Young & Restless’s Masked Ball Sets the Scene for Murder — Plus, Who’ll Win the Battle for Tucker’s Company

March 13 - 15

Nikki Tucker Adam Victoria mashup Y&R

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Young & Restless had a short week, so it’s a short soapbox. Thoughts on the tidbits from this week and what’s ahead:

Beautiful Dreamer

The Nick/Sally/Adam plotline is running along fairly predictably with Sally now dreaming about reconciling with Adam. I was hoping things would get messier when Summer and Nikki started scheming but it’s not looking promising. As for Nikki agreeing to keep the news from Victor, you just have to laugh. Presumably, the writers are saving that reveal until after the McCall stuff is sorted. If the Mustache reacted poorly to the pregnancy, Adam might back out of their deal.

Over My Dead Body

We keep getting little twists in the battle for Tucker’s company story, which has kept it somewhat interesting, though I don’t feel overly invested in who runs his empire. Apparently, Devon’s not too concerned either as he told Victor he’d walk away from it if he could help him secure Hamilton-Winters. Even if that happens, however, it’s not a clear win for Victor as Tucker has no intention of seeing Adam at the helm. In fact, he used the words “over my dead body”, which in the soap world is something that can sometimes be taken as foreshadowing.

It’s Going Down

This week we learned that the Bi-Centennial Gala will be a masked ball. As seasoned soap viewers know, you don’t have a masked ball just for the heck of it. Those disguises are there for a purpose — so that when sinister things go down, no one knows who’s really who, who was there, and who it was they saw darting around the corner or into the restroom or basement. We already suspect that Jeremy and Phyllis’s devious plot is going to come into play at the ball, and now we have to wonder if Tucker’s going to bite the dust given the verbiage he used in his tit-for-tat with Adam over McCall Unlimited.

Seduction Junction

Well, Victoria gave it her best shot. She managed to lure Nate to her hotel room but not into her bed… yet. He was sure to let her know that he was sorely tempted before heading home to poor Elena. Given this isn’t her first rodeo where cheating’s concerned, Elena knows something is up. I guess we’ll have to see how long Nate can hold out and how Audra will figure into the equation now that we know she wants him too. Popular guy! Anyone wanna bet Nate’s entanglements will come to a head at the masquerade ball?

I also have to wonder if the writers rushed to establish Abby and Devon as a couple so as to pivot to a triangle when Elena and Nate inevitably split up. How funny was Victor elbowing his way into Devon’s apartment only to find his daughter there post-lovemaking? He owes Chance an apology!

This is just my opinion. Feel free to leave your thoughts on Young & Restless in the comment section below!

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