Spoilers for the Week of July 22, 2019

07/25/2019 04:31 pm

Chelsea runs into Sharon Young and Restless

In the newest Soaps.com Young and the Restless spoilers, the custody hearing begins between Nick and Adam with twists happening on both sides, and Sharon comes face-to-face with Chelsea for the first time since Chelsea knocked her unconscious and fled Genoa City. Please visit this page daily to see spoilers from the day-ahead Y&R recaps.

Interview! Gordon Thomson teases drama for his character Daryl Tulane

Young and Restless spoilers for the week of July 22:

In the latest Deconstructing Y&R, not into a rehash of Delia’s death, wondering if Papa Rosales will show up, and hoping Traci gets the love she deserves.

In next week’s Y&R spoiler video, Billy gets a message from Deliah, Nick shows up to his hearing without Michael, and Sharon confronts Chelsea.

In this week’s Soaps Spoiler Digest, threatened, betrayed & exposed, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

In a second Y&R spoiler video, Billy fantasizes about killing Adam, while Lauren knows Kevin is hiding something.

Keep on top of the latest Soaps news, featuring Vincent Irizarry, Melody Thomas Scott & Katrina Bowden.

Y&R spoilers for Monday July 22:

Lauren grills Kevin Young and RestlessIn Monday’s Y&R recap, Michael recuses himself from Nick’s case, the judge gets the video of Nick posing as J.T., and Victor wants to stop his treatments.

Nikki and Victor go on a romantic getaway.

Lauren questions Kevin.

Adam and Nick head to court.

General Hospital alum Joseph C. Phillips joins Young and Restless as Judge Sanchez.

Soaps Roundup: Last week’s Young and Restless storyline highlights featured unfinished business.

Y&R spoilers for Tuesday July 23:

Phyllis and Abby strike a deal Young and RestlessIn Tuesday’s Y&R recap, Adam wants Chelsea in exchange for dropping the custody case, Kyle tells Lola about his partying past with lots of women, and Phyllis and Abby make a deal.

Nick’s charade comes to light.

Sharon clashes with Chelsea.

Summer sees a different side of Theo.

Chisled abs alert! Young and Restless actors talk shirtless scenes in video interview.

Sad news… Soap opera veteran Robert Milli dead at 86. He was best known for Guiding Light.

Interview: Sean Dominic talks path to Y&R and working with Eric Braeden.

Y&R spoilers for Wednesday July 24:

Adam asks Sharon to help on Young and RestlessIn Wednesday’s Y&R recap, the judge denies both Adam and Nick custody of Christian, Theo tells Celeste about Lola’s surgery, and Jack and Ashley decide to merge companies.

Jack has unexpected news.

Lola loses her patience with Celeste.

Victoria steps up.

Availablity alert! Due a dispute, CBS was dropped by DirecTV & AT&T U-verse, which means these users will have to find other ways to watch their favorite shows.

Y&R spoilers for Thursday July 25:

Nick says goodbye to Christian Young and RestlessIn Thursday’s Y&R recap, Victoria is awarded custody of Christian, Billy hears Deliah’s voice, and Kevin says goodbye to Michael.

Michael follows through on a threat.

Things heat up between Abby and Nate.

Sad passing… Young and Restless actors mourn make-up artist Jenna Wittman with heartfelt words.

DVR alert: Don’t miss Hallmark’s Chesapeake Shores’ season four premiere.

Could this photo of Jason Canela on the Y&R set suggest he’s returning as Arturo Rosales?

Y&R spoilers for Friday July 26:

Victoria confronts Sharon Young and RestlessIn Friday’s Y&R recap, Victoria wants to team up with Phyllis, Celeste changes her mind about Kyle, Rey packs his bags, and Victor wants Connor to come home.

Victor handles unfinished business.

Rey wants answers about Sharon’s bond with Adam.

Phyllis considers an intriguing proposition.

Casting news. It looks as though Loren Lott is exiting Young and Restless as Ana Hamilton.

Airing this weekend… Hallmark’s Summer Nights movie event, featuring soap opera alums.

We have the latest Ambitions recap! Bella blackmails Evan using Roderick’s video, Lori is revealed to be using Carly, and Damian takes his stalking of Amara a step further.

Also coming up on Young and Restless this week…

Lauren grows suspicious that Michael is keeping something from her and realizing it has to do with Kevin, she grills her brother-in-law. Lauren will go to great lengths to protect her family.

Adam blackmails Michael to recuse himself as Nick’s lawyer in the custody case, and Nick decides to represent himself rather than take time to get a new lawyer. During the hearing, the judge sparks Nick’s temper, then Adam’s attorney calls him away regarding an ace he has up his sleeve that could be very bad for Nick.

Nick gets help from Victoria.

Hallmark holiday movies start in October! Mark your calendars and watch the Hallmark Christmas movies preview.

Young and Restless spoilers for the week of July 29:

Michael won’t back down.

Victor takes a huge risk and makes a difficult decision.

Elena and Nate bond.

Billy’s hiding something.

Jack receives a call for help.

Tessa and Mariah have cause to celebrate.

Christine plans her next move.

Chelsea gets a special delivery.

Rey squares off with Adam.

Adam says, “So this is the Michael Baldwin you were telling me about.” Michael replies, “I warned you he was in there.” Adam says, “Well welcome to the dark side.”

Billy tells Victoria he’s scared he’s going to lose it, and doesn’t know what he’s going to do.

Rey says to Paul, “I miss being a cop so much. I want to come back to the force.”

Kyle says to Theo, “You’re trying to hold what happened over my head.” Theo throws up his hands, “What happens in New York stays there. Right?”

Vote in our Y&R poll: Are you happy Ashley & Jack reconciled? Or were you enjoying them being at odds?

Week of August 5:

Nick is threatened by Adam.

Abby and Summer face off.

Theo is grilled by Phyllis.

Sharon tries to resist temptation.

Dynasty and Santa Barbara actor Gordon Thomson joins Young and Restless as part of Chelsea’s storyline.

Former The Young and the Restless star Barbara Crampton’s horror film and more soap alum news.

Young and Restless summer casting…

Mama bear! Catherine Bach returns to The Young and Restless as Anita Lawson this summer.

Avery Bailey Clark could resurface in Genoa City since Jessica Collins teased a possible Y&R return.

– Candace Young


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