Deconstructing Y&R: Moving Men; Scott, Cane, and JT Make Big Changes

January 15 - 19


“Y&R” is definitely finding a groove as we’ve had a steady stream of drama, intrigue, laughs, and love in the afternoon. Thoughts:

Graham slam.
In the last Deconstructing Y&R, we suspected Graham was the thief in Ashley’s lab, and that proved to be correct. Graham hatched a diabolical plan to frame Ashley for her mother’s murder, by all appearances, and although it definitely didn’t turn out as he’d hoped, I’m sure he’d be pleased to know Paul was pointing the finger at Ashley for attacking him. Of course, the accusation is ridiculous, but it could take a minute before Paul and the GCPD come to that conclusion. Meanwhile, Dina authorized pulling the plug on Graham, which would make the charge murder, so the Abbott family drama continues!

Amazing race.
Lily and Abby both had surprise visitors in Paris. Scott showed up to talk with Abby, and wound up with a new life plan within minutes. With Scott relocating to London, he’ll be in close proximity to Abby in Paris, so this scenario presumably has them both offscreen during Melissa Ordway’s maternity leave, after which Abby may or may not return to Genoa City alone. Cane was also in Paris, and after a series of near misses, had to chase Lily down at the airport and ask her to stay. Viewers are obviously of very different minds when it comes to Lily and Cane getting back together, as some wished to see the characters go in different directions, but Mal Young decided on a reunion, and it was done quite well using their history, flashbacks, and by addressing the issues and showing it still wasn’t perfect given the circumstances.

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Writer’s block.
Hilary’s storyline took a turn this week as, enamored with Sam, she decided she wants to have a baby. Of course, fans of Hilary and Devon would like nothing better than for her to have that baby with him, but given the recent writing that seems unlikely unless they wind up falling into bed together unexpectedly. This would be ideal as both of them have been in ‘neutral’ storyline-wise so it’s way past time for things to pick up. In related commentary, Devon mentioned his failing music label to Mariah, then pressured Tessa to come up with a hit song. Tessa, seemingly uninspired by her relationship with Noah, solved her writer’s block by stealing Mariah’s journal and pilfering ‘lyrics’ out of it. Ugh, so awful, especially considering Mariah’s written thoughts were probably about Tessa. Mariah’s reaction – live on air – was amazing and completely warranted.

Teaming up.
Sharon continued to distract herself from the sudden dismal state of her love life by taking in a homeless family. Her house must have endless rooms upstairs! One would think she’d have put them up in a hotel (but then Nikki wouldn’t have gotten involved). Anyway, Nikki and Nick both jumped in to champion the cause, and though it’s fantastic the soap is building awareness on such an important social issue, the most interesting aspect of this from a storyline point-of-view is that Mal Young is obviously putting Nick back into Sharon’s orbit.

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JT and Victoria continued to burn up our screens with their sexy scenes, and how about Victor walking right in on them as they were half-dressed up against the wall? Awkward! The expressions on all of their faces were priceless, and I loved JT and Victoria’s amused conversation after the fact – and him pointing out her shirt was inside-out – so good! Victor and Nikki’s disapproval, however ridiculous at Victoria’s age, definitely adds another element to the mix, and it’s almost comic since JT and Victoria are so unbothered. Almost as good as the sex was JT telling Victoria he is all in and wants to be there for her in every way (swoon), however, by episode’s end she’d asked him to move in and I felt a bit panicky at the warp speed. Slow down and let us enjoy this over a period of time, perhaps? Makes you wonder what’s in store for them. Some fans were concerned about where it’s headed, and others were just absolutely loving it:

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– Candace Young


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