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Spoilers for the Week of July 16, 2018

07/19/2018 10:13 am

The latest Young and the Restless spoilers promise some shocks for Victor, Victoria, and Nikki, and an unsettling week for the Winters family, while Jack may finally get the answer he’s been seeking. Please visit this page each day for new spoilers from the day-ahead episodes of Y&R.

In the latest Deconstructing Y&R, Jill’s return topped the week while Victoria was underplayed in her own storyline.

Young and Restless spoilers for the week of July 16:

In this week’s Y&R Spoiler Video: JT is out for revenge, but shocking twists remain to be revealed.

Twists and turns are promised by Head Writer Mal Young in JT’s return from the dead to YR in the weeks and months to come.

In this week’s Spoiler Digest, scandalous events and losing control, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

Young and Restless spoilers for Monday July 16:

In Monday’s Y&R Spoiler Video: Victor taunts a figure in the shadows, Sharon worries what JT could reveal, and Mariah and Tessa share a more than friends moment.

In today’s Y&R recap, Victor’s blindsided at Nick’s reveal and Phyllis confronts Billy. Also, Jack gets the answer he’s been looking for.

Phyllis learns what Billy’s been hiding.

Victor’s confrontation with JT takes a stunning turn.

Jack receives paternity news.

Congratulations! Y&R’s Mishael Morgan’s pregnancy and gender reveal party took place over the weekend!

Soaps Roundup: Highlights from last week’s Young and the Restless storylines.

Y&R spoilers for Tuesday July 17:

In today’s Y&R recap, Phyllis throws Billy out after confronting him and Summer, Nick has no remorse, and Mariah and Tessa kiss.

Video tour! Y&R actor Kristoff St. John’s new restaurant Paleo Diner Healthy Kitchen has opened in a 1926 diner car in California.

Victor prepares to fight.

Hilary hides a secret.

Nikki and Victoria are taken completely off guard.

In a new Y&R video, Neil comforts Devon when tragedy strikes, Nick shows no remorse, and Phyllis puts Billy out of the house.

Y&R spoilers for Wednesday July 18:

In today’s Y&R recap, tragedy strikes while Lily & Hilary argue while driving, and Nick reveals his grand plan for the future.

Hilary and Lily argue heatedly.

Nick begins a new chapter.

Mariah shares a close moment with Tessa.

Missing these Y&R guys? Watch Max Shippee (Graham) & Tristian Lake Leabu (Reed) in their new television commercials.

Y&R spoilers for Thursday July 19:

In today’s Y&R recap, Nick reveals an alliance with Jack , while the Winters and Ashby families gather at the hospital.

A power move is made by Jack.

Abby must choose sides.

Sharon’s concerned about Nick.

Rumor alert! Mishael Morgan to General Hospital as recast Jordan Ashford.

Y&R spoilers for Friday July 20:

Nick’s dark side emerges.

Ashley has her eye on a new alliance.

Devon gets upsetting news.

More Y&R spoilers…

Neil and Ashley make out on the sofa. He stops and she asks, “What?”

Neil tells Ashley he doesn’t want to proceed with anything that might compromise their friendship.

Sharon worries to Phyllis that while they sit there, JT is telling Victor everything about that night.

Victor tells JT, “You’re a coward, hiding in the shadows, now the tables are turned.”

Neil comforts Devon in the hospital.

While on the movie date with Mariah, Tessa takes a mysterious call and asks the person on the other end if they have the money.

Tessa holds back on the date as she’s not sure where she stands with Mariah.

Coming up on The Young and the Restless…

Mariah comes undone.

Devon follows through on a promise.

The Chancellor legacy is defended by Cane.

Phyllis and Nick, estranged from their partners, get together to play video games and end up having sex.

Devon makes an important decision after he and Hilary lose the baby.

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– Candace Young


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