Deconstructing Y&R: Panic Attack Returns Focus to Victoria’s Struggle

August 27 - 31

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While I’m still enjoying many individual scenes and the accompanying dialogue, overall Y&R has been approaching boring, with a few key storylines just sort of plodding along. Things are also a little dark, with much less in the way of playful, sexy, or fun going on. Even Billy and Phyllis’ make-up sex ended with a death threat. At this point, the Nick/Phyllis secret coming out is probably what I’m anticipating most. Thoughts:

Fallout falling flat

The immediate fallout from Hilary’s death brought excellent drama, but has been too staid since, with efforts to drag it on ranging from the annoying (Nate’s advice) to the downright weird:

It’s been two weeks of Lily worrying about prison and Devon being bitter with little variance. That’s not to say many of the associated scenes haven’t been compelling – they have been – or that those feelings aren’t appropriate, but frankly, Devon and Lily both should be absolute basket cases under these circumstances and realistically wouldn’t be staying in one ‘mode’. We should have been seeing warring emotions, and behavior far more erratic than has been written – it would have been brilliant and we could have gone through it with the characters; a missed opportunity. That said, I’m sure the courtroom goings-on will be intense. It will be interesting to see if Devon will waiver from his stance after his conversations of the past few days, and given Christel Khalil’s switch to recurring status, whether Lily will actually do time.

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Laying the groundwork

Rey continued to further integrate himself into the fabric of Genoa City and the lives of his ‘suspects’. As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Rey’s chemistry with Sharon was apparent, and it seemed increasingly obvious with the wedding ring talk, the shirtless plumbing scene, and the home-cooked meal, that the groundwork is being laid for a pairing down the road if Nick and Phyllis’ secret comes out and implodes the Shick reunion. It’s an interesting possibility given that we know Rey is also investigating Sharon as part of his JT case (debt collector is likely a cover story) and probably working with Paul and the police department (as hinted at with the brief Paul/Rey interaction with the dropped pen). Knowing Rey was asking questions about JT, Victoria was rattled, and showed increasing signs of cracking. I had to laugh thinking that Nikki hounding Victoria constantly about her stress was causing her even more stress…it was causing me stress! Anyway, Rey’s visit to Victoria’s office led to a panic attack, and to Victoria calling Nate for help. These scenes, along with the Sharon/Phyllis talk at Crimson Lights, and the Billy/Victoria chat at Dive Bar, are examples of solid scenes and dialogue amid a storyline that has felt slow-moving. I’m glad Victoria’s issues are finally being addressed. Viewers reacted to the scenes surrounding Victoria’s panic attack:

Doubting and drinking

Mariah spent the week falling apart over the disappearance of Tessa. She went on a rollercoaster ride of possible scenarios in her mind that culminated in an unsuccessful attempt to get Kyle to do shots with her. To Mariah’s surprise, Tessa later returned as an intruder on the ranch property. Sharon, rightly, called her out for leaving Mariah to worry about her and not responding to her messages. Later, Tessa confessed to Mariah that she has to come up with $20,000 or else. I sighed…

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Heart of the matter

How about those ‘dark’ Abbotts? Jack fretting about his father (and mother), Ashley tense and plotting, Kyle jealous and scheming, Billy struggling to prove himself and face down his demons, and Dina contemplating eating dog food…it’s a tad bleak. While Billy and Phyllis managed to escape Summer’s condo still as a couple, they’ve now moved into the Abbott manse, where not only is everyone suspicious of one another, but the specter of Phyllis’ failed marriage to Jack looms. I don’t know how to feel. I do enjoy the back-stabby and messy business intrigue, but the ‘heart’ is somehow missing in the family drama. I need ‘moments’; the trademark Abbott emotional scenes that often come unexpectedly in difficult times, or maybe Traci Abbott’s return will help.

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