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Deconstructing Y&R: Mixed Reviews on Billy’s Soapy Secrets With Summer

June 25 - 29

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Every episode continues to be engaging, with solid writing and dialogue, but there are times Y&R feels ‘off’. It may have to do with important storyline elements occurring offscreen, or plot dominating in some cases, or a lack of exposition. For example, as noted in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Summer’s motives remain unclear so aspects of her storyline don’t make a lot of sense. Thoughts:

I’m thrilled that Mal Young was daring enough to write such an emotional storyline for Jack, and cared enough to mine Y&R’s history in the process. That said, Jill’s absence has been glaring, and though they’ve tried to compensate using Cane, and there have been some good scenes out of that, it feels like stalling until Jill’s return next month. Jack needs to be sparring with someone who actually has the connection to Phillip Chancellor II for this leg of the story to hit its potential. Devon called Jack’s exhumation request ‘insane’, and although Jack’s sense of urgency is understandable, his request does seem extreme considering he can presumably do a DNA test with Phillip III when he returns from his trip.

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Fam jam.
The Winters and Ashby families worked together for the sake of Shauna and Charlie, yet were still experiencing tension. This resulted in a family unity speech from Devon, which was all well and good, but one can’t help but feel that they’re angling to effect change quickly in preparation for Hilary’s impending departure, which is now also affecting viewers’ perceptions. Devon and Hilary finally saying ‘I love you’ to one another after so much time in turmoil was a very genuine ‘feel good’ moment, as was Charlie and Shauna becoming ‘official’ on social media, and Mattie asking Cane and Lily if they were done getting ‘mushy’ under the stars.

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There was even more summer romance with Abby and Arturo making up after she learned the lacy bra she discovered in his couch cushions actually belonged to his sister. They remain cute, but unless there’s a good twist coming, they’re bound to be boring.

Oops, she did it again.
Although it’s irksome Summer would continue to ask Billy to gamble after he opened up to her about his addiction, the revelation that she had blown her trust fund gave a bit more insight into her attitude since coming home, as well as some explanation as to why she’s been behaving defensively and asking for money. However, it remains a mystery as to why Summer wanted to break up her mother and Billy, or why she’s taking jabs at Phyllis for being boring – does she want her mother to start partying with her? I still don’t get it, though Billy and Summer keeping secrets is admittedly soapy – definitely not a good idea given who they’re keeping them from – but soapy nonetheless.

Summer demolishing Kyle in a business pitch was a weird development as well, given that he came in looking to run Jabot and was suddenly painted like a junior executive making missteps for the sake of that plot point. On the whole, the scenes with Summer interacting with Kyle, Mariah, and Tessa at the Dive Bar have felt like the best fit for her character thus far. More of that!

I will get you.
The situation with Newman Enterprises being under threat of ruination has been pretty tense, and had the four women going a little nuts over the supposed ‘return of JT’. I laughed at Phyllis reminding Victoria that JT is taking a dirt nap, and enjoyed the nod to the past when Sharon recalled how she once thought she’d killed Cameron Kirsten, but he turned up alive. Meanwhile, Victor went apoplectic while on live TV (which was entertaining as all get out – the expressions on Mariah, Hilary, Neil, and Victoria were priceless), and he’s seemingly having some ongoing medical issues despite the outward appearance of a miraculously speedy recovery from his fall/coma. Oh, and please take note:

It was appreciated to see so many characters drawn into this drama through the goings-on at the office and the live interview at the pool deck. For the record, I’m still convinced this is all a huge set-up.

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