Deconstructing Y&R: Glitches on the Show Include Jack Teleporting

October 16 - 20


While the emotion and build up to ‘explosive’ moments has been impressive, the moments themselves are still leaving viewers short-changed on the anticipated huge soapy drama. There is clearly transition happening, with a lot of tweaking going on with both storylines and characters. There are many positive changes, though not everything has made sense and there have been some glitches, such as Jack being at the hospital with Ashley and Traci, then at Jabot in the very next scene. Did he teleport? Eek. Thoughts:

Out silver-foxed.
As mentioned in the last Deconstructing Y&R, the emotions surrounding Ashley’s paternity have been perfectly played, however the ‘big’ moments never quite got epic enough, and the shifts weren’t all beneficial to the story. The Graham character became relatively diabolical, which instantly dropped my interest level, knowing he’d become dispensable. Disappointingly, the man called John Abbott ‘pathetic’ and ‘a loser’ and got nothing worse than a tie-pulling by Ashley. Fans weighed in:

With that said, Graham outsmarting the Abbott siblings and taking off with Dina has its appeal as long as the payoff is there in the end. Love Jack and Michael playing “Where in the world is Dina Mergeron?”

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Giving attitude.
Sharon picked up on tension between Mariah and Tessa, following scenes in which Mariah suddenly morphed from being vulnerable and emotional around Tessa to cold and dismissive. They finally had a conversation about their relationship, which left the impression the show is backing away from pursuing it. If so, Tessa’s days in Genoa City are likely limited. After her meeting with Mariah, Sharon read Nick the riot act for giving away millions she apparently had ear-marked for their children. This made little sense. Not only would Nick already have trust funds set up for his kids, but they no doubt have trust funds and company shares out the wazoo from Victor as well. Are we really supposed to pretend that Nick doesn’t still have tons of money, and that his kids might go broke? It doesn’t suit “Y&R” that members of these wealthy families are even discussing money. Here’s hoping they move away from this.

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Changing positions.
Cane returned from his visit to Jill with a new position as acting CEO of Chancellor Industries. While it made sense for him to go to Jill for a job, it left some wondering if she was in the loop about what he did, or tried to do, to Billy at Brash & Sassy. The insinuation that Jill had left Chancellor to be run by a bunch of suits was questionable as well, given the importance of the company to her historically. In any case, Cane gloated to Billy, who turned the tables somewhat by letting him know about Lily’s new executive position. While I want to enjoy this rivalry, it’s tiresome that they so often come off like childish jerks; the writing leaves a little to be desired. Cane’s scene with Lily was heartfelt, but then he hasn’t found out about Mattie and Reed yet, which will undoubtedly cause a rift. On a humorous note, Hilary’s reaction to Cane telling her about Lily’s new role at work got viewers’ attention:

Moving forward, Cane and Victoria’s animosity was further cemented with a public display of mutual loathing, which also led to Cane asking Juliet to move in with him. Directly afterward, Victoria was involved in a car crash…will this exacerbate her head issues?

No wilting flower.
Phyllis’ disappointment when Billy failed to come clean with her about using her laptop to hack into Jabot’s server was palpable, and their intensity was riveting on Friday’s episode in Top of the Tower; suddenly the depth of their connection felt acknowledged…wish they’d been written that way all along. However, a tear and an embrace isn’t exactly Phyllis’ style and love him like crazy or not, the storm is most likely on the horizon. In related commentary, it was hysterical when Phyllis put Michael on retainer and his voice instantly lowered with guarded suspicion to ask, “What did you do, Phyllis?” Perfection. The focus on Phyllis’ friendship with Hilary is also a plus.

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Starting over.
Hilary made nice with Victoria, who eventually agreed to do her show. I found Hilary’s panic to get back on Vikki’s good side confusing. As much as it’s been problematic for Hilary to be the ‘go-to mean girl’ with no exposition, it will be equally troublesome if she becomes overly conciliatory and loses her edge without some explanation. Of note, the flirty scenes with Hilary and Jordan in the gym should have been with Devon, as there’s really little interest in the former. Hopefully now that Hilary knows he came back because Lily cut him loose, she’ll drop him too.

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Unlikely ally?
Billy was approached by Victor for help in getting his daughter back into his life. Of course Billy would never help Victor in a million years, so one must assume that Victor planned to use his knowledge of Billy’s hacking to persuade him. Again, I really didn’t get this since Victor seemed to be doing fine with Victoria after having offered her the use of his product line and such.

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– Candace Young


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