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Spoilers for the Week of November 09, 2015

11/13/2015 01:32 pm

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Week of November 9:

Monday November 9:

Read today’s Y&R Recap: Stitch wakes up knowing exactly what he wants, and Sharon learns the sex of her baby.

Billy asks Ashley, “What did happen between you and Stitch in that building?”

Hilary tells Devon, “I don’t feel anything for you.”

Devon won’t give up on Hilary.

Gwen slips up.

Dylan shouts at Dr. Anderson, “How did Patty Williams escape and end up dead?” Anderson says, “What happened to Patty has nothing to do with Sharon or the treatment she’s receiving.”

Sage rages at Nick.

Tuesday November 10:

Read today’s Y&R Recap: Billy stuns Phyllis and Jack with his proposal, as Victor intervenes to help Adam.

Chelsea says, “Adam needs his rest, it’s not a good time right now.” Christine says, “It’s time to go to prison.”

Michael accuses Christine of playing dirty.

Luca says to Victor, “My family would like to offer their assistance with your recovery.”

As Jack looks on, Phyllis says to Billy, “You want to save the man who put me through intense humiliation. Why in the hell would you want to save Victor?”

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Wednesday November 11:

Read today’s Y&R Recap: Victor drops a bombshell in Adam’s hospital room after Christian’s memorial.

Sage gets some tough love from Adam.

Victor is on the receiving end of an unexpected offer.

Hilary is manipulated by Dr. Neville.

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Thursday November 12:

Adam gets thrown a lifeline from Victor.

Neil takes a gamble.

Nick and Chelsea bond.

Grey’s Recap: Owen deals with his hatred for Nathan and Penny stands up to Meredith

Friday November 13:

Read today’s Y&R Recap: Adam decides whether to strike a deal with Victor after Judge Elise Moxley is put on his appeal case.

Jack receives a warning.

Nikki decides to handle things herself.

Elise Moxley appears in Genoa City.

Week of November 16:

Monday November 16:

Stitch grabs Ashley’s arm and says, “You’re running from what’s between us because it makes you feel good. Tell me I’m wrong.”

Jack arrives at the Club to meet the senator only to find that Victor got there first.

Elise Moxley tells Adam, “That’s right. Your fate rests in my hands.”

Tuesday November 17:

Ashley says to Jack and Phyllis, “I wonder who we should be watching, Victor, or you and Billy?”

Nick tells Dylan, “I can’t go home.” Dylan asks, “What do you mean? To your home?” Nick says, “To Sage.”

Chelsea enters Adam’s room to find Sage there. “Am I interrupting something?”

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– Candace Young


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