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Deconstructing Y&R: Genoa City happenings take on an otherworldly feel

Restless Rant for October 26 - 30:

The drama, acting, and pace is making “Y&R” entertaining again provided you are willing and/or able to set aside the feeling that you’re watching Genoa City residents in a parallel universe; a perception created by an excess of plot-driven occurrences that don’t quite ring true for the characters. Thoughts:

Run down in the street.
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, the ironic twist of Adam being struck by a hit-and-run driver made for a sweet cliffhanger, even though the driver was obviously Chloe, and the most pristine accident site ever made many laugh. Guess they needed all the fake blood for the Halloween disaster, er, gala. The incident was followed by the requisite intense dramatic scenes at the hospital, which in this case were soapy goodness – as long as you were comfortable in a world where everyone who hated Adam last week was now twisting tissues tearfully outside his hospital room, on emotional tenterhooks waiting to see if he would pull through. You also had to be okay with Victor thanking Jack, and Adam’s legs being paralyzed one minute and fine the next. Adam’s recovery, in fact, seems to be on par with Ashley’s amazing come back from brain surgery. Remarkable. With that said, some of the emotional beats played in the hospital scenes were right on, such as Nick urging his son, Christian, to fight, while Victor was also urging Adam to fight, and Chelsea making note of who was there for Adam ‘because it mattered to her’. The stuff with Sage as the slightly hysterical new mother didn’t go over as well. There was nothing wrong with the scenes, but viewers still don’t seem to be feeling the character.

Our daughter.
So what really happened at Crimson Lights? Did Chloe inadvertently blurt out that she and Kevin have a daughter and then cover it up by pretending she was referring to Delia and had completely lost it? Hmm. In any case, I’m not a fan of what they’ve done with the Chloe character, but the scene between her and Chelsea was good. It will be interesting to see if Paul can manage to keep Chloe in custody or if she’ll bust out…or if we will hear about her one way or the other.

Proposal interrupted.
Okay, who in their right mind gets called away to work and leaves an expensive engagement ring in a champagne glass? Are you kidding? Anyway, Ashley fished it out so there could be a scene with her confronting Stitch about being fickle, which only served to underline how bad this storyline has become. Stitch was a leading man full of potential on the Victoria and Ashley level, so the forced relationship with Abby was bewildering…and they just keep on keeping him there. Eck.

Undoing the damage.
Again with the ‘Twilight Zone’ stuff – Billy and Ashley were both utterly unapologetic and adamant about buying up Newman assets, and then overnight they suddenly were in perfect agreement about how wrong it was, and decided to undo it all? What? It’s like someone piped ‘feelgood’ gas into Genoa City…just seemed too unreal.

Hilary awakens…and disappears.
Neil must have got a whiff of the ‘feelgood’ gas way out at the lake house, because he was fully back to being a paragon of virtue, determined to take responsibility for the mess he made. In this universe, people who know and care about Cane don’t believe a word he says, so Neil was keen to help get him off the hook as well. Hilary decided to wake up while the eccentric Dr. Neville was napping, and set out for, where else, Chancellor Park. Now this is where it gets ridiculous. She doesn’t seem to trust Cane, so takes off again, but is perfectly cool with Gwen in the hospital. Nonetheless, she wanders away from Gwen too and is then discovered by Neville, who utterly terrifies her. When she awakens next, she wants her husband. Naturally, she means Neil because this storyline hasn’t dragged on long enough, but when Devon enters instead, she acts like he is the devil incarnate, flinching back and shouting, “Don’t touch me! Get away from me!” Even if she has amnesia and still thinks she’s married to Neil, why would she react to Devon that way? What is going on?

Halloween gala.
Over at the Halloween gala fundraiser, Lily still didn’t seem to have word about Hilary, and Joe Clark strutted his stuff for her, showing how good he was with the twins. Loved the group of kids being marshaled by Mariah and Kevin. Too funny! Elsewhere, a person in a red hooded cloak cut wires and started a fire in the electric room. A la Pretty Little Liars, there seemed to be a few guests wearing red cloaks and masks, so that should keep things interesting. In the ballroom, Sage arrived wearing the same pink scrubs as Chelsea, so that will likely prove to be significant as well. Jack, Victor, Nikki, and Phyllis snarked and postured among themselves and then began to mingle. Victor groused about Stitch not asking him for Abby’s hand in marriage, but then let it go. Jack and Phyllis chatted with Chelsea, a conversation that made some wonder why on earth they had Phyllis, who should be the last one wanting to get on a soapbox about hit-and-run drivers, being so vocal about Adam’s punishment. Made no sense, and also made me realize how much the quirky humor of the Phyllis character has gone missing. Anyway, Friday’s episode ended with the fire in the electric room threatening to turn the Top of the Tower into “The Towering Inferno.” It’s anyone’s guess if someone will perish, but it’s probably safe to predict that any or all of the following will occur – Super Dylan will arrive on the scene to take charge and save some lives, Jack and Victor will have to set aside their differences and work together, and Adam will show up to save Chelsea.

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– Candace Young


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