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Spoilers for the Week of October 24, 2016

10/27/2016 09:23 am

Just In! 44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards air date announced

Deconstructing Y&R! Anticipation – and dread – surround Sharon’s secret

Spotlight on: Grey’s Recap: Amelia agonizes over a possible pregnancy

Week of October 24:

Monday October 24:

Y&R Recap: Dylan questions Sharon, Kevin & Chloe makeout

Kevin turns up the romance with Chloe.

Victor battles with Devon.

Victor attempts to strike a deal with Phyllis.

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Tuesday October 25:

Y&R Recap: Sharon panics after Patty’s new threatening call

Dylan seeks answers from Mariah.

Patty plays a dangerous game.

Chelsea has a shocking encounter.

Wednesday October 26:

Y&R Recap: Emotions run high as Jack and Phyllis divorce

Jill protests to an upset Lauren that she didn’t authorize any new deals, but Cane says he did.

Jill puts Cane on notice.

Victor wants Natalie’s help.

Billy busts into Jack’s office, determined to save him from going down the same path he did.

Billy supports Phyllis.

Announcement: Sean Kanan (Deacon) honored on Palm Springs’ Walk of Stars

Thursday October 27:

Y&R Recap: Patty demands a face-to-face with Sharon

Nikki and Neil renew their bond.

Neil is stunned when Hilary questions Nikki about Victor’s business practices.

Mariah makes a power move.

Sharon visits Patty.

Dylan thinks Patty is ‘dancing around something’ and Patty hollers that there is no more dancing!

Friday October 28:

Y&R Recap: Phyllis takes a risk, as Travis seeks the mole

Just in: Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Catherine pressures Bailey to fire Alex

Mariah is agitated that Sharon needs her help more than ever now that Patty expects them to pull off an escape.

Nick goes out of control.

Kevin reaches out to an old friend.

Chloe and Chelsea are speechless at Kevin’s costume.

Phyllis offers to help Jack by making a drop to the mole.

Ashley corners Jack.

Coming up…

Abby talks to Victor about her marriage woes.

Stitch learns Abby plans to file for divorce.

Nick breaks down on the anniversary of Christian’s death.

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