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Spoilers for the Week of October 17, 2016

10/19/2016 04:47 pm

Deconstructing Y&R! Paul and Patty’s raw drama helps beat the blahs

Week of October 17:

Y&R Weekly Spoiler Video: Patty’s on the loose as the lights go out

Monday October 17:

Y&R Recap: Sharon is rattled by Patty and nearly tells the truth

Jack schemes.

Ashley puts Phyllis on notice.

Jack orders Billy out of his office.

Jill wants Victoria and Billy to get along.

It feels like old times for Sharon and Nick.

Kevin and Mariah find Sharon and Nick laughing, and Nick only wearing a towel.

Tuesday October 18:

Y&R Spoiler Video: Phyllis is shutout, as Nick is knocked out

Billy pushes Phyllis’ buttons.

Wednesday October 19:

Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Phyllis give Jack the documents and Paul has questions for Sharon

Chloe incriminates herself.

Chelsea gets a painful reminder of Adam.

Ashley has a tough decision to make.

Announcement: Bailey Chase recurs on 24: Legacy

Thursday October 20:

Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Hilary makes a move and runs a story about Victor

Jack puts his foot down at Jabot.

Billy runs into trouble.

Hilary goes too far at work.

News: Sally Sussman takes over head writing at Y&R – what you can expect to see going forth

Friday October 21:

Grey’s Anatomy recap: Somebody could be pregnant!

Y&R Day Ahead Recap: Jack vows eternal revenge on Victor

Victor has a new rival.

Abby considers her marriage.

Sharon avoids the truth.


Hilary warns Devon that there could be repercussions after she crosses Victor.

Patty fools her doctors in hopes of escaping with Sharon’s help while being transferred.

TV Insider spoilers surrounding Sharon’s secret:

GC Buzz reports news that Sharon’s been keeping Sully’s paternity a secret.

Dylan is furious that Sully isn’t his, which puts a major strain on his marriage to Sharon.

Nikki also has a new reason to despise Sharon.

Mariah feels the backlash of keeping Sharon’s secret.

Sully’s paternity, in the end, could go either way – is he Nick’s or Adam’s?

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