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Spoilers for the Week of September 02, 2019

09/06/2019 08:19 am

phyllis and summer talk at crimson lights on young and restless

In the newest Young and the Restless spoilers, as Chloe and Kevin continue to deal with Billy and his violent alter, Abby and Chelsea get ready for the Grand Phoenix’s big opening, and Adam’s vendetta against Victor reignites. Please return to this page daily to see spoilers from the day-ahead Y&R recaps.

Young and Restless spoilers for Friday August 30:

Adam and Phyllis plot payback Young and RestlessIn Friday’s Y&R recap, Chloe and Kevin keep Billy hidden, Phyllis suggests Victor is the one who tried to run Adam over, and Chelsea is shocked to see Chloe.

Victor cuts ties.

Phyllis looks after her interests.

Chelsea’s world is turned upside-down.

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Young and Restless spoilers for the week of September 2:

In the latest Deconstructing Y&R, Candace laments the inadequate writing, Adam’s empty threats and Billy’s alter not having sex with anyone!

This week’s Y&R spoiler video has Jack asking Kyle to take over as CEO, Adam wanting Phyllis to hack into Nate’s tablet and Michael ending things with Adam.

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest, dying, daring, deranged & Fall previews, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

In a second Y&R Spoiler Video: Devon promises to fight the person challenging Katherine’s will.

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Young and Restless spoilers for Monday September 2:

In Monday’s Y&R recap, Adam reveals Fen’s dealing drugs as a way to keep Michael in line, Billy wakes up, and Jack and Traci ponder Dina’s unhappiness with John.

Jack gets a new perspective.

Billy has a rude awakening.

Chloe’s in trouble.

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Young and Restless spoilers for Tuesday September 3:

Jack opens up to Victor Young and RestlessIn Tuesday’s Y&R recap, Jack heads for parts unknown, Zoe has a proposition for Phyllis, and Devon shares memories of Katherine with Elena.

Sharon won’t budge.

Devon ponders the future.

Victor shares wise words.

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Young and Restless spoilers for Wednesday September 4:

Kyle updates Traci Young and RestlessIn Wednesday’s Y&R recap, Adam has Phyllis hack into Victor’s medical records so he can make changes, Jack heads to a spa, and Kyle is ready to make his mark.

Victor creates a defense.

Phyllis picks up a former habit.

Kyle and Summer make amends.

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Young and Restless spoilers for Thursday September 5:

Nate accuses Adam Young and RestlessIn Thursday’s Y&R recap, Chloe feels she’s the only one to help Billy, Adam plans to double Victor’s dosage but is warned about the side effects, and Lola thinks Theo is acting like a jealous ex with Kyle.

Nate covers his trail.

Adam crosses a line.

Kevin and Chloe take a risk.

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Young and Restless spoilers for Friday September 6:

Nate, Abby and Kyle at opening party Young and RestlessIn Friday’s Y&R recap, Nick suggests Chance is challenging Katherine’s will, Zoe annoys Summer at Society, and Adam slips Victor the news pills.

Adam’s caught in the act by Nikki

Abby and Chelsea get ready for their grand opening.

Surprising news has Anjela McDaniel forced out of her position as Executive Vice-President.

Also coming up on Young and Restless this week:

Chloe and Kevin continue to hide Billy as he fights against his dark side. Kevin texts Billy’s loved ones to say he’s in treatment to cover his absence, and are later forced to lie to Victoria.

Michael tells Adam, “As much as I’ve enjoyed our working relationship, which is to say not at all, I think it’s time it came to an end.”

Jack says to Kyle, “I need you to step in for me at Jabot.” Kyle asks, “Step in?” Jack continues, “I want you to be interim CEO.”

Phyllis marvels to Adam, “You want me to hack into Nate’s tablet…” Then asks, “What do you want with Victor’s medical records?”

Young and Restless spoilers for the week of September 9:

Chelsea and Abby’s Grand Phoenix opening ends up in chaos.

Victor has a secret.

Chloe looks out for Billy.

Young and the Restless Fall previews from Soaps in Depth:

Victor’s war with Adam takes a shocking turn that leaves Nikki’s world turned upside-down.

Devon learns that Katherine’s will is being contested.

Paul investigates a Genoa City scandal and his findings could make or break someone’s reputation.

Phyllis gets the last laugh as she strikes back at Abby and Chelsea after being pushed out of the Grand Phoenix.

Billy’s struggle against his dark side will impact his relationship with Victoria and also brings Jill home to intervene in a bid to help her son.

Kevin and Chloe’s return to Genoa City won’t be trouble-free.

Sharon and Rey contemplate their feelings as they find they can’t avoid one another.

Chelsea worries about Adam’s darker impulses as he renews his bond with Connor, and Nick’s actions toward Adam cause issues with Chelsea.

Jack steps away from Jabot, leaving Ashley to run the business from overseas, though she’ll visit Genoa City. Jack embarks on a journey as he feels something is missing from his life, and Traci takes on a new project that will change her life.

Kyle’s new role at Jabot has him working long hours with Summer, who will struggle to resist bad-boy Theo. Lola comes close to finding out Kyle’s secret from New York.

– Candace Young


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