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Deconstructing Y&R: Sex Ring Fiasco Climaxes, Ends Week With a Bang

November 13 - 17

“Y&R” continued to motor along this week, with more nips and tucks, and other more obvious character shifts – some welcome, some not so much – that have given us a better idea of how Mal Young is repositioning GC residents on the canvas for the future. The new pace continues to be an adjustment for some, particularly when not all beats can be played, and important details get lost in the shuffle. That said, from a viewer standpoint, as opposed to ‘critic’, I’m still very much enjoying the show on a daily basis and look forward to the surprises on each episode as we continue to transition. Thoughts:

After party.
There was pandemonium after Crystal’s big announcement and Dina slashing Nikki at the Newman party, and the storytelling got a little chaotic as a result. I found it curious that Ashley was more focused on defending Dina than on Abby being exposed for funding a business/dating a guy that was running a sex trafficking ring. Sharon’s concern for Scott seemed a tad melodramatic at that point as well, as she grabbed the phone away from Paul. The next day, Paul had to chastise her for constantly texting and leaving messages. Eek. This behavior seemed like a step back for the stronger version of Sharon we’ve been seeing. Switching gears back to the night of the party, Dina popping up in the backseat of Zach’s car, then scuttling off was perfection – one of those unexpected surprises! Meanwhile, in an awkward stand-off that left Scott looking incredibly inept, Zach managed to lock him and Abby in the storage locker, which in soaps usually means you’re going to have sex, and they wasted no time.

By the time Sharon and Paul managed to piece together enough information to locate the place, they were gone. I wondered why they didn’t do the cellphone battery thing before Scott got antsy. In any case, now armed with enough information to put Zach away for good, they had to face him again in the motel. While Zach was believable ‘coming apart at the seams’, the narrative that Scott has always wanted Abby rang hollow, and Zach jumping to the conclusion that they had sex from a nervous glance seemed far-fetched. The gunshot/black screen made for a dramatic ending, but it didn’t leave me feeling as concerned as it should have. I’m guessing either the cops came in and shot Zach, or Zach shot Scott just badly enough that he couldn’t stop him from taking Abby.

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Dina’s journey.
As touched on in the last Deconstructing Y&R, Dina’s dementia storyline has been told in an effective way, while also being entertaining. After the slashing, Nikki’s squawking at the hospital did nothing for me, but Dina cheekily asking Paul if he wanted to cuff her, then becoming impatient with Sharon and Paul’s questions was on the money. The revelation of Dina’s diagnosis, and Jack and Ashley’s reactions to it, was simply heartbreaking. Even more so knowing Mal Young’s personal connection to Y&R’s Alzheimer’s storyline, as it’s similar to his mother’s story, my nanna’s story, and that of countless others touched by Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Now, it’s Dina’s story, and I’ve no doubt it will be heart-wrenching to see it play out with the Abbott family.

Crisis mode.
In other fallout from the party, Victoria and Neil were pressed into crisis mode at Newman Enterprises. Victoria was notably bitchier, not only in her terse conversation with Lily, but in her apparent willingness to ‘throw Abby under the bus’ as Lily pointed out. Of course we saw her text Abby that she was worried about her to offset her outward demeanor, but there was no denying she was colder and blunter, even after being thrown by the news of Juliet’s sudden death. More Victor-like? Some thought so, including Neil (great dialogue in that scene!), and the obvious change in Victoria created a lot of chatter on social media as some fans were loving it, and others not so much:

Breaking (up) news.
As Hilary’s character continues to be tweaked, she was supportive toward Cane, while still gleefully sticking it to Jordan, and inadvertently to Chelsea. I truly enjoyed watching that whole drama unfold and play out. Mariah butted in between Hilary and Jordan, and Chelsea spun right out. Nick getting all judge-y after the fact only made it more fun…and odd, as he already knew she was a con artist. The whole deal kind of underlined how diconnected Chelsea’s become on the canvas, however, as no one really cares about her scandal or clothing line aside from Nick. Oh, and Faith. Anyway, hopefully Nick and Chelsea’s dead boring relationship will implode. Incidentally, it was interesting timing for Nick and Sharon to share a hug at the coffeehouse…

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The bastard next door.
The Phyllis and Billy comedy kept coming! She had probably softened toward the idea of a reconciliation after the talk with her friend, Hilary (who interestingly seems to have been doing some soul-searching about her relationship with Devon), but Billy set her off all over again with the thumping music/pounding head approach. Too funny!

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– Candace Young


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