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Deconstructing Y&R: Nick & Sharon Decide to Go All in for May Sweeps

May 14 - 18

Howard Wise/JPI

The May Sweeps has featured tense emotional drama on Y&R as Jack and the Abbott family deal with the aftermath of his paternity reveal and the ramifications for Jabot as well, and Victoria and the other women struggle to keep their secret about JT. Numerous flirtation scenes with various pairs have offset the heavier fare. A couple of observations: Friday’s episode was curiously understated for Sweeps, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit more lighter material. Thoughts:

Watching Peter Bergman play Jack’s downward spiral continues to be brilliant, as expected. Not only is the Abbott emotional drama compelling, but the underlying challenge to figure out how this will all play out draws the viewer in even more. Unless Victor has somehow master-minded all of this, the possible implications for the Abbott family are varying and bound to be distressing. If this ends with Jack actually being John’s son after all, then Traci and/or Billy may not be, which would be a whole new ball game. Though Jack’s mainly focused on himself right now, I appreciated the irony of him being forced into experiencing some of the things his siblings have felt – Ashley not being a true Abbott, Billy feeling like an outsider etc., given his approach to family dynamics in the past. As for Kyle, it’s still tricky to get a read on where he’s coming from, though his concern for Jack seems to be suddenly out-weighing his thirst for a power position. The scene with Victor reacting to Kyle’s reveal that Billy had been made CEO was priceless. I’m interested to see what Billy will do at Jabot, whether Jack will succumb to addiction after those riveting scenes with Neil, and what further twists lay ahead in this storyline.

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Confident or con man?
Abby and Arturo were cute together at the cabin, but in that scenario the sexual tension should have been heart-stopping. It wasn’t, so still waiting to see on this one. Arturo’s definitely become a character going shirtless on soaps for the audience’s gratification, but who’s complaining? I got a kick out of Nikki scolding him for dallying with her stepdaughter, and Arturo responding by flattering her, while also telling her to stay in her lane. Smooth. So is he just a confident and self-assured guy, or a con who likes to latch onto wealthy women? The jury’s out on that one, but some are worried if Arturo romances Abby, he’ll meet the same fate as her past love interests and find himself headed off the canvas (I’d rather it didn’t go that way for once). Fans reacted to the pairing:

Dog with a bone.
Nick chasing a homeless guy with JT’s phone via police scanner was odd – what happened to him teaming with Victor and using his ‘resources’? In any case, it made for a distraction and brought the cellphone to light, which saw Victoria make a strategic move with Paul later in the week with her ‘confession’. It was, of course, a slight variation of the truth, which seems smart, but it’s a slippery slope. In related commentary, by week’s end, Nick and Sharon had decided to reunite. As predicted, the friends-with-benefits thing didn’t last long. Looking forward to the reactions, though no one should really be all that surprised.

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Slow moves.
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Devon and Hilary reached a turning point, and though it was a lower key week at Hamilton-Winters Group, their attraction was undeniable during the dancing scenes and at the New Hope dinner. The reveal that Devon was designing a nursery was sweet, and had me wondering if Hilary will actually be pregnant, as we should know in the next week.

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