subterfuge, the situation in the penthouse is bound to get sticky. But we can’t think of anyone better than her BFF, Chloe, to come to her rescue when the going gets tough.

Other men have tried and failed to exorcise Adam from Sharon’s heart, but Rey remains determined to save his marriage. Will their first couple’s-therapy sesh be on the agenda when he and his wife take steps to to do just that?

Y&R alum talks about being a new mom during lockdown, vents about all the conflicting advice, and asks mothers about the best and worst tips they’ve received.

Y&R’s Doug Davidson calls it quits as Paul after feeling as though he’s been treated like a day player.

Young & Restless spoilers for Tuesday, March 9:
Abby, Devon confide in Y&R

In Tuesday’s B&B recap, Thomas corners Vinny, and Zoe lashes out after Carter makes his decision.

No one knows better than Jack how quickly romance can turn to heartache — and there has been no shortage of warnings about getting involved with Sally. So when he decides to take a risk, will it be for love?

Torn between his former love and his new lover (who just happens to look exactly like his late wife), Devon finds himself at a crossroads. Will he be forced to choose between them in order to move forward in his life?

Kyle’s suddenly found himself in the middle of an intensely volatile situation, what with having fathered a child with the wife of a ruthless mogul. Will lovemaking be in the cards when Summer makes a move to distract her boo from his troubles?

Hallmark’s Home & Family resumes production — with two major changes ahead for the lifestyle show.

Young & Restless spoilers for Wednesday, March 10:

With his eye on the prize — that being revenge on Billy Boy Abbott — Victor prepares for battle. Does the tycoon’s archenemy stand a chance?

Will love or business be up for discussion when Nikki questions Victoria’s decision-making? And will the exec’s mom be able to set her down the right path?

With Summer helming a division while supporting Kyle, and Mariah focused on getting pregnant for Abby, someone has to be there for their younger sister. Watch for Lola, who — let’s face it — has precious little else going on, to step up for Faith. (Speaking of Faith, how will the character’s future be impacted by the fact that portrayer just landed a juicy new role?)

Y&R alum celebrates a major turning point and expresses via video message, “The last year has been so unimaginable.”

Young & Restless spoilers for Thursday, March 11:
Ashland hear pitch Y&R

In Thursday’s Y&R recap, Ashland Locke blindsides Victor and Adam, Jack’s concern about Kyle grows, and Sally cozies up to Tara.

Will Victoria’s betrayal lead to all-out war… or reignite old passions? Find out more within.

With Victor and Adam teaming up to take on Billy, it’s no surprise when the legendary Newman/Abbott feud is reignited. Will cooler heads put out the fire before it rages out of control?

When Kyle is forced to cover his tracks, will he have been trying to make contact with his son, Harrison, while remaining under the radar? There’s a good chance that’s the case, what with the tot’s terrifying father being in town.

When Ashland Locke arrives in Genoa City, presumably it’s to do business with Victor Newman. But will new information come to light that brings the fabled “Locke Ness Monster” to life?

Two weeks’ worth of When Calls the Heart teasers include a major mistake, an unexpected letter and one family is sent reeling — plus, a season eight photo album!

Young & Restless spoilers for Friday, March 12:

Absolutely terrifying! Why we fear Faith’s storyline is about to take a sinister turn.

There could be anything in the cards, from contracts and wills to baby shopping sprees, as Abby plans for her future. Wonder whether Chance will look a little different if/when he returns to be a part of it.

Having recently acknowledged that the love between them wasn’t extinguished by her cheating with his cousin — and, in fact, reignited during a night of passion — Elena and Devon struggle to find closure. Maybe what they should really be looking for is a way to start over?

It could be anything from delivering bad business news to an unexpected kiss when Victoria catches Billy off guard.

DVR alert: Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: How to Con a Con promises high-stakes drama for Roe, Nick and the Real Murders Club.

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Is this the message Young & Restless really wants us to take away from its treatment of Doug Davidson’s Paul? Read how we interpret the situation, then dive into a photo album that reviews Paul’s once-exciting life and times in Genoa City.

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