What Happened to Young & Restless’s Phyllis? Plus, Tucker’s Endgame and Elena’s Doomed Plan

March 27 - 31

Elena Victoria Phyllis Tucker mashup Y&R

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The Young & Restless gala and 50th-anniversary week was a lot of fun. So many highlights and not many lows. Let’s take a look:


Clearly, they’re trying for a sweet and tentative romance for Billy and Chelsea, but as great as the performers are at trying to sell it, few are buying. There are issues with the lack of chemistry and the characters’ history, but perhaps worse, their scenes are a total snooze. The writers trying to make Chelsea into some kind of saint was a terrible decision — the character was a thousand times more entertaining as a troublemaker.

Reunited and It Felt So Good

The returns were one of my favorite parts of the gala. That said, I didn’t see nearly enough of Nina or Gina as it felt like their reappearance got swallowed up by the whole Phyllis drama. I loved Nina giving Abby a piece of her mind, however, and how the scene led to Jill and Christine bringing up what happened in her own past. Gina, meanwhile, fit back in seamlessly as though she’d never been away. How I wish we could keep some of our 50th-anniversary returnees! Mamie, for example, would be the perfect person to help ground the rudderless Lily, Devon, and Nate if they’re not going to resurrect Dru.

He’s a Cheater

I was on Team Devon when it came to fighting to get Hamilton-Winters back, but I can’t say the same when it comes to his personal life. I get that he wanted to apologize and try to make peace with Amanda, but that scene on the red carpet was off-putting. Pushing her to stay around and hear him out as though it was the least she could do?!? Listen, Devon, that woman owes you absolutely nothing. Who else cheered when she told Abby, “A word of warning: he’s a cheater”? Calling it now — he’ll sleep with Elena at some point down the line after she loses Nate to Victoria.

Gloves Off

I love that Elena is finally frustrated enough with the situation with Nate and Victoria to take the gloves off. Of course, her bringing JT back, or pushing to do so, will probably backfire on her. How? Rather than bring her closer to Nate, he’ll be furious with her for upsetting poor Victoria. It’s a disastrous plan, but then Audra had probably already figured that out.

Next Big Headache

Speaking of Audra, she may have her sights set on Nate but she’s clearly sizing up alternatives in case that doesn’t pan out. She was bent and determined to meet Kyle Abbott and finding his phone gave her the perfect excuse. Not that Kyle minded at all. Find out why we’re sure Audra is Summer’s next big headache here. Allison Lanier practically confirmed it:

Of course, Supergirl will have to deal with the drama surrounding her mother first. Which is bound to be considerable.

Working That Agenda

Tucker hardly said two words at the gala, but somehow ended up being one of the highlights of this week’s episodes. His barely concealed amusement toward all the people who come at him make the scenes so entertaining. The way he and Ashley riff off one another and he pushes her buttons is delicious. Back at the Abbott house after the gala, he smirked and played devil’s advocate as Ashley went off about Diane and then casually suggested she marry him (which cracked her up). “Thank you, but no.” Hehe. Of course, under Tucker’s jocular and calm persona, he’s definitely working some kind of agenda where Ashley’s concerned. I haven’t yet figured out his endgame, but if he could manage to convince her to get married, he’d kinda own his own debt, so there’s that. I’m sure it has to do with his company. Be sure to share your theories on what Tucker’s up to in the comment section.

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Inching Closer?

Speaking of funny characters, I laughed out loud when Nick took in the scene unfolding with Phyllis, Jack, and Diane and turned to Sally and said, “How about we go get that cheeseburger now?” Hilarious. Adam then left Sharon to follow, concerned about Sally and the baby, which led to us inching a tad closer to a Sally/Adam reunion. Swerving back to Sharon, it was interesting that Adam brought up Chance to her at the gala. So, maybe there’s still a chance that the writers will go there? I’d love to see it.

What Happened to Phyllis?!

I was thrilled that we got a throwdown between Phyllis and Diane… and it was one for the books. How great would it have been to be behind the scenes of the catfight?!
Diane Jack Phyllis Y&R

Jack’s genuine emotion never fails to endear him to me, yet, in this Phyllis/Diane stuff, I haven’t been able to stand the character. I felt exactly as Nikki did about Jack announcing his engagement at the gala — she went to all of that work only for him to steal the spotlight. Knowing how La Newman feels about Diane made it worse. At least they wrote in a line where Phyllis told him no one is happy for him and they’re all laughing at him. Victor sure was. A fool!

Of course, Jack and Diane making their big announcement was an integral part of Jeremy and Phyllis’s master plan, which seemed to hinge quite a bit on luck, but hey. Michelle Stafford was fabulous as Phyllis unleashed emotionally, “I just can’t understand this!” in the lead-up to her collapse. And how fun was it afterward when Jeremy dropped the bomb that he and Phyllis were married? Whether true or not, it was a terrific shocker. As for what’s happened to Phyllis, I won’t be at all surprised if there comes an announcement that she’s dead. After all, we’ve been speculating for weeks that she’d fake her death and pin it on Diane. I still can’t quite see how they’re going to accomplish that, but we’ll find out.

Meanwhile, I suppose, Phyllis will go into hiding or start a new life elsewhere under an assumed identity. Perhaps that’s what she meant when she told Jeremy if they went through with it she’d have to lie every day for the rest of her life. Considering there have been no announcements about Michelle Stafford leaving Young & Restless, I expect it to be a shorter-term mystery.

This is just my opinion. Please feel free to leave your impressions of the gala in the comment section below.

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