Deconstructing Y&R: Four Reasons I Like Y&R’s Rosales Family

October 26

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As I’m currently vacationing in Cuba, it’s fitting to do a rundown on The Young and Restless’ newest family, the Rosales, who have grown on me rapidly. They’re proving to be a good fit in Genoa City, and have been a welcome addition of ‘new’ and ‘interesting’ on the canvas. Looking at it from the perspective of ‘am I enjoying them?’ rather than comparing their screen time to veteran characters and long-time families, the answer is ‘yes’, and here’s why.

Chemistry and mystery

The three members of the Rosales family are always interesting in scenes, and their distinctly different personalities have come out. They each have a unique way of drawing the viewer in while interacting with others, and seem to share chemistry with all of their scene partners. They’ve been around just long enough now that the mysteries regarding their background have had time to steep…and I’m curious. I’d like to know what went on with Rey and his wife (perhaps he was the guy who had an affair with Summer as some have speculated?), and I’d like to know what happened with Rey and Arturo, as it was insinuated that Arturo, who has seemed relatively upstanding, may have issues in his past…maybe some trouble with the law? Bottom line, I’ve been successfully drawn in by the family to consider these things while watching, and feel they’ve become a part of the canvas relatively seamlessly.

New blood

Rey Rosales is the typical soap cop in many ways…great at his work but not so adept at personal relationships, with hints that he only gets tripped up when he becomes too personally involved with cases…foreshadowing of him falling for Sharon, who is involved in the JT mess. His personality is pretty laid back in contrast to his siblings, though he’s more intense when being protective, and I find him sexy in a strong, quiet, mysterious way, so I’m not opposed to seeing how things develop with him and Sharon (or with someone else for that matter), and aside from the controversy surrounding Rey displacing Paul Williams at the GCPD, he’s otherwise a welcome addition in the viable love interest department, and as a rival for Nick.

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Potent potential

Arturo Rosales was basically the confident contractor with a heart while having sex with Nikki, and later when getting together with Abby. It wasn’t until his family turned up that we really began to see his more volatile side and realize there was more to him and his story. Arturo is often funny in scenes with his siblings and his temperament is fire. His potential is there but being squandered in the pairing with Abby, who has an uncanny ability to dull down any man she’s matched up with…I’d rather see him in a more dynamic relationship or back to single.

Livin’ the Vida Lola

Lola was the sleeper surprise hit of the Rosales family. Not only was she a much-needed feisty female from the word ‘go’, but she has crazy chemistry with Kyle, and feels like a natural in scenes with anyone (like Mariah and Tessa at the coffee house). She’s only been here a matter of weeks and we have already cheered her on as she planted a kiss on Kyle, put her big brothers in their place, tried to throw a coffee urn at Summer’s head, and managed to get her food truck into the Harvest Festival! Again, she just fits right into the canvas as a welcome addition, and no matter what direction Mal Young takes her in, it will probably work out. Kyle, Lola, and Summer triangle? You already know from a previous Deconstructing Y&R, I’m Team Lola.

This is my opinion. Please feel free to share your own thoughts in the comment section.


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