Deconstructing Y&R: Devon’s Grief Turns to Outrage, Fuels Big Drama

July 30 - August 3

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The big drama surrounding Devon finding out Lily ran the red light has been riveting, while the direction of some of the other storylines have taken a discouraging turn or aren’t particularly compelling at the moment. Thoughts:

Tragedy leads to family drama.
As noted in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Hilary’s death was superb soap. This week, the aftermath began to play out and, again, was very well done. From the individual reactions of those closest to her hearing of her passing, to Mariah’s shaky delivery during the tribute show; panning to Hilary’s empty chair, and to Devon watching the show despite himself and breaking down in Neil’s arms (more tears from me), it was moving. It was a nice touch to have the surprise of Phyllis reading a letter from Hilary, which brought a smile to Devon’s face before everything changed. Shauna, full of grief and anger, revealed that Lily had ran the red light. Of course, Cane was wrong to have told the teens to hide it, as the lying made things worse within the family, but his fear of what Lily might face legally put some perspective on it. In any case, Phyllis lashed out, Devon reeled from the shock, and Neil worked feverishly to temper the situation. The scenes between Devon and Lily were quite powerful as she struggled desperately to find the right words to reach him, and he, twisted with grief and anger, irrationally accused her of doing it on purpose, before ultimately delivering a devastating verbal blow as he told Lily that thanks to her he didn’t have a family. Devon’s rage has also been directed at Nate and Neil (who unwisely suggested selling Hilary’s show), and he showed no signs of relenting on Lily, and demanded she turn herself in to the police! The depiction of all the characters’ reactions throughout has been spot on, whether it be grief, fear, panic, desperation, shock, and/or anger. Excellent performances and lots of drama.

Amid the sadness of Hilary’s death, Tessa returned to Mariah to announce she wouldn’t choose between her and her sister. I wondered why it would be okay for her to shuttle back-and-forth between the two, and risk leading the ‘bad guys’ to her sister, when last week she was adamant that there were no other options. Sweeping that under the rug, I did have a bit of a moment when Tessa called her ‘my Mariah’, but it remains to seen how well the couple will do in the future, as they’re still rebuilding lost momentum, and many were ready for Tessa to go and for Mariah to move on.

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So much to explain.
As touched on in last week’s blog, the change in Billy has been too abrupt, as was his sudden rivalry with Nick (though the scene with all of them wearing shades at Crimson Lights was entertaining). Too much is unexplained, as this upset viewer pointed out (content contains strong language):

Phyllis turning to Jack as her new ‘best friend’ is fine, but the prospect of them rekindling a romance if things fall apart with Billy is downright depressing – Jack makes Phyllis so boring. As for Summer continuing to hit on the man she knows her mother loves, it’s off-putting as hell. Again, there’s been no rift or level of animosity established between Phyllis and Summer to make sense of it; even if Summer and Billy were fighting an undeniable, magnetic attraction and Summer was feeling some guilt it might work, but deliberately pursuing him? I need to better understand why. It was pathetically easy for Summer to manipulate Kyle to spill the beans about Phyllis’ secret male visitor, so it’s presumably only a matter of time before she uses that dirt as a means of getting Billy. I figure if he’s going to succumb to Summer’s advances, that will be the moment. Notably, Friday’s episode brought more Phyllis and Nick interaction/temptation as well, so there’s a couple ways things could go if Summer outs the secret.

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No spice in this salsa.
We saw more of Abby and Arturo, and despite their hot session in his bedroom, the cute conversations aren’t cutting it. Abby as a sudden soccer fan was awkward at best, and the dancing in the park didn’t create the ‘magic’ it might have. I was optimistic about this one, but as with so many of Abby’s pairings it’s just ‘what you see is what you get’ – nothing extraordinary. As for Abby earning a day off from Dark Horse, it seemed a bit surprising given that the company is just building up, but then the business rivalry between Nick and Victor has been underwhelming since Nick’s initial announcement and recruitment.

Justice quest.
The JT storyline reared its head again as Paul found the four women together and questioned them once more. I wasn’t that into it, though the snarking between the women had its moments. It was nice to see Paul, but the story feels tired at this point unless something new happens.

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