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Spoilers for the Week of August 06, 2018

08/09/2018 04:17 pm

The latest Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that Summer will escalate her plan to get her mother’s boyfriend, Billy, into bed, and in a surprising move, Victor will seek to calm the waters with an enemy. Please return to this page each day for new spoilers from the day-ahead episodes of Y&R.

In the latest Deconstructing Y&R, Devon’s grief and outrage fueled big drama, while Summer’s motivations remained murky.

Young and Restless spoilers for the week of August 6:

In next week’s Y&R Spoiler Video: Summer makes a seductive move on Billy while family tensions rise around town.

In this week’s Spoiler Digest, confronted, committed, and consequences, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

In the weekly Y&R Spoiler Video: Jack stuns Phyllis with a declaration.

Young and Restless spoilers for Monday August 6:

In today’s Y&R recap, Lily decides to turn herself in, Devon clashes with Cane, and Mariah has reason to worry.

Summer works harder to seduce Billy.

Victor needs Nate’s assistance.

Devon takes action.

Soaps Roundup: Young and the Restless storyline highlights from last week’s episodes.

New half-hour series! Y&R actress stars in Mélange alongside numerous soap vets.

Y&R spoilers for Tuesday August 7:

In today’s Y&R recap, Jack reveals he still loves Phyllis, while Lily is horrified by Michael’s warning about prison.

Lauren takes Jack by surprise.

Neil receives comfort from Ashley.

Lily makes a difficult decision.

Y&R spoilers for Wednesday August 8:

In today’s Y&R recap, Devon fires Lily from Hamilton-Winters Group, while Billy unveils his secret project.

Victor calls a truce.

Billy’s secret project begins to come to light.

Nikki goes too far with Sharon.

Y&R spoilers for Thursday August 9:

In today’s Y&R recap, Summer kisses Billy, causing an angry reaction, while Lily learns she’ll be arraigned.

Jack makes a daring move.

Summer thinks she’s on track to achieve her goal.

Phyllis is out of patience with Billy.

Y&R spoilers for Friday August 10:

In today’s Y&R recap, Summer & Kyle bet on her seducing Billy, while Ashley makes a request of Jack, and Cane comes up with a plan.

Cane’s determined to protect his family.

Summer is challenged by Kyle.

Jack’s loyalty is tested by Ashley.

More Y&R spoilers…

Devon enters his penthouse and asks what’s going on. Shauna says Mr. Ashby was reminding her that she needs to keep quiet about the car crash.

Phyllis notes that Jack’s always looking out for her. Jack says he’ll always be there for her.

Billy stands up from his chair and Summer pulls him into a kiss.

Sharon stands up to Nikki.

Phyllis’ buttons are pushed by Summer.

Lily’s actions surprise her family.

Lauren is incensed by Billy’s plan to open a chain of Jabot cosmetics boutiques that will directly compete with Fenmore’s, and Phyllis is caught in the middle.

Coming up on Y&R…

Summer says, “Oh my God!” Kyle interrupts, “It was Nick.” Summer marvels, “My mom hooked up with my dad.”

Nick is suspicious when Victoria tells him Sharon asked Phyllis to be one of her bridesmaids.

Cane tells Lily he bought five tickets to Sydney, Australia – they’re leaving tonight.

A mysterious man looks at an evidence board with JT’s photo in the center of it.

Ashley and Neil’s romance continues.

Victor wonders about Nick’s agenda.

Summer learns something stunning.

Devon’s relationship with Lily changes dramatically.

Departure announcement… Eileen Davidson’s leaving Y&R as Ashley Abbott.

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