Deconstructing Y&R: Ashley’s Cutthroat Tactics Have Fans Torn

October 8 - 12

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What with all the drama surrounding the fallout from Phyllis and Nick being exposed, the cryptic notes related to the JT storyline, and especially Jabot, it’s been a solid week. That said, it remains to be seen if the show can successfully be transitioned to a fast-paced ‘primetime’ version of itself, especially with some feeling Mal Young is putting ‘shock and awe’ plot points before character-driven thoughtfulness. Thoughts:

Love story

In the last Deconstructing Y&R, Summer and Billy’s hook-up had shock value but not in a good way, as only 7% of readers polled were intrigued or found it hot. We picked up with Summer wondering why Billy had disappeared and I couldn’t even sympathize with her for being as dumb as a box of rocks and not realizing she’d been used. I enjoyed Kyle’s snide observation that Summer’s night with Billy sounded like ‘quite the love story’. Meanwhile, with Summer’s reaction to Lola kissing Kyle, she’ll likely decide she wants him next once she figures out she isn’t with Billy. Loved the scenes with Kyle and Lola and the blindfold, with Kyle explaining to Abby why he’s into Lola, and Lola defending her decision Kyle to her brothers. Team Lola.

Aftermath of a one-night stand

The fallout continued from Nick and Phyllis’ one-night stand, and I was a fan of the beats being played, such as Phyllis arriving at Jabot dressed in black hiding under a hat, Lauren sticking up for her, Victoria getting jabs in on Nick, Mariah giving Phyllis a reality check, and Sharon confronting Nick and Phyllis upon finding them together at the Club bar so soon afterward. Strong Sharon putting them on notice was amazing…though I’d like to see her having pain privately over it; having her horsing around at Rey’s place a day later was too fast. Even so, I enjoyed the feel of the scenes, and appreciated the bit with Nick showing up at the door expecting to be given time, only to be dismissed. It seems obvious (and has for a while) that a Sharon and Rey pairing is in the cards, hence the new set for Rey’s apartment (see photos below). Another positive in this storyline was the return of Noah, who fit back in seamlessly as though he’d never left. Some, like me, believe he should be brought back and given a storyline.

Cutthroat Ashley

The swirling drama around the Abbott family and Jabot has been exciting to see play out as Ashley moved quickly to replace Traci, and Kyle once again swerved by nominating Jack, thus leading to tension with Ashley and losing out on the COO position. Enter Andrew the ‘consultant’ hinting about having something on Ashley, and Kyle’s spidey senses had him all but jumping out of his skin. Ashley became belligerent upon being questioned, looking guilty of something, and oh boy was she ever. She almost got away with it too, if not for Phyllis coming in late and inadvertently upsetting the apple cart by knowing Andrew. Anyway, a big bombshell we totally expected dropped when Ashley admitted she’d had Andrew doctor Jack’s DNA test and he’d been John Abbott’s son all along. Love the drama, and the outcome for Jack, but it felt surprising to me that Ashley would do this, also there’s a lot to be explained what with Dina’s memories and all the ‘clues’ Jack kept finding…was Kyle in on it? I also thought it was a stretch that Ashley would suddenly confess this in front of the whole board. Messy. Bottom line: Yay, Jack’s an Abbott like we always knew he was! Fans were torn on Ashley’s tactics, with some believing it to be totally out-of-character, and others feeling it made sense.

Cryptic notes

It seems Rey could be trying to shake up the women by sending the cryptic notes, but there’s the possibility of a twist. I always enjoy Sharon, Phyllis, Nikki, Victoria, or any combination of the women sharing scenes.

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Changed woman

Cane’s visit had a distinctly different tone from Lily’s previous scenes in Walworth as she leveled with her husband about how she’d been affected by her environment. It was interesting. I’m still puzzled as to why Neil hasn’t interacted with Lily; I find it bizarre. It was good seeing Esther…fans love to see the veteran characters, that familiarity is so important.

This blog reflects my opinions on the storylines. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


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