Deconstructing Y&R: The Escalating Misadventures of Dina Mergeron

November 6 - 10


Mal Young continued to make changes to the show this week, giving new direction to storylines (and characters), infusing scenes with comedy, and resetting to a certain extent as he eliminated the Brash & Sassy and The Underground sets, and began to clean house with exit stories for some relatively newer characters, such as Juliet, Jordan, and Zach. We also haven’t seen Ravi. The twists and turns kept coming, and I can’t say enough about the unexpected little shockers within the cliffhangers – such as Dina slashing Nikki in the middle of the sex ring scandal being exposed. Delicious! Thoughts:

The hangover.
The week kicked off with Billy, who was still in the doghouse with Phyllis, being picked up at the hospital by Jack. When suitable living arrangements were not to be found at Phyllis’ apartment or the Abbott mansion, he ended up at the Chancellor estate downing scotch and commiserating with Cane. Hilarity ensued after Billy drunk-dialed cabs for the duo, which resulted in tipsy serenading and fighting, and ultimately landed them both in a cell for the night. So many entertaining scenes! Also, it was a fitting bit of lighter craziness leading up to Cane’s much more sobering divorce hearing, and of course the heaviness of Juliet’s sudden death, which changes everything for Cane moving forward. Those wishing for Lily and Cane to reconcile weren’t grieving, but others felt the loss of Juliet’s potential as a character. Regardless, most feel Lily and Cane will end up raising the baby. Pretty high predictability factor.

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In the last Deconstructing Y&R, Billy and Phyllis’ comedic scenes were gold, and that continued as Billy’s drunken appearance at the apartment spoiled the bit of subterfuge Phyllis had going on with Jordan in an uproarious way. Not only did I love the like-minded Phyllis and Hilary teaming up, but it was satisfying for Hilary to have found the motherlode in Jordan’s suite and expose him after he had threatened to show the world the photos she had entrusted him to take privately. Jordan also lost his job with Victoria, so his days in Genoa City are surely numbered, and he may just take Chelsea down with him. If whatever they did together is enough to turn Nick off, Chelsea will truly be a character adrift on the canvas.

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My way.
While Jordan’s power play didn’t work out so well, Victoria’s certainly did, as Victor was practically giddy at her return to Newman Enterprises and insistence on being treated as an equal and made Chief Operating Officer. Neil was woven into the mix, as he found himself CEO of Power Communications, agreeing to a makeover, and negotiating a contract with Victoria and Victor basically overnight. We’ll see how this goes as everyone is being re-positioned, including Noah who will run Top of the Tower. Of course the big story was Abby being blindsided by Victor appointing Victoria as COO, followed immediately by the shocking revelation that Zach was running a sex ring from Newman Enterprises’ dating app. So messy and I loved every minute of it.

Also messy was Dina, who, on the heels of burning down The Underground, flaunted major attitude all week, particularly in her attack on Jack, and her epic verbal sparring matches with Gloria (loved her defending Jack!) and Nikki, who really got down in the dirt with the ‘nasty old woman’ who suggested she dole out free lap dances. Dina also raised eyebrows by shoving sugar packets and silverware into her purse, and at one point, sat alone and despondent in the dark – clearly not okay. It all culminated in Dina slashing Nikki with said purse silverware while the Newman party-goers were still reeling from the sex ring revelation! Viewers can’t get enough of Dina’s misadventures:

A nightmare indeed, as poor Jack declared in the preview, one which is almost certainly heading to a sad and emotional time for the Abbott family.

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– Candace Young


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