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Spoilers for the Week of February 10, 2020

02/14/2020 07:27 am

Sharon deals with new reality Young and Restless

In the newest Young and the Restless spoilers, Sharon continues to deal with her health crisis, Victoria and Amanda get help from people close to them, and Devon gets new information regarding his fortune. Find’s day-ahead Y&R recaps added daily.

Young and Restless spoilers week of February 10:

In the latest Deconstructing Y&R, Candace finds gold in Sharon/Phyllis, is excited about the messy quadrangle and is entertained by Jack.

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest, disaster, sacrifice & a turn to the darkside, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

Keep on top of the latest Soaps news, featuring Soaps News features Eric Braeden & Bill Hayes’ celebrations, Galen Gering’s Days exit & Darin Brooks’ thriller.

Young and Restless spoilers for Monday February 10:

In Monday’s Y&R recap, Theo turns down Lola, Kyle’s prepared to be the villain, and Sharon doesn’t want Rey to put his life on hold for her.

Sharon has her first treatment.

Jack gives Kyle a warning.

Soaps Roundup: Last week’s highlights for Young and Restless storylines featured a big breakup.

Dot-Marie Jones to Rock of Ages, Haley Pullos & Mario Lopez in Netflix teen comedy and Kyle Lowder in The Ravine.

Young and Restless spoilers for Tuesday February 11:

Amanda ambushed Ripley Young and Restless

New role for Y&R star! Hunter King cast in ABC western and her role is nothing like Summer.

In Tuesday’s Y&R recap, Phyllis plans to follow Adam and Chance to Vegas, Billy and Victoria talk to the kids, and Rey arrests Ripley.

Victoria gets help from her father planning her next move.

Nick and Phyllis are concerned about Summer.

Eric Braeden celebrates 40 years of playing Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless.

Young and Restless stars attended Elizabeth Hendrickson’s baby shower over the weekend.

Young and the Restless’ Hunter King cast in western comedy pilot Prospect.

Young and Restless spoilers for Wednesday February 12:

Phyllis warned by Nick Young and Restless

In Wednesday’s Y&R recap, Amanda sends Ripley out of town, Nick urges Phyllis not to go to Vegas, and Kyle picks up his things from Lola.

Amanda gets help from Billy.

Rey grills Kyle.

Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong teases Y&R appearance on his Instagram.

Watch Eric Braeden on The Talk as he compares Nikki to J-Lo.

Relive Julia Newman’s history with Victor before Meg Bennet returns to Y&R.

Just in: Major 2020 Daytime Emmy Awards announcements include pre-nomination changes and where to watch the ceremonies.

Young and Restless spoilers for Thursday February 13:

In Thursday’s Y&R recap, Ashley returns for Victor’s celebration, Billy gets into a car accident, and Jack and Victor but heads.

Victor’s surprised by an unexpected guest.

Jack’s plan backfires.

Read about Victor’s brother, Matt Miller’s Young and Restless quadrangle with Nikki and Ashley before the character’s return.

Photo gallery! Eric Braeden’s 40th anniversary party was a soap star-studded affair.

Look for Noah Alexander Gerry to star in Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy crossover starting this week.

Young and Restless spoilers for Friday February 14:

Nick, Phyllis advice Young and Restless

In Friday’s Y&R recap, Phyllis listens in to Adam and Chance in Vegas, Rey and Nick bond over their frustration with Kyle, and Jack advises Summer and Kyle.

Sharon adjusts to her new reality.

Adam and Chance hit the road.

Hallmark Review! 4 out of 5 hearts for Ryan Paevey’s Matching Hearts movie.

All My Children alum Cornelius Smith Jr. to God Friended Me in recurring role!

Also coming up this week on Young and Restless:

Theo learns that Summer and Kyle had sex. He lets it slip to Lola, who stuns him by going in for a kiss.

Adam is surprised by Chance in Las Vegas while waiting in a bar to meet Riza, as Tina Casciani returns to Young and Restless. The men get to bickering as, though they’ve become friends, Adam doesn’t want Chance getting in the way of his plans. Their argument, which centers on a mess they got into when Adam was ‘Spider’ is picked up by a listening device placed nearby by a waitress. When Riza arrives, she alludes to a woman asking about her missing husband and his hidden stash of money. Back at the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis is listening to the conversation and finally learns the secret as to Chance’s involvement with Adam, which she’ll use to her advantage.

A score is settled by Phyllis.

Amanda stands firm.

Billy’s unable to stay in control.

Relive The Mustache’s past with 18 things to know about Victor Newman.

Watch the behind the scenes video of Justin Hartley directing This is Us.

Young and Restless spoilers week of February 17:

Young and Restless spoilers for Monday February 17:

Devon follows a lead on his money.

Phyllis baits Adam.

Young and Restless spoilers for Tuesday February 18:


Young and Restless spoilers for Wednesday February 19:

Victor is honored at the 50th anniversary celebration for Newman Enterprises.

Young and Restless spoilers for Thursday February 20:

Victor receives a surprise from Victoria and Nick.

Young and Restless spoilers for Friday February 21:

The Newman Enterprises gala gets crashed.

Also coming up this week on Young and Restless:

Nikki hosts the gala.

Abby learns that Phyllis has dirt on Chance and Adam. She concludes that Chelsea sold her shares of the Grand Phoenix to Phyllis because she was blackmailed into it and confronts Phyllis.

Phyllis kisses Nick at the anniversary gala.

Chelsea’s shocked by Adam’s latest move.

Billy’s kept in line by Jill.

Amanda’s in trouble.

Alyvia Alyn Lind at SmileDirectClub pre-Oscars party along with soap alums from B&B, Passions and Y&R.

Photo gallery: B&B, Y&R and GH stars came out for a screening of Sean Kanan’s Studio City digital series.

Young and Restless SOD February sweeps:

Newman Enterprises’ 50th anniversary gala will take center stage as Victor is honored. Expect the unexpected at the gathering.

Nick and Adam’s rivalry is reignited by a business venture that affects the Newman family.

Phyllis’ chemistry with Nick cannot be ignored. She learns a secret that puts her into a power position.

Sharon shows admirable strength as she fights cancer and Rey struggles to be supportive without taking away her independence.

Amanda and Billy bond further when a shocking event occurs and Amanda’s past catches up with her, which leads to more questions than answers.

Jill plans to keep Billy in line with a new project, which also benefits her.

Abby suffers a major setback which allows her to see Chance’s commitment to their relationship.

The Abbotts unite over a crisis, but there’s conflict when family members react differently to an issue.

Paul takes control after a major crime affecting all big players occurs in Genoa City.

Mariah and Tessa’s relationship grows strained as a result of Tessa going on the road with Tanner.

Devon and Elena must put their differences with Amanda aside as they end up sharing common ground over an issue that hits close to home.

Young and Restless casting:

Traci Abbott returns home once again as Beth Maitland is filming at Young and Restless.

Elyse, a nurse on Sharon’s medical team, turns up when Virginia Louise Smith appears on Young and Restless.

Robert Adamson, Meg Bennett and Robert Parucha return for storyline honoring 40 years of Victor Newman.

– Candace Young


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