Deconstructing Y&R: JT Goes Shockingly Further Down the Rabbit Hole

April 2 - 6


There was rarely a dull moment on Y&R this week as Victor fought for his life, Victoria dealt with the horror of her situation, Jack panicked over Kyle, Hilary and Devon tried to make a baby, Nikki and Jill squared off, and JT hit new lows. Thoughts:

Stepping in.
In the last Y&R blog, I loved the ‘Jack isn’t an Abbott’ storyline that we saw emerging with Ashley and Abby running a DNA test. Given that they used hair from Traci’s brush we now see the possibility that Traci could turn out to be the non-Abbott. Of course we’re working on the assumption it’s Jack, and with Ashley refusing to break the bad news to him while he’s behind bars, and Kyle making moves at Jabot, it’s been non-stop drama. Ashley may be forced to reveal Jack’s paternity as the only means of getting Kyle out of the family company. Kyle’s turned out to be quite a ‘brat’ as Gloria put it, with his airy but firm dismissal of Ashley, Abby, and Billy truly drawing a line in the sand. I’m still getting used to the latest incarnation of this character, but so far he’s intriguing on a few levels, and I appreciate the drama. What’s interesting is that this storyline has similarities to the Jack/Adam/Victor situation. Food for thought:

Troubles compounding.
I’m not going to lie, it’s still not sitting well that JT was written as an abuser, and worse, it’s now compounded with him letting an innocent man sit in jail for something he did, and Friday, as he felt the walls closing in, actually pulling the plug on Victor. Murder, really?! Aside from that situation, the abuse storyline has been told exceedingly well. Keeping Mac around to interact with JT, Victoria, and to pull Sharon in was perfect, and the conversations with the relationship counselor featured solid dialogue and exposition. The complexities of domestic abuse are being shown, and because we’re so drawn in by Victoria and JT’s chemistry ourselves, we see how Victoria continues to get pulled back in. When it’s good with JT, it’s absolutely amazing, so Mal Young’s effectively bringing us inside Victoria’s struggle – wanting so much to believe things could be different.

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Sitting vigil.
The drama surrounding Victor being on death’s doorstep was all ringing a little hollow for me. Maybe because I didn’t believe he’d die (or that he wouldn’t have a living will), all the wailing and hand-wringing fell flat. The brunette stranger is slightly intriguing, but the bit with Nick snapping at Sharon when she offered him an ear and then opening up to Phyllis felt plotty – why wouldn’t he have talked to Sharon? Abby spilling on Arturo felt the same; too obviously pushing a plot point. The best that can come of that is cattiness between Nikki and Abby, and then what? On the subject of catfights, the scenes with Jill and Nikki in the park were amazing – yes, Katherine would have loved it.

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The whole deal with Hilary and Devon making a baby the old-fashioned way was a great way to give fans of the couple a bit of relief after a long wait, while still carrying on with the storyline and drawing out the anticipation of them getting back together. Hilary filling Lily in on the development made their rivalry fun again for a moment – as I’ve said before, even though it’s tired, the actresses do such an excellent job that you can’t help but relish it on occasion. Also, Simone was thrown back into the mix, which on the surface seemed a good way to shake up Devon and Hilary’s situation without there being any real threat, however, her convenient disappearance and reappearance was an eye-roller, as is her so-called relationship with Devon. The idea that Devon would be ‘seeing’ this woman yet making babies with Hilary is just odd. Kyle kissing Hilary to help her out was fun, but having Hilary blurt out to Simone that she and Devon were baby-making, a move certain to cause a setback, was frustrating for some, who are tired of Hilary being written as always getting in her own way.

These are my opinions. Please let me know your thoughts on my blog and the show using the comment section below.

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– Candace Young


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