Spoilers for the Week of April 06, 2015

04/09/2015 12:00 am

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Week of April 6:

Watch the Y&R Weekly Spoiler Video: The Secret’s Out.

Monday April 6:

Read today’s Y&R Recap: The Body Shop.

Avery says to Dylan, “If you’re really honest with yourself, you will take a good hard look at Sharon and you will get the hell away from her!” Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Avery and Dylan.

Nick tells Adam, “You’re a real piece of work. You come down on me for being with Sage when you’re chasing after another woman.”

Sage shouts at Chelsea, “You have no idea who the real Gabriel Bingham is!”

Victoria confides in Billy about her relationship with Stitch.

Adam gets Chelsea to open up to him.

A shocking turn of events takes place at the Abbott cabin.

Tuesday April 7:

Read today’s Y&R Recap: Free Pass.

Paul learns the truth about Austin’s murder.

Abby and Stitch grow closer.

Chelsea hollers at Sage, “Why don’t you just say what it is you’re dying to say?” Sage replies, “Fine I will say it, but do not say I did not warn you!”

Nick says to Adam, “Who are you? Because you’re not the Gabe Bingham I used to know.”

Stitch says, “They wanted us to find her.” Mariah stands up, “Oh my God! They’re trying to pin this on us!”

Wednesday April 8:

Dylan opens up to Avery.

Someone is out to get Sharon.

Jack and Ashley discuss a family secret. Watch for a flashback to the reveal of Brent Davis being Ashley’s father.

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Thursday April 9:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Pass the Torch.

Devon reaches out to Hilary.

Nikki questions Victor's motives.

Neil receives some tough love.

Friday April 10:

Summer enjoys a spring awakening with Kyle.

Ashley faces off with Victor.

A gala honoring Avery takes an outrageous turn.

Week of April 13:

Monday April 13:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Smart Move.

Tuesday April 14:

Avery hollers at Dr. Shelby, "I'm not leaving him!" He asks, "Do you want him to survive this? Then get out of my way and let me do my job."

Jack tells Phyllis, "The minister is already there, ready to do the honors. What do you say?" Phyllis smiles. "Let's go get married."

Ashley asks Billy, "Did you find out how our server got hacked?" Billy says, "Not only how, but by who."

- Candace Young


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