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Deconstructing Y&R: Fans Ride Jack’s Emotional Roller Coaster

May 7 - 11

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It’s been a week of big family drama for the Abbotts, along with couple issues being hashed out for Nick and Sharon, as well as Devon and Hilary, Mother’s Day celebrations, and a break from the JT investigation, which had been featuring heavily. Thoughts:

Blame it on the sexual tension.
Wow, so Sharon got to have her cake and eat it too, in a sense, as she got to take Nick to bed and successfully diverted him from his interrogation.

Their decision to move forward secretively being friends with benefits was a sexy twist. That said, I doubt it will last long. I suspect they’ll resume a regular full-time relationship soon, perhaps just in time for the truth about JT to come out and cause big problems. In related commentary, some viewers were skeptical about Nick’s claim he wasn’t ready to move on so soon after Chelsea:

Dina’s devastation.
As predicted, watching Jack’s emotional roller coaster in the wake of learning John is not his father was gut-wrenching, big drama. His anger, devastation, and denial…it all had me riveted and feeling choked up. Where it got wonky was in the details of the reveal. As touched on in the last Y&R blog, Kyle’s motivations are too murky – why would he hand over such damaging information to Victor? For an executive position? It feels like there has to be more to it. In light of the fact that he opened this can of worms, Kyle’s whining after the fact was not a good look at all. Also, why didn’t any of the Abbotts immediately suspect Victor was behind the edited footage, given that he made a point of showing up uninvited? A few holes, but the aftermath, with word spreading, the Ashby’s supporting Charlie, Billy interacting with Jack, Neil getting involved, and Ravi contacting Ashley with key information to move the story along, was on point. Traci and Jack’s Mother’s Day moments with Dina were heartrending.

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I didn’t see Monday’s episode, so it was a pleasant surprise to learn after the fact that Devon didn’t go the predictable route when he learned Hilary was not pregnant, and there was a turning point of sorts as hoped. That was further cemented by his decision to quit Simone, and the knowing smiles exchanged with Hilary after the fact. With the Winters clan seemingly softening toward the idea of Hilary and Devon’s baby, it will be interesting to see if the artificial insemination takes and they are never the wiser about the chemical pregnancy situation, or what the atmosphere will be if it doesn’t take and they have to announce she’s not pregnant after all. Perhaps Hilary and Devon should keep trying the old-fashioned way, you know, just for insurance. The Mother’s Day references to Lily, Hilary, and Sam’s mothers were a nice touch.

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