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Spoilers for the Week of August 20, 2018

08/23/2018 04:21 pm

The latest Young and the Restless spoilers have tension rising in the business world as Nick purchases the leasing company behind Billy’s Jaboutiques, newcomer, Rey, poking around in the JT mystery, and more family trouble surrounding Summer, Billy, and Phyllis. Please return to this page daily for new spoilers from the day-ahead episodes of Y&R.

In the newest Deconstructing Y&R, Rey’s arrival needs to jumpstart the stalled JT storyline.

Young and Restless spoilers for the week of August 20:

In this week’s Spoiler Digest, wedding chaos and revenge, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

In next week’s Y&R Spoiler Video: Phyllis finds Billy with a half-dressed summer, Rey meets the Newmans, and Billy insults Nick.

In the weekly Y&R Spoiler Video: Summer and Phyllis’ fight turns violent and Rey seems to know Arturo.

Young and Restless spoilers for Monday August 20:

In today’s Y&R recap, Billy learns Nick’s his landlord after purchasing the leasing company, and Summer gets Billy to admit he’s attracted to her.

Nick offers to make peace with Billy.

Jack bends the rules.

Mariah’s concerned about Tessa.

Soaps Roundup: Young and the Restless storyline highlights from last week’s episodes.

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Y&R spoilers for Tuesday August 21:

In today’s Y&R recap, Victoria furiously orders Nate to back off, and Phyllis catches Billy and Summer in a compromising position.

Summer and Billy have sparks between them.

Victoria is contacted by Nate.

Rey zeroes in on Victor and Nikki.

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Y&R spoilers for Wednesday August 22:

In today’s Y&R recap, Kyle reveals Summer’s plan to seduce Billy and stuns Phyllis, while Ashley gets disappointing news from Jack.

Ashley’s pursued by Neil.

Lily receives comfort from her husband.

Kyle reveals a secret.

Y&R spoilers for Thursday August 23:

In today’s Y&R recap, Kyle uncovers Billy’s embezzlement as Nick raises Jaboutiques rent, and Phyllis finds Summer’s plane ticket.

Ashley learns something that shocks her.

Sharon confides in a new friend.

Summer is confronted by Phyllis.

Y&R spoilers for Friday August 24:

In today’s Y&R recap, Phyllis slaps Summer during a screaming match, and Abby meets Arturo’s brother.

Phyllis is out for vengeance.

Paul puts Victoria on edge.

Abby works to keep the peace.

More Y&R spoilers…

Billy says to Nick, “The new Nick Newman. Just like Daddy after all.”

Neil wishes Ashley a good morning. She says it is so far. Neil replies, “The question is, now what?”

Rey introduces himself to Nikki and Victor.

Phyllis goes back into the apartment for her phone and sees Summer standing with Billy in her bra.

Summer makes an admission.

Jack wants Nick to purchase the leasing company Ashley asked him about. Nick tells him no, but then buys it secretly.

After offering to bury the hatchet with Billy, Nick informs him he now owns the leasing company and the rent will be going up on his boutiques.

Kyle tells Phyllis about Summer’s plan to follow Billy on a business trip and seduce him.

Coming up on Y&R…

Phyllis asks Billy, “What’s going on with you and my daughter?”

Ashley says, “We have to wait and monitor the company’s finances and any direction Billy takes towards them.” Kyle replies, “Why wait for him to mess up? We can make it happen.”

Sharon asks Rey, “What exactly are you doing here in Genoa City?” Rey replies, “I’m here because of JT Hellstrom.”

Sharon feels suspicious of Tessa.

Billy makes a confession.

Kyle and Ashley team up.

Nikki’s concerned about Ashley.

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