Spoilers for the Week of May 08, 2017

05/10/2017 11:22 am

Deconstructing Y&R: Character-driven drama biggest draw in May Sweeps

Week of May 8:

Monday May 8:

Y&R Recap: Scott scraps with Abby and gets a job offer

Abby rants at a chuckling Scott.

Neil tells Ashley they’re after Mergeron Enterprises.

Mariah lets Hilary know that Devon blew her mind.

Victor has information for Nikki.

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Tuesday May 9:

Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Victor asks Scott to watch Abby

Kevin speaks up on Chloe’s behalf.

Hilary yells at Devon for letting Mariah wear her clothes.

Abby learns Scott is the reason Victor wants to see her.

Chelsea needs something from Jordan.

Wednesday May 10:

Y&R Day Ahead Recap: The claws come out over talk of Billy

Cane takes advantage of an opportunity to get ahead.

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Thursday May 11:

Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Scott kisses Sharon

Abby and Ashley discuss Victor’s motivations.

Dina takes Devon off guard.

Jack conspires against Billy.

Jack questions Victoria about Billy staying on at Brash & Sassy.

Juliet tells Phyllis that Billy went to Vikki’s house.

Sharon looks to the future.

Friday May 12:

Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Brash & Sassy have to rush their trip to Hollywood

Nikki has a secret.

Phyllis challenges herself.

Victoria won’t give in.


After sex with Devon, Mariah arrives at work in a dress Hilary left at the penthouse.

Hilary rips the dress off Mariah in an on-air catfight.

Scott tells Sharon he has been offered a job at Newman Enterprises.

Scott and Sharon kiss.

Coming up…

Abby starts a new business venture.

Jack opens up to Nikki.

Gloria questions Jack about their relationship.

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– Candace Young


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