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Spoilers for the Week of February 17, 2020

02/20/2020 04:19 pm

Adam, Chelsea penthouse Young and Restless

In the newest Young and the Restless spoilers, Adam and Chance learn that Phyllis has dirt on them and how she’ll use it to her advantage, Devon gets a lead, and Victor Newman is honored at the 50th anniversary gala for Newman Enterprises. Find’s day-ahead Y&R recaps added daily.

Major 2020 Daytime Emmy Awards announcements include pre-nomination changes and where to watch the ceremonies.

Relive The Mustache’s past with 18 things to know about Victor Newman.

Young and Restless spoilers week of February 17:

In the latest Deconstructing Y&R, Candace is over tame storylines, wants Sharon to be less isolated, and is angered by sitcom-style scenes.

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest, ruined wedding, flashbacks & surprise kisses, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

Keep on top of the latest Soaps news, featuring Chandler Massey & Freddy Smith in shocking Days exit while Justin Hartley’s directorial debut.

Young and Restless spoilers for Monday February 17:

Devon embraces Elena Young and Restless

In Monday’s Y&R recap, Phyllis offers Chelsea a deal to keep Adam out of prison, Chance has news for Devon about Colin, and Summer’s mystified by Lola.

Devon follows a lead on his money.

Phyllis plays with Adam.

Soaps Roundup: Last week’s highlights for Young and Restless storylines featured a major concern.

Young and Restless spoilers for Tuesday February 18:

Phyllis confront Chelsea Young and Restless

In Tuesday’s Y&R recap, Phyllis blackmails Chelsea into selling her shares of Grand Phoenix, Nikki thinks Sharon’s pregnant, and Victor gets a couple of surprises at his gala.

Nikki hosts a lavish gala to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Newman Enterprises and Victor.

Read the review! Young and Restless alum Darnell Kirkwood’s Hawaii Five-O guest spot on Valentine’s Day.

Young and Restless spoilers for Wednesday February 19:

Nikki flashback Young and Restless

In Wednesday’s Y&R recap, Victor reminisces at the gala, along with Nikki, Jack, Jill and more, while Adam hopes he and Victor have reached a turning point.

Victor reminisces with family and friends at the gala.

Heartbreaking news as Young and Restless’ Shemar Moore’s mother passed away at age 76. Watch his video tribute within.

Romance and power plays! Watch Victor Newman’s iconic moments on Young and Restless.

Robert Adamson, Meg Bennett and Robert Parucha return as Noah, Victor’s first wife, Julia, and Victor’s brother, Matt attend the gala.

Young and Restless spoilers for Thursday February 20:

Adam propose Chelsea Young and Restless

In Thursday’s Y&R recap, Ripley stabs Victoria at the gala, Nick and Phyllis kiss and Adam proposes to Chelsea.

Nikki goes all out for Victor.

Victor receives a surprise from Victoria and Nick.

Give it a listen! Sasha Calle’s new single X-Factor reveals her soulful voice and a piece of her heart.

Love of Life and Good Times star Ja’net DuBois dead at 74, remembered for breaking stereotypes and being all light.

Young and Restless spoilers for Friday February 21:

Noah visit Sharon Young and Restless

In Friday’s Y&R recap, Victoria undergoes surgery, Victor blames Billy, and Noah wants to stay close to Sharon.

The Newman Enterprises gala is crashed resulting in chaos.

Y&R alum Kelli Goss’ boyfriend suffered serious snowboarding accident over Valentine’s Day weekend.

Also coming up this week on Young and Restless:

Nikki hosts the gala where Jill makes a toast to Victor.

At the gala, Abby learns that Phyllis has dirt on Chance and Adam. She concludes that Chelsea sold her shares of the Grand Phoenix to Phyllis because she was blackmailed into it and confronts Phyllis. Nick approaches Phyllis after seeing the argument and presumes she’s been stirring the pot.

Phyllis kisses Nick at the anniversary gala.

Chelsea’s shocked by Adam’s latest move.

Billy’s kept in line by Jill.

Amanda’s in trouble.

Thad Luckinbill is co-producing the movie Postscript, the sequel to a Hilary Swank movie, along with his brother Trent Luckinbill.

Young and Restless spoilers week of February 24:

Victor delivers an ultimatum.

Jack makes a gesture to Ashley.

Abby’s cornered.

Nikki makes an unexpected connection.

Young and Restless spoilers for Monday February 24:

Sharon takes control.

Victor calls for the family to unite.

AMC, Days, and GL alums in Hallmark Channel’s Spring Fever movie events!

Young and Restless spoilers for Tuesday February 25:

Jill reveals a new business venture.

Phyllis gets an intriguing offer.

Young and Restless spoilers for Wednesday February 26:

Adam’s motives are called into question.

Chelsea looks to the future.

Young and Restless SOD February sweeps:

Nick and Adam’s rivalry is reignited by a business venture that affects the Newman family.

Jill has a new project for Billy, which also benefits her.

The Abbotts unite over a crisis, but there’s conflict when family members react differently to an issue.

Paul takes control after a major crime affecting all big players occurs in Genoa City.

Devon and Elena must put their differences with Amanda aside as they end up sharing common ground over an issue that hits close to home.

Young and Restless casting:

Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong teases Y&R appearance on his Instagram.

Traci Abbott returns home once again as Beth Maitland is filming at Young and Restless.

Reed Hellstrom visits Genoa City when Tristan Lake Leabu returns to Y&R.

– Candace Young


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