Young & Restless Double-Cross: Mega-Twist for Phyllis and Jeremy? Plus, Gala Highlights (So Far)

March 20 - 24

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Young & Restless has gotten off to a terrific start as they’ve kicked off the gala episodes that mark the soap’s 50th anniversary. There have been a few unexpected happenings, amazing returns with some history revisited, some humor, and some awkward run-ins… all while a nefarious plot brews. Thoughts on the week:

Arbitration Aggravation

What fun to have Amanda return and make Devon sweat a little at the arbitration hearing. Even though she didn’t manage to “win”, she got her digs in. Lily being somehow surprised and upset that Amanda would have personal feelings in this scenario seemed ridiculous to me. What did she expect? Amanda’s best interaction was with Abby, though. “Why don’t you let the grownups figure this out.” Ouch!
Abby Amanda Y&R

Anyway, once Devon sent Victor in Jill’s direction the outcome was fairly predictable. It wasn’t at all shocking that she showed up to put the kibosh on the arbitration. I’ll be interested to see, however, if Devon takes exception to Victor paying Jill to back down rather than just convincing her, when he finds out, and if he’ll follow through on the deal regarding McCall Unlimited.

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Obviously, Jeremy’s plan involves setting up Diane for something and it’s all going to go down at the gala. Last week, we speculated that Stark and Phyllis would fake her death and pin it on Diane — and that may well be what happens. But Josh Griffith promised twists galore at the ball, so one can’t help but wonder if there will be a change in the plan that one of them isn’t expecting. There’s always the chance that Jeremy could actually try to kill Phyllis for real to frame Diane for murder, but more likely would be Red turning the tables on her co-conspirator. With her kids coming down so hard on her for refusing to change her ways, and Summer all but disowning her for colluding with Stark, a mega-twist could involve Phyllis changing her mind at the 11th hour and deciding to prove them all wrong by ridding Genoa City of Jeremy rather than Diane. What if she double-crosses Stark so that he is exposed and hauled off to jail? Would she’d go so far as to kill Jeremy and pin it on Diane? Wait, maybe Phyllis and Jeremy are the couple who will hook up. This is Phyllis we’re talking about, so nothing is off the table — including our original guess that she’ll fake her death to stick it to her rival. We’ll just have to wait and see what goes down.

Mamie Happy Returns

Obviously, it’s been fun to see what everyone is wearing on the red carpet at the gala (see all the fashions in our photo gallery here) — it’s fabulous that they had a red carpet — but the highlights for me so far have been the returns. Or one in particular. From the minute Mamie arrived at the door of the Abbott house I was swept up in nostalgia and Veronica Redd has been nothing short of amazing in every scene. I loved her reunions with the various Abbott sibs, but her coming face-to-face with Jill was the absolute best — and she flat-out rejected Foster, oops, Abbott’s attempt to make peace and sailed right past her, which was delicious.
Jill Mamie Y&R

Leanna has been a hoot too; it felt like no time had passed since we’d last seen her somehow. My other personal favorite gala highlights: Tucker’s wise-cracking, Nikki turning her nose up at Sally (it took you back to the old days when she was doing it to Phyllis and Sharon), Adam bringing Sharon as his date (something unexpected), Phyllis’s emotional interactions with her bewildered kids, and, of course, the unveiling of the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge. I got choked up. A combination of missing Kristoff/Neil and getting teary over the new/old set, I’m sure. It was a little odd, then, that the writers didn’t have Lily show much emotion at the unveiling. Puzzling choice. Oh, another favorite moment was near the end when Victoria placed her hand on Nate’s hand right as Elena walked in. Classic soap!

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So far, I’m enjoying the ball a great deal — can’t wait to see what all will go down and for the late arrivals, Danny and Gina, to join in. This is just my opinion. Be sure to share your highlights from/gripes about the gala in the comment section below!

Genoa City’s Bicentennial! See your favorite stars gussied up for the gala and on the set in the photo gallery below.


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