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Spoilers for the Week of January 29, 2018

02/01/2018 04:12 pm

Y&R Blog on Jack’s win backfiring

Chelsea-defend-Adam-YR-CBSWeek of January 29:

Y&R Weekly Spoiler Video: Ashley takes over

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Monday January 29:

Cane realizes Lily told him a lie.

Nick makes a discovery.

Noah takes Devon off guard.

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Tuesday January 30:

Y&R Recap: Victoria’s outraged at Victor

Ashley is direct with Victoria.

Chelsea stands up for Adam.

Nick-question-Sharon-YR-CBSJT and Victoria stick together.

Tessa wants Mariah to forgive her.

Wednesday January 31:

Recap: Chelsea stashes the cash

Lauren learns something shocking.

Victor calls a truce.

An electric moment occurs between Hilary and Devon.

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Thursday February 1:

Recap: JT’s side hustle with Phyllis

Phyllis needs JT’s help.

Devon intervenes with Mariah and Tessa.

Lily and Cane make a decision.

Friday February 2:

Recap: JT exposes Chelsea’s alias

Chelsea feels cornered.

Nikki has a surprising connection.

Someone’s alias comes to light.

Building contractor, Arturo, appears


JT and Reed play music together.

Devon is blindsided when Noah informs him that Tessa and Mariah made out in the hotel in San Francisco.

Lauren learns the Chelsea 2.0 line was hacked on Fenmore’s website.

Lauren gets help from Ravi and Phyllis to investigate the hack.

Lauren discovers the culprit is right under her nose.

Coming up…

Chelsea makes a threat.

Ashley baits Victoria.

Billy works to limit the damage in his family.

JT’s surprise for Victoria doesn’t go as hoped.

Hilary finds herself with competition.

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– Candace Young


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