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Deconstructing Y&R: Chelsea’s Inner Con-Artist Makes a Comeback

January 29 – February 2

There was a lot happening story-wise, and while the writing is undeniably entertaining and interesting on a daily basis, the issues related to pacing remain as some storylines slow to play beats, while other plot developments, that should happen over weeks, sometimes occur the next day, so it feels like we’ve not enough time to process and/or that the beats we’d like to see are being sacrificed. Additionally, characters’ references are sometimes out of whack, such as Devon ‘noticing how hard Tessa’s been working lately’ when she had only been his assistant for a day. With that said, I continue to love being taken by surprise – Nikki and the building contractor! Thoughts:

People never change.
In the last Deconstructing Y&R, we complained about Nick and Chelsea’s storyline being boring and stalled, but with the cash found stashed in the bathroom vent, we’re finally moving forward. With Melissa Claire Egan leaving Y&R, this is presumably Chelsea’s exit story. As it also emerged that her Chelsea 2.0 line was being sold on a mirror site, and we saw her stash the cash in an urn vault with Adam’s name on it, it wasn’t a stretch to learn the ‘former’ con was still conning. It certainly fit after her remark to Hilary about people never changing, only learning to hide their true nature better. That, by the way, was quite a snotty exchange, obviously Chelsea was extra defensive because she’s up to no good again/still. Viewers theorized about Chelsea’s exit:

I’d definitely subscribe to the notion that Adam’s out there waiting for Chelsea, if not for the fact that she’s still having sex with Nick.

Hilary sold GC Buzz back to Devon, which seemed slightly odd given that he’d recently said rejoining forces wasn’t a good idea, and that the premise for the sale was Hilary needing to shore up her funds to have a baby. Kind of outdated thinking. She could have simply hired him to do the show’s PR to put them back in one another’s orbit. That said, their scenes continued to be laden with long looks and sexual tension, even when butting heads – no complaints there. In any case, Mariah, who is awfully outspoken for an employee looking to hang on to her job, was none too pleased as the move meant she’d have to interact with Tessa. However, given the quick thaw in relations, it seems we’re also rebuilding to Tessa/Mariah as a couple. As for Hilary and Devon, her opening up to him about her disillusionment with the treatment was another step to becoming closer again. I still feel we’ll end up with a story where Hilary’s pregnant and doesn’t know if the father is a donor or Devon, but we’ll see.

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Cane and Lily ended up with a romantic week after Lily continued to struggle with Sam’s presence. I didn’t care for the bit with Cane watching her on the nanny cam, but the popcorn scene in the theatre was funny and Cane ending their date by proposing a vow renewal made for an unexpected moment. It will be interesting to see if a vow renewal will magically solve Lily’s issues with the baby, and whether Cane will continue to have issues with Lily’s career as Ashley has plans to use her more than Victoria ever did.

Working for the man.
In a virtual whirlwind of events, Ashley left Jabot, decided to start her own company, ditched that idea and signed on with Newman Enterprises, clashed with Victoria, and received a rather progressive ‘go-ahead’ from Nikki to jump into bed with the Mustache should she so desire. Wow! The career decision left me torn. I was definitely disappointed Ashley elected not to start her own venture and show up the men, but am intrigued by the idea of her working at Newman, irking Jack, and pushing Victoria’s buttons. The Jack/Victor conversation at the bar about the matter was as unexpected as Nikki’s eye-opening speech to Ashley about her ‘arrangement’ with Victor. Jack, knowing he’d messed up big time, resignedly asked Victor to treat Ashley with the respect she deserves. It was a rare moment of unspoken understanding between the two. Meanwhile, Victoria decided to go to Paris and check in with Abby after the run-in with Ashley, and unknowingly compounded JT’s growing issues with her dedication to her job, in the face of his disappointment with his position at Chancellor. Of course, that led to his talk with Phyllis and the new assignment, which seemed to add some pep to his slightly depressed step, and had the added bonus of leading him into an impromptu jam session with Reed, who was also seriously impressed to learn his dad was ‘hacking’ and solving cyber-crimes. JT screeching off to the bank and just missing Chelsea made for a nice bit of excitement. All good!

Back to surprises, Nikki’s move on Friday’s episode, tempting Arturo the much younger building contractor into a liaison in a Club suite, truly got viewers’ attention. Having Phyllis sitting at the bar gawping as Nikki dangled the room key and the two made their way upstairs together was pure gold.

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– Candace Young


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