Young & Restless’s Jeremy Just Gave Phyllis a Way Out — Plus, Chance’s Epic Fail and Fallout For Victoria and Nate

April 10 - 14

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Young & Restless is delivering plenty of drama around Phyllis’ so-called death, but, wow, this story is dumb at times. Also this week, Nate and Victoria hit the desk, Sally and Adam bonded a little more over the baby, and Sharon met her granddaughter as Mariah and Tessa finally returned. Thoughts:

Make It Make Sense

I loved the conflict between Jack and Ashley — and Summer and Kyle — that was brought on by Phyllis’ death. Ashley really laid it all out for Jack as she screamed that she was worried about him, and Summer and Kyle’s issues over their mothers became much more entrenched with Diane’s arrest. While I appreciate the drama… it’s all so dumb! Why would Phyllis go along with a plan that had her doing the exact same heinous thing that she attacks Diane for on the regular — letting her kids think she’s dead?! When it comes to the investigation, Chance is being made to look quite dense (as tends to happen with soap cops). Where to begin?! First, he attended the memorial at Summer’s request to closely observe all of the mourners — yet he didn’t recognize Phyllis, who was front and center and didn’t even bother to cover her face?!? Please! Of course, we have to suspend disbelief in these instances, but given how Chance was shrewd enough to deduce that Jack and Diane had set up Jeremy for the jewel heist, how is it then that he can’t see that Diane’s being framed? As if a person cunning enough to fake their own murder/death so convincingly would leave such an easy trail of evidence to follow. Never mind that Jeremy is making it as obvious as can be that he wants to pin it on her. Finally, Chance arrested Diane for Phyllis’ murder but the fire was what killed her, not the poison. Make it make sense!

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Her Way Out

Phyllis has landed herself in quite a predicament now that she’s having second thoughts, and it became clear on Friday’s episode that Stark isn’t going to just let her walk out of the hotel room and back into her children’s lives. It was good they had him rough her up a bit like a real villain would, but sadly, I still don’t believe he’s any match for our girl. Phyllis will escape his clutches, you can count on that, and now he’s given her the perfect half-truth to take back to Genoa City — she was trying to get back to Daniel and Summer but big bad Jeremy Stark was holding her captive, and wouldn’t let her go — this was all his doing! It’s going to be her word against his.

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Baby Fever

Mariah and Tessa finally surfaced with their daughter and what a cutie little Aria proved to be! It was awful that viewers weren’t given the opportunity to see them bond with the baby when she was born, but it was nice to get to see Sharon meet her grandchild onscreen. Of course, the scenes weren’t entirely about them, they threw Sally and Adam in there to give the redhead a little baby fever. Those two continue to grow closer just as a new monkey wrench will be thrown into the works — watch for Victor to find out about the pregnancy on Monday. There’s no telling what he’ll do with the information given his intense dislike for Sally.
Aria Y&R

Hitting the Fan

We’re getting some juicy drama with the Nate and Victoria affair, and it can only get better from here. Nick’s judgy rant has to be taken with a grain of salt considering his past exploits, but Audra listening outside the door is about to become a big problem for Nate and Victoria. While it’s not clear exactly how she’ll use the blackmail info she is now privy to, it’s a given that it’s only a matter of time before Elena finds out what’s been going on… and she’s not likely to be happy at all. Will there be a Victoria and Elena showdown? Watch for a story on that coming Monday on SOAPS!

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Many Happy Returns

How cute are Daniel and Lily? Even his daughter noticed! Lucy seemed to approve, as did dad, Danny, who is probably going to be happy to leave his son in Lily’s capable hands when he heads back out on tour. Speaking of, how amazing was it to have him perform There Will Never Be Another You at the memorial?! So, when will we see him again? It may not be as long as you think if the storyline we suspect is on the horizon following Paul and Christine’s split comes to be.

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Tucker Sucker

So… I actually really felt bad for Tucker when Devon told him he wasn’t interested in buying his company. I’ve been sucked in just like Ashley! How could you not be with him laying out that beautiful vision of their life together? Anyway, I don’t know what’s going to become of him and his company now… or his relationship with Ashley for that matter, which hinged on him getting Devon to buy in. She gave him one job! As for Devon and Abby, I don’t mind them together, but they’re already a snooze.

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This is just my opinion. Feel free to share your thoughts on this week’s Young & Restless episodes in the comment section.

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