Spoilers for the Week of May 01, 2017

05/04/2017 04:59 pm

Deconstructing Y&R! Top of the Tower scenes brought comedy and cattiness

Week of May 1:

Y&R Weekly Spoiler Video: Ashley and Jack’s mother Dina returns to Genoa City

Monday May 1:

Y&R Recap: Ashley reacts to the truth about Jack and Gloria

Y&R Spoiler Video: Jack’s revelation leaves his sister flabbergasted

Hilary warns Lily to keep her hands off Jordan.

Ashley finds out about Jack and Gloria.

Victor can’t understand Nikki turning her back on him.

Cane plots against Billy.

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Tuesday May 2:

Y&R Recap: Devon’s business plans may upset the Abbotts

Victor covers his tracks.

Victor enters a room and glowers menacingly at Chloe.

Kevin tells Gloria he’s Bella’s father.

Phyllis refuses to be Billy’s ‘other woman’ and pushes him away.

Victoria finds out about Phyllis and Billy.

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Wednesday May 3:


Jack questions why Ashley’s not interested in knowing more about their mother’s business being up for sale.

Victor wants to make an acquisition.

Neil cautions Devon.

Neil and Devon take advantage of an opportunity.

Ashley recalls her painful past.

Dina Mergeron returns to Genoa City.

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Thursday May 4:

Y&R Recap: Jack reacts to Phyllis and Billy’s news

Cane questions Victoria keeping Billy on at Brash & Sassy.

Jack conspires with a new ally.

Abby asks Ashley about her mother.

Gloria worries about her future at Jabot.

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Friday May 5:

Y&R Recap: Hilary finds herself in a torturous position.

Chelsea and Jordan agree to keep quiet about knowing each other in the past.

Devon and Mariah turn up the heat.

Mariah tells Hilary she’s going to ride on Devon’s private jet.

Victor and Scott discuss there being no book.


Cane is pleased to have something to hold over Billy. After he notices Phyllis watching Billy with Victoria, he suggests Billy give a toast to his ex-wife and boss, and enjoys his discomfort.

Coming up as May Sweeps continues…

Chelsea won’t stop looking for Chloe.

Kevin has shocking news for Chelsea.

Victor has an important task for Scott.

Phyllis pushes Victoria’s buttons.

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– Candace Young


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