Deconstructing Y&R: Shock and Awe Moments Draw Big Reactions

October 1 - 5

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Big reveals have been the focus on Y&R this week, as Nick and Phyllis’ secret was exposed on the heels of Billy’s embezzling being outed by Ashley at Jabot and Traci taking over, which many seem to love. Though there’s clearly not an issue with delivering drama, the show’s troubles persist as indicated by falling ratings, and I question how they’ll continue to tell shock and awe stories with the same impact given the growing number of new characters on the show, as viewers likely won’t be invested enough to care what happens to them. Thoughts:

Take a seat

In the last Deconstructing Y&R, Billy’s spiral made for riveting drama with the intervention, and later, Ashley’s power move to replace him at Jabot. He was angry, but mostly accepting, and agreed to attend rehab, which remains to be seen (more on that later). Most of the ensuing scenes seemed to foreshadow the themes that may be ahead, with Jack showing renewed admiration for/interest in Phyllis, and a hint that maybe Traci might get more comfortable in the CEO chair than Ashley would like. It certainly would be a twist for Traci to discover she has an affinity for running the company, and one Kyle and Ashley didn’t consider in their grand plan, so it could be interesting. More Traci is never a bad thing. Fans reacted to Traci becoming CEO:


Mariah faced a huge dilemma over whether or not to tell her mother about Nick and Phyllis, and you could understand why she was torn – what a horrible position to be in, as it’s not something you’d ever want to keep from someone you love, but also you wouldn’t want to be the messenger of something that hurts them or blows up their wedding. The scenes in which Mariah decided to be honest with Sharon about what she knew were so emotional as Sharon tried to keep calm, but gave in to tears and a rant before reeling herself in again and trying to process it all, and Mariah was so on edge about whether she’d done the right thing, and about leaving Sharon and going off with Summer and Faith to the church. It was a disquieting end to the episode to leave us all wondering what Sharon would do with the information of Nick’s betrayal.

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You weren’t honest

As Nick and Sharon’s wedding guests gathered at the church there was quite a lot going on what with Noah’s unexpected return (I wish he could stay and they’d finally give him a good story), Billy’s off-the-cuff proposal of marriage, and of course all the whispered interactions, looks thrown across the room, and the not-so-quiet observations, such as Victor’s remark that it was a shame Noah came so far to see a wedding that wasn’t going to happen. Nikki was right on him of course…too funny. All of this went on amid the tension of Sharon being late and unreachable, which had Nick bouncing off the walls and rampant speculation taking place. Eventually, Sharon did show up, and it really seemed she’d go through with the wedding – until she scrunched up her wedding vows and decided to ‘speak from the heart’. Viewers knew then that Nick & Sharon’s perfect wedding was toast. Cue the dumping of the groom at the altar and the exposure of his betrayal with Phyllis in front of all the guests (poor Faith!). Though it was fairly predictable that Sharon would blow up the secret at the wedding, there was no denying the soapy drama of it all – Sharon smacking Nick, Phyllis’ confession, and Billy lunging at Nick repeatedly made the scenes in the church extra deliciously messy.

Rock bottom

With Phyllis conveniently having just agreed to marry Billy (shortest engagement ever?) before the revelation she’d hooked up with Nick, it proved to be as devastating to their relationship as it was to Nick and Sharon’s. Two couples blown up. But wait, it got even more disastrous as Billy, already at rock bottom and headed for rehab, decided to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak, and hit back at both Nick and Phyllis by having sex with their dumb as a box of rocks daughter. I say dumb, because given what just happened it’s clear he’s using her. Anyway, it was a hugely messy development for all characters involved and got a big reaction from viewers:

This blog states my opinion on the storylines. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


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