Young & Restless Table-Turner: Nick’s Next Move Will Infuriate Victor — Plus, Daniel Divulges Summer’s Secret?

May 1 - 5

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Young & Restless is delivering some soapy goodness as we roll into a Sweeps month what with the ongoing Phyllis story (still wish it made sense!), the Newman family drama, a cheating scandal, and the return of Malcolm and Yolanda/Harmony.

Done and Dumped

Whew! Elena confronting Nate and Victoria in Los Angeles was all you could have wanted it to be (unless you expected her to start flipping tables). When Victoria launched into her schtick, Elena told her point blank, “Shut up, Victoria,” which was hella satisfying because she had it coming. Once alone with Nate, his girlfriend read him the riot act and put him firmly in his place, which was about six feet under. Elena was justifiably furious but maintained her dignity even as she unceremoniously dumped Nate’s cheating ass in a public venue. It was a thing of beauty, honestly.

Where do we go from here? Well, phase one of Audra’s plan is complete — she’s managed to eliminate Elena from Nate’s life, but Victoria is another matter. Even if the plot to bring back J.T. works out, Victoria’s not likely to fall back into his arms as Audra is imagining. In fact, it’s much more likely that Victoria will be upset and Nate will step up as her protector. Does Audra have a backup plan? We’ll see.

Always Be Prepared

The more they make me root for Tucker, who obviously (and sweetly!) flew Yolanda/Harmony back to Genoa City to surprise Devon, the more I try to prepare myself for the eventual disappointment that is bound to come. It has to, right?! Tucker always mucks things up. Abby called her mother moving McCall into the house “ridiculous” and “pathetic” and I so want her to be dead wrong about him… but I can already imagine her “I told you so” scenes with Ashley.

Might Yolanda play into Tucker’s downfall? She is, after all, one of the women he cheated on Ashley with in the past. The other is Diane, who is now back at the house he’s just moved into. Whee!

In related commentary, was it strange to anyone else that Devon decided to have a party to memorialize Neil and held it within a day? That said, it’s a lovely idea and it is always nice (as well as sad) to see Neil flashbacks. Having Malcolm return will be the icing on the cake.

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Daniel’s Dilemma

Daniel’s reaction to Summer’s secret illustrates exactly why Phyllis didn’t include her son in the first place. She knew he would want to “do the right thing” immediately, as he is pressuring Summer to do now. At this point, he’s trying to get his sister to come clean by questioning how she can keep the truth from her husband, but if she insists on continuing to cover for her mother I think you’ll see Daniel make moves. Will he come right out and expose the truth? Probably not, but he will almost certainly start dangling clues under the right noses — Chance, Jack, Michael, etc.

I don’t see how Kyle and Summer’s marriage survives her keeping this secret. Anyone like her chemistry with Chance? His with Audra?

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Turning the Tables

Sally may have stopped Nick from running off to confront Victor about his appalling offer/ultimatum, but it’s only a matter of time before they clash. Nick’s not known for being the sharpest one in the bunch, but if he thinks about it, he may realize that the best way to stick it to his father is to turn the tables on him. Rather than having another (pointless!) go at him for his treatment of Sally, why not make the one move guaranteed to kill two birds with one stone? If Nick proposes to Sally, he’d not only make her a Newman, but it would be a huge middle finger to Victor and would piss him off to new heights.

It would, however, also leave Nick more at odds with Adam. But who are we to say no to additional drama?! You know stuff is going to have to blow up spectacularly before Sally and Adam finally get back together. I, for one, love that they’re taking the slow road to that reunion. The more hurdles, the more emotion when it happens. The preview has Adam asking Sally to come and work with him… but will she be engaged to his brother by the time they strike a deal?

Even if Nick doesn’t propose, whatever he does next will infuriate his father. Indeed, Young & Restless spoilers confirm that Victor will lose patience with his son by mid-week.

This is my opinion. Feel free to share your thoughts on this week’s Young & Restless in the comment section.

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