Spoilers for the Week of July 29, 2019

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phyllis and theo talk business on young and restless

In the newest Soaps.com Young and the Restless spoilers, Adam deals with new confrontations, while Victor takes a risk, and Jack is called upon for help. Meanwhile, Chelsea gets an out-of-town visitor. Please return to this page daily to see spoilers from the day-ahead Y&R recaps.

Young and Restless spoilers for the week of July 29:

In the latest Deconstructing Y&R, feeling apathetic towards most storylines, but loving certain bittersweet scenes and intrigued by Phyllis and Victoria teaming up.

In this week’s Y&R spoiler video, Billy’s at a loss, Adam welcomes Michael to the dark side and Theo holds something over Kyle’s head.

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest, risky plans & shocking choices, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

In a second Y&R spoiler video, Nick orders Sharon to choose a side, and Phyllis offers Jack a deal.

Keep up on the latest soaps news with Lucas Adams, Denise Richards, Loren Lott and more.

Y&R spoilers for Monday July 29:

Nick at property Young and RestlessIn Monday’s Y&R recap, Michael destroys Adam’s blackmail photos, Billy shares his pain with Sharon, and someone tells Chelsea he can make her rich.

Michael shows his dark side.

Rey and Adam square off.

Nick and Chelsea talk about the future.

Chelsea reconnects with a friend when Dynasty and Santa Barbara actor Gordon Thomson joins Young and Restless as Daryl Tulane.

Soaps Roundup: Last week’s Young and Restless storyline highlights featured an intriguing proposition.

Y&R spoilers for Tuesday July 30:

Kyle teases Lola on Young and RestlessIn Tuesday’s Y&R recap, Billy unexpectedly wakes up at the Chancellor mansion and gets a message about Adam, Chelsea learns Calvin left her very wealthy, and Victor gets encouraging news.

Victor makes a difficult decision.

Lola and Kyle focus on wedding planning.

Billy spirals.

Y&R spoilers for Wednesday July 31:

Christine talks resigning with Michael Young and RestlessIn Wednesday’s Y&R recap, Phyllis makes amends with Nick and the Abbotts, Adam has a trick up his sleeve regarding Phyllis, Theo reminds Kyle of the mess he cleaned up, and Rey returns to the force.

Jack doles out tough love.

Christine plans her next move and receives support from Paul.

Nick is stunned by Phyllis.

Exclusive interview! Essence Atkins on Ambitions’ soapy twists, empowered leading ladies, and changing alliances.

Y&R spoilers for Thursday August 1:

Tessa and Mariah celebrate on Young and RestlessIn Thursday’s Y&R recap, Mariah urges Sharon to choose love over addiction, Abby wants to keep things light with Nate, and Nick makes Devon an offer in Neil’s name.

Tessa and Mariah have cause to celebrate.

Nate is kept on his toes by Abby.

Nick and Devon team up.

DVR alert: Don’t miss Hallmark’s Chesapeake Shores’ season four premiere.

Vote in our Y&R poll, is someone gaslighting Billy or is it all in his head?

Y&R spoilers for Friday August 2:

Billy talks to therapist Young and RestlessIn Friday’s Y&R recap, Victor calls Jack for help when he almost collapses, Billy goes to therapy and then finds Deliah’s doll, and Nick vows to destroy Adam.

Someone needs Jack’s help.

Phyllis works to make amends.

Talking Chelsea’s storyline…Melissa Claire Egan’s Home & Family appearance is coming up soon.

New role for Beth Maitland who joins season two of Bronzeville, a radio drama produced by Laurence Fishburne and Larenz Tate.

In the latest Ambitions recap, Stephanie accuses her daughter’s girlfriend of spiking her drink. Did she?

Also coming up on Young and Restless this week…

Elena and Nate bond.

Billy’s hiding something.

Adam says, “So this is the Michael Baldwin you were telling me about.” Michael replies, “I warned you he was in there.” Adam says, “Well welcome to the dark side.”

Billy tells Victoria he’s scared he’s going to lose it, and doesn’t know what he’s going to do.

Rey says to Paul, “I miss being a cop so much. I want to come back to the force.”

Kyle says to Theo, “You’re trying to hold what happened over my head.” Theo throws up his hands, “What happens in New York stays there. Right?”

Young and Restless spoilers for the week of August 5:

Young and Restless spoilers for Monday August 5:

A line is crossed by Adam, who tells Nick he won’t be allowed near Christian after he wins custody.

Theo is grilled by Phyllis.

Young and Restless spoilers for Tuesday August 6:

Nick loses his temper and punches Adam, and Sharon breaks it up.

Young and Restless spoilers for Wednesday August 7:

Nikki remains firm.

Young and Restless spoilers for Thursday August 8:

Chelsea faces a tough decision.

Chelsea’s mom reappears as Catherine Bach returns to The Young and Restless as Anita Lawson.

Adam and Chelsea’s son arrives in town as Judah Mackey joins Young and Restless as Connor Newman.

Rey and Sharon experience tension.

Young and Restless spoilers for Friday August 9:

Jack takes control of a situation.

Also coming up this week on Young and Restless:

Sharon tries to resist temptation but ends up having sex with Adam.

Mariah tells Sharon, who is standing across from Rey, “I’m so sorry but I decided to combine it into one big party for Kyle and Lola.” Sharon complains, “It would have been better to find that out anytime besides right now.”

Chelsea listens as Nick gets a call from Adam in the park, who warns, “I’m going to tell him the truth, that I’m his real father.” Nick replies, “You better not say a word about that, I’m serious.”

Billy, in the Chancellor Mansion, says, “Delia it’s Daddy. Just tell me what you need me to do.”

Abby and Summer face off.

Trouble arises after Summer brings Theo as her guest to Kyle and Lola’s engagement party. Kyle tries to make Theo leave, but Lola convinces him to let his old friend stay. Theo then makes a toast hinting at Kyle’s past.

Young and Restless spoilers for the week of August 12:

Victor takes over.

Chelsea gets stunning news.

The day of Lola’s wedding to Kyle arrives.

Elena begins a new chapter.

Welcome! Claudia Lyon to oversee CBS soap opera casting in new role at CBS Entertainment.

Get the details on Daniella Alonso to Dynasty, Brittany Allen in The Boys and more soap opera alum news.

Young and Restless summer casting…

Could this photo of Jason Canela on the Y&R set suggest he’s returning as Arturo Rosales?

Casting alert! It looks as though Loren Lott is exiting Young and Restless as Ana Hamilton.

Avery Bailey Clark could resurface in Genoa City since Jessica Collins teased a possible Y&R return.

– Candace Young


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