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Spoilers for the Week of February 27, 2017

03/02/2017 04:27 pm

Deconstructing Y&R! Solid dose of daily drama, but no intoxicating thrill

Week of February 27:

Y&R Weekly Video: Jill and Esther find out Katherine’s last words

Monday February 27:

Y&R Recap: Jack and Gloria brazenly risk exposure

Michael questions Jack about his intentions with his mother and accuses Jack of setting Gloria up to fail.

Y&R Spoiler Video: Michael finds Jack’s dalliance with Gloria bizarre

Nikki witnesses Gloria and Jack heading up to a suite at the Athletic Club.

Lauren tells Paul she will pay the ransom.

Ravi informs Phyllis they have an enormous problem.

Phyllis continues to bond with Ravi.

Breaking: Update on Y&R alum Scott Reeves’ (Ryan McNeil) health crisis

News! Week of February 27 daytime talk show guests

Tuesday February 28:

Y&R Recap: Cane gushes about new assignment with sexy consultant

Lauren must take desperate measures.

Jill must refuse Lauren’s request.

Victoria wants to prove she values Cane’s contributions.

Colin’s luck improves.

Cane receives a proposition.

Victor tells Nikki he wants to write the story of his life.

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Wednesday March 1:

Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Victor takes over the hostage negotiation

Y&R Spoiler Video: Can questions if Victoria has an ulterior motive

Victor gets tough.

Lauren makes a demand.

Cane questions Victoria.

Colin makes a discovery.

Jill struggles with her new lifestyle.

Kevin takes on a dangerous assignment.

Thursday March 2:

Y&R Recap: Jill is rocked by the contents of Katherine’s letter

Jill gets a reminder of her past.

Faith is up to her old tricks.

Chloe reminisces with Billy.

Friday March 3:

Y&R Recap: Jill has another jolting realization about Colin

Victor delivers somber news, telling Lauren he can’t promise Scott will come back safely.

Ashley surprises Jack.

Ashley informs Jack she meant it when she vowed to take on a bigger role at Jabot.

Nick and Chelsea make up for lost time.


After hearing Nikki and Nick discuss his relationship with Chelsea, Faith later interrupts her father’s date by saying Nikki needs him.

Coming up…

Sharon reaches an important decision.

Victor covers his tracks.

Jill puts her foot down where Colin’s concerned.

Devon receives an ultimatum from Hilary.

Nick and Chelsea make love but she wants to keep things relaxed between them moving forward.

After Scott fails to materialize at the designated drop location, Victor manages to get him on video for Lauren.

Ashley fills in for Jack while he travels for business.

During a heart-to-heart, Abby tells her mother not to string Ravi along.

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– Candace Young


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